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Cluny 2001 – Bangalore Reunion

2014 it is. 2001 it was. The 13 years in between, Seems to have quickly passed. Childhood memories are sweet, Innocent and close to heart. Combine it with Cluny schooldays, That’s the fun part! As young naïve teenagers, We crossed Cluny gates. To explore the world outside. And drifted in separate ways. Gayathri started the message thread, For Cluny Bangalore…

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Shades Of Traits

This is a shamelessly vain and profane post. There! I’ve made the judgment that you might after reading this post fully. Why vain? Because this post is going to be about me or at least use my own self to project the point that I am trying to make. Why profane? Because many of you, especially the ones who follow…

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