Archu From The Archive, Poems

Pics and Poems (again!!)

When you are bitten by a bug, there is very little you could do from getting infected! As I am affected with pic-o-poem mania, I am unleasing it to the cyber world and cause an epidemic! Suffer people, suffer!! For more miseries, VV has opened an exclusive zone for our extended creativities. Check out for our collection! Cease your…

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Archu From The Archive, Fictional

Tiny Tales

Penny Dreams: She dropped the fifty paisa coin into her dumb-box and shook it twice. Clank! Clank! The clinking of coins within brightened her black face. Soon, it was going to be full and she’d be rich, so rich that she can buy all that she desires without having her drunkard dad beating her to death. She wasn’t concerned about…

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