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Adieu Infosys

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Its strange how dumb I can get when I am actually mulling over so many thoughts in my head and so many feelings in my heart which I am waiting to voice out. Yet, with too many things on my plate, too many mixed feelings or messed up feelings rather I feel strangely, stupidly dumbfolded. I had been procrastinating mailing my adieu since this morning just because I felt that doing it would kind of make things final. I wasn’t ready upto it and am not until now. Being told by CCD that my Infy ID would remain active only till 5:15PM today, now I unwillingly force myself to bid adieu.

Infy was fluttering with colorful decorations yesterday and remains decorated today as well with Christmas and New Year spirit. I simply loved it a lot because I willfully allowed my meanness to take upperhand and took self-consolation in assuming that mInfy was all decorated to bid me farewell. I did tell this out to a friend of mine “Hey, just see how important I am that I am given such a sweet farewell”. He returned my comments, laughing “Come on, we are celebrating your good riddance! Once you are gone, we’d have great champagne”. We laughed to mask the reality of the separation that started sinking in inspite of me for the past few days. That’s how my life here in office has always been. Filled with fun, smiles, teasing, pulling each other’s legs and so on making joy at work a reality. And speaking of work, we always aspired to give our fullest, helped one another keeping up to that true Infoscion spirit which has been inculcated into us all these days.

Leaving the company because you want to is different from leaving the company because you have to. My personal commitments pushed me to the latter category making my separation even more difficult for me. But still, we have to make our priorities. Looking back, I could see a swift flashback of my journey from the day I got my call letter for the Infosys written test in the middle of my eighth semester examinations to this day when I am bidding farewell. I would say that this was the most memorable tenure of my life for more than one reason. I save those elaborations for another blog for I don’t want this moment to drift off with causes, reasons and analysis. Let it remain an untarnished melodious poem in my memories forever.

I was asked today by another friend, “Now that everything is settled, office tag returned and with only a few hours inside this office, how do you feel?”. That was the most difficult question that was so simply asked for I didn’t know, I really didn’t know to describe my feelings. Dumbfolded again! Am I truly happy that I am moving out of this place and getting back closer to hometown? No, I am not for I doubt if I will ever get an experience as good as this. Or do I truly regret my decision to separate from Infosys family? No, I do not. We all have our grievances and so did I. If not today, I know I would have surely separated someday. Again no eloborations please but I would put it precisely, Infosys was a great learning experience to me in all ways, which says it all.

I have to give a lot of credit to my friends and colleagues here for making me sentimental without really putting in all those parting wordings or other such paraphernalia. One of them did say that it wasn’t difficult because I was a mental already and making me senti was just half the work 🙂 Again we laughed…once I move out, I would miss such teasing, friendly mocks and remarks, I would miss this place and people more than what I thought I would, again making me shamelessly more sentimental. But emotions are what makes people ‘human’ and I am glad that there is still a human left out of me inspite of this mechanic materialistic mad race of today. I would simply say that mInfy and Mangalore was a place where I was just myself and was comfortable being what I was. I am glad and proud to have been an Infoscion and as an exfoscion, I would continue to be so. Adieu Infosys, adieu one and all!

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6 thoughts on “Adieu Infosys

  1. that’s one “bidding farewell” that’s gonna lead to lots of nostalgic moments in ur life.. that’s wot I gather from wot u’ve written… ur unconventional adieu msg says how difficult it must have been for u to give up working in a place u’d grown to love ..!

  2. hey Archana,
    I did not know you quit infy 🙁

    anyways nice adieu… u have given me a new idea how to say good bye:)

    all the best in your endevours.

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