1. besh besh! pramaadam Archu!! Miss.Leelavati mattum idhai padicha romba perumai paduvaanga.. sol azhagu, porul azhagu nirainda azhagaana kavidhai… idarkku ookkamai irunda Premnath in kavidhaikkum paraattukkal!

  2. @Meens: Thanks Meens. Yeah, Miss Leelavati….our first strong motivation for Tamil writing. Everytime I write in Tamil, I keep thinking of our 8th standard classroom. Wish I could pass this to her now for review 🙂

  3. @Harsha: If you know someone who knows to read Tamil, ask them to translate it for u. And Anyways, this poem is for bachelor boys in search girlfriends. You are happily settled into matrimony. You will not need this anymore 🙂