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An open letter to Aamir Khan

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Dear Mr. Aamir Khan,

If I write you a personal letter, it will hardly reach you. In the light of the events of the last two days, I am certain you wouldn’t read it even if it does land on your lap. But I don’t care because that is not what I want. On the other hand, if I write an open letter, it will probably be read by everyone else but you. Yes, that is interesting to me. My bit of spot light in the cyber world, my show of power and my display of my own ignorance by trolling you on the intolerance debate. And you know what? Since, I have a computer, a Facebook and Twitter account, I can mindlessly sham you all I want to in the comfort of my own house. I can get away with blaming you, hurting your family or calling you names without even watching what you said in the interview because I am not a celebrity. No one is going to bother about what I say. I am invisible. I just want to show my friends in my network that I have a so called powerful opinion and with nothing else to offer, I pick on you for a free ride to fame. I am an insensible Indian.

I don’t care about the real problems of the country. Some child went to bed hungry, some lady was raped somewhere and someone else was killed. Those are trivial things that I’ve grown used to as a part of my everyday life. Let the government deal with it while I order extra food, waste it, whistle and leer at the lady passing by, command and boss around the ladies in my household and escape from an accident scene without helping the victim, simply because I don’t want to get into trouble. I can do all of that because that is what most of us do anyways. So, it kind of becomes an alright thing to do. But a star like you, exercising your free will on the debate of intolerance, even if it was nothing but an honest admission of concern, is atrocity. How can I tolerate it! How can you call me, us, Indians intolerant!

Come on, you movie stars can sing, dance and make movies for me. I will worship you. I will keenly watch out for scenes and dialogues that I can use against you to gather a mob and protest or in the least, participate with the trolling groups on the internet and throw my two pennies by screaming obscenities at you. That gives me a sense of power and importance. It’s my way or the high way. It’s my right, you know and I foolishly believe that my behavior is an act of patriotism. No matter how misplaced my notions are, you should put up with it because we all belong to a supposedly tolerant country. But if you try to have a mind of your own, I will troll you down to the ditches. Intolerant, are we? You’ll see!

I will say that I tolerated your movies even if I had actually enjoyed those and watched them over repeatedly. I will say it like I did you a favor. You have to be grateful for that. If I didn’t like something about you or your take in a movie, I will watch out for people with similar dislike to raise noise. When no one is around, I will save it at the back of my mind and use another opportunity to vent that on you. Nobody can deny me that. It is my right of expression. But if you express your right, I will tag you as an anti-national. I will question your patriotism and pelt stones at your residence. How dare you call me intolerant!

My family members could live in different countries. I could be actively seeking out opportunities abroad. I pretend as if nothing is wrong with my country because I like to live in denial. I am a hypocrite. But if you so much as mention a discussion you had with your wife about mutual fears and concerns, you are breaking my bubble. You are defaming the country. You are a betrayer!

I am an insensible Indian and this is how I behave. The sensible ones might get offended but they are too scared and sensible to react the way I do. They will keep quiet and I will always be safe. On the other hand, if sensible people like you take a stance, insensible ones like me will get offended and by now you know pretty well how we react. Your sort of people are too nice to troll like I do even if I spit on their faces. Can you not see? I will always hold an upper-hand. When I am done pushing you to your lowest low, I will forget and move on to my next target. This is fun and there are a lot of victims like you to amuse me. I am having a good time and will continue to do that until my doomsday when I become a victim myself and my sensibilities are re-tuned. By then I would have helped in nurturing people like the current me that I would be vastly outnumbered in future. Who cares. I am not as strong as I project to be. I’ll be dead by then. Until then, let me stay entertained.

-An Insensible Indian

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