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Kiss Of Love

That is one hot cup of soup! From Kerala to Mumbai to Kolkata to Delhi, this cup of soup has on one side steamed its way through the throats of youth, starting with the lips of course and on the other, has made the conservatives steam their head off in anger. A protest to protest something is by itself protested.…

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The Fountainhead

Yes, no frills in the title of this post. Just that, Fountainhead, an honorary title by itself. I will be committing a sacrilege by even attempting to review a timeless masterpiece such as Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. No, this book is beyond my arrogance and attitude. It commands from me what religions failed to do. It commands reverence. I kneeled…

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Jayalalitha Jail-lalitha?

Awesomeness! That is the single appropriate adjective that comes to my mind when I think of Sri.Jayalalitha who was the chief minister of Tamil Nadu until last Saturday, the 27th of September, 2014. Not just mine but in many minds, many many many more minds. One can look at a person in awe for his or her virtues. Again, one…

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Cluny 2001 – Bangalore Reunion

2014 it is. 2001 it was. The 13 years in between, Seems to have quickly passed. Childhood memories are sweet, Innocent and close to heart. Combine it with Cluny schooldays, That’s the fun part! As young naïve teenagers, We crossed Cluny gates. To explore the world outside. And drifted in separate ways. Gayathri started the message thread, For Cluny Bangalore…

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