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Chastity an armor? Oh please!

“Chastity is not an outdated idea, use it like an armor. There is a difference between old things and tradition, you need to understand the difference. What is rebellion and what is blossoming, you need to act accordingly……..” I read this status message somewhere in Facebook. Chastity? Armor? Really? Can someone please tell me how? How can chastity shield anyone…

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Short Story: The Delivery

The fetal heart rate monitor makes a beeping noise. The steady graph is now distorted by a sharp spike. I close my eyes and clench my fist. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, I tell myself. Thirty seconds of excruciating pain makes me quiver. Thirty seconds that seem like an eternity. And then I relax. I know that…

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