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A Tribute to my hubby on our 8th “Love Anniversary”

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Seventeen is an age,
When the spirit is raw and wild.
With little worldly exposure,
I was still just a child.

The boys flirted gaily,
And the girls blushed a smile.
I was yet to grasp those changes,
I was clueless for a while.

I played Super Mario,
And read Nancy Drew.
I needed time to gear up,
I needed time to grow.

But the ground shifted below me,
There was no time to wait.
Events lined up quickly,
And added to my plight.

While the last remains of childhood,
Was snatched away from me.
I closed my eyes in submission,
I whispered a silent plea.

And then you came into my life,
As a clever and crazy friend.
To play games and solve math.
On you, I could depend.

We went to different collages,
But just a mail away.
We wrote the silliest of things,
Friendly feelings never astray.

Time trickled gently,
Days, Months and Years.
I became a bold woman,
Because you allayed my fears.

On the evening of 19th August,
Eight years ago,
My hot summers had simmered,
And my sky began to snow.

Our friendship had blossomed,
We were committed with love.
It all happened over-night,
I still wonder how.

Without a horse or castle,
You became my heart’s prince.
I understood what is true love,
And it is unchanged ever since.

No chocolates, cards or flowers.
We even split our bills.
No romantic clichés for us,
No unnecessary frills.

Practical life took over,
We lived with joy and struggle.
When we knew we were ready,
We became a married couple.

You were still my best buddy.
With the exception in the bed.
Oh Oh mighty man boy,
You are a thorough bred.

Before I saw it coming,
I was pregnant with our son.
More duties to shoulder now,
But also so much fun.

We went on mini roadtrips,
Wishing friends who got married.
With diapers, bottles and wipes,
What lot had we carried!

Our son was smart and naughty,
We each claimed his genes.
To resolve and make things equal,
We planned for a little queen.

She heeded to our requests,
And joined in to settle.
Our daughter is a darling,
But also a dare-devil.

With one baby in arms,
And a toddler in tow.
Our hands were always full,
But hearts fully aglow.

In most of my life’s journey,
I’ve always held your hand.
Together we’ve traversed life,
Beside each other, we stand.

Looking back is overwhelming,
I have to pen it down.
I dedicate this as a tribute,
To my dearest loving clown.

With our big plans for future,
I am slightly scared and beguiled.
Keep telling me all will go fine,
Because I am still just a child.

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