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Angelic Arrival

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By the way, it is a girl. After breaking the news on Facebook within moments after she came out of my tummy on Aug 23, 2013 and happily gathering all the good wishes from our well-wishers, a blog announcement after two weeks should be a little subdued I presumed. That is why the by-the way. But hey, I am still as excited as I was then and with almost fine recovery, which means lesser pain than then, no formalities for me please. No way, no doing! I’m still going to scream. YEYYYYYYYY!!!!! I HAVE A BABY GIRL!!!! Just like I wanted! Just like I longed for in the last three posts of mine!

Unlike the dramatic delivery of my son, three and half years ago, this one was in total contrast. In fact, today is my actual due date. My little girl came two weeks early so that I have enough reasons and justifications, basically sufficient material to cover a blog post on her arrival. And if you’ve known me long enough, you’ll know that I won’t have any closure until I blurt it all out to the world. So, there I go.

A few weeks before delivery, that is, in a day or two after my previous post, I had my first false labour contractions. Since my baby was slightly pre-term then, we were terrified. We tried to reach our reputed gynaecologist at a prominent birthing centre (let’s not mention names) but she was too busy for last minute appointments. So, we went to Dr. Savita Kohli who lives close by and who was doing my pre-natal check-ups in the initial months of pregnancy. Dr.Savita informed that the baby had indeed dropped and engaged but there was nothing to worry about it yet. In case of another episode, she advised me to get admitted in the hospital that I had registered for.

Satisfied with the assurance, we returned home only to experience another false labour in another two days. This time we managed to get hold of my regular gynaecologist and met her the very next day after a frustrating two hour wait. What is the point of appointments if we have to wait that long? The hospital argues that a last minute appointment is just an ‘okay’ to walk-in and our turn comes only after regular appointments are over. Absurd! People book last minute appointments only for emergencies. To make an emergency case wait over regular check-ups seems like the stupidest process ever. To top it all, my famous busy-busy gynaecologist flew in and out, rushed my check-up in two minutes, asked me to meet her after 17 days and was out of the door in a jiffy before I could even change and come over to ask her my doubts. 17 days between check-ups when you are almost term and the body giving signs of imminent labour already? That was when I lost complete faith in both the hospital and the gynaecologist and decided to change them all before it was too late.

Dr. Savita Kohli, though not as big a brand name as my previous one, I’ve always admired her for her honestly and ethics towards her medical profession. We went to her for a detailed discussion on my condition and after taking more than 45 minutes of her time, she refused to take any fee. She collects fees only after a check-up and discussion doesn’t quality as a check-up it seems. How many docs in today’s world, I mean, how many in this real word actually do that? Dr. Savita placed all possibilities on the table, pros and cons of trying a natural birth after previous C-section (VBAC) and a repeat caesarean section and asked us to make an informed choice.

My next scan in my 37th week of pregnancy showed that my baby was already 3.2 kg, making VBAC a little risky to try, in case a uterine rupture happens and causes neurological problems in the baby. Since it was second pregnancy after first C-section and the baby was already healthy and of good weight, Dr. Savita advised that an elective C-section at 38 weeks was far safer for both the mom and the baby. No dramas with delivery this time please! Mulling over all the facts over the last few days, we decided to let Dr. Savita handle the delivery at the hospital that she trusts, purely placing my trust on her conscientiousness and compassion. Last minute decision changes.

I got admitted at Motherhood hospital, Bangalore on 23rd Aug 2013, 5:30 AM for an elective section at 9 AM. From last experience, I was worried and waiting for something to go wrong and cause a trauma. Thankfully, with well qualified anaesthesiologists and at the able and friendly hands of Dr. Savita, I was fully conscious and totally numb from any pain through the procedure that I actually shouted a WOWWWWW when they told me I had a baby girl and was able to kiss her from my operation table itself. I was actually sporting a wide smile when the doctors were sewing me up after the surgery. Such a smooth delivery! Such a divine experience!

My hubby was expecting me to return unconscious like the few patients before me and was totally taken aback when I came out fully smiling and conversing with excitement in full flow. Immediate baby clicks and FB uploads, talking to my parents and friends on the phone when they were still wheeling me to the recovery room, it seemed like I had been to a movie instead of an operation theatre. Once the anaesthesia effect wore out, a little pain seeped in. But with pain killers and mild sedation, I was able to sit and walk the very next day, fully active and mobile from the third day onwards.

I could see that I am recovering faster than the last time, losing almost 8 kg of my pregnancy weight within 10 days of my delivery. Either my pre-natal exercises or Dr. Savita’s perfect procedure or both has helped me resume an almost normal life already. My little daughter feeds and sleeps like an angel that we sometimes even wonder whether we have a new-born at home. I’ve been cooing to her when she was in my tummy that loving her now isn’t new. I’ve known her for months beforehand. She isn’t new. No early baby blues, Vijay’s paternity long leave to give us full family time with his non-stop happy and silly jokes, Akhil’s brotherly cuddling and active participation and my immense happiness, this is hardly what I call post-partum period. Touch Wood!

Like we had already quoted on Facebook, soft and pretty like the snow clad peaks of the great Himalayas, strong, stable and level headed like the mountain underneath; we have named our little girl, Himadri. Something tells me that life is going to get better and better from here on. Cherishing that good feeling, I am going on and about with my mommy duties for the second time, waiting for the curtains to draw up for the bigger picture.

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15 thoughts on “Angelic Arrival

  1. Congrats Archana, finally u got what u want. Happy for u n Vijay. :). Though its bit scary to know, how difficult the pregnancy and delivery time can be. I gues we are up for it, now ;D.. anyways will tell in detail on call, Now enjoy with your baby girl. n I gues Akhil must be very happy now to have his baby sis around :)..

  2. @Prasanna, Mahathi: Thank you!

    @Mani: Thank you and so happy to hear good news in return. Keep me posted. Looking forward to seeing your baby girl’s pic in 2 months.

    @Lakshmipathy: Thank you too. Give me a reason soon to wish u in return 😉

    @HBK: Thank you bachelor oldy 😛

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