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Baby Babble

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Ouch! Mommy, that hurts!”

“Oops sorry! I only rolled on to my sides very gently. You are a fussy kid! You can’t expect me to lay erect the whole night.”

“I’m not a fussy kid! YOU ARE A CARELESS MOM!”

“Careless? Me? I gave up coffee, I gave up wearing jeans, I gave up doing all the crazy things that I do and you call me careless? Now, you are a fussy UNGRATEFUL kid!”

“Oh yeah? Do responsible moms participate in badminton matches when their baby is one and a half month inside the womb? You have no idea how difficult it is to cling onto your slippery uterine wall!”

“Don’t start on that again! I wasn’t aware that I was pregnant then. I can’t be responsible for that.”

“Well…you know now, don’t you? So, stop behaving careless!”

“Oh God! Why can’t I be blessed with a nice non-pestering peaceful baby?”

“Listen mom! We only have to put up with each other physically for another 6 months or so and then later we’ll part ways. So, let’s not make life difficult for each other.”

“What do you want me to do now?”

“Just roll on to your sides very very gently, okie.”

“Alright, alright and you better don’t wake me up again until dawn.”

As daylight filters itself through the dark curtains of our window, I lazily open my eyes and heave a longing sigh at my hubby who sleeps like a contented kid. Obviously, he isn’t the one carrying our kid.

“Wake up, wake up!” I was all enthused to disturb my husband just like I was disturbed in the night by our baby in my womb. After all, someone did call women jealous.

“Good Morning Archu!” (followed by a big yawn) “Its weekend…one more hour, pleaseeee.”

Look at that! He hasn’t even opened his eyes yet. “No grace hours today. Your baby didn’t let me sleep yesterday night. It’s only fair that you give up some sleep too.”

“Ha! Like mom, like kid!”

“What are you talking about? I was such a sweet well-behaved baby.”

“Really? Your mom wasn’t so sure about that when she talked about how you rushed out into the world 10 days before the expected due date…how you cried through the night soon after your mom’s C-section.”

“Err…well…your mom did tell about what a fatty you were at birth making her go thru intense labor. You are no better than me.”

“Certainly! That is why we cannot expect our baby to be calm and cool. Mischief is in its genes and considering that it is going to be born to a crazy couple like us, I’d disown the kid if it was any less naughty.”

“Whatever! Now you better wake up. WAKE UP!” I pull out his blankets, switch off the fan and walk out of the room, satisfied that his slumber is shaken. He will have to wake up now…haa haa haa hee hee hee (imagine a devilish grin on my face).

As I boiled milk in the kitchen, I felt my tummy and there was no tweeky feeling there. After having disturbed my sleep most devilishly as it does every night, there is my baby, all quiet and angelic in the morning. Like mom, like kid, uh? I was just about to acknowledge my hubby when he casually walked into the kitchen.

“Did you have your breakfast and pill? Care for some Horlicks?” My hubby was all caring and concerned. O’course he is usually of the caring type but my pregnancy makes him extra caring (I wonder if our kid would call him careless too).

“That’s okie, I am done. You go and get ready. We need to go for the ultrasound scan today.” My lips play a smile as I reply to him. Pregnancy has its advantages though, at least during the initial stages. You are properly pampered and all your cravings are made to be met. That is without mentioning the goodies specially prepared and packed for you from your family. You ask for juice and there is it. You try to do some work and someone rushes to your aid. I feel like a princess…a princess with a jumpy froggy baby inside my belly.

My husband and I waited at the hospital lobby for my turn to get scanned. My eyes though scanned the lot of expectant mothers at various stages of pregnancy. How many of them are first timers like me? Do they feel the way I do or do they feel different? Should I have a small talk with the mom-to-be next to me? As I sat wondering , with thoughts wandering around, I was called in into the sonology room.

The doctor, who with his spectacles and comp, looked like a programmer to me greeted us with a plastered pleasing smile. He wasted no time in pleasantries and got to his job, placing the ultrasound device over me. That must have been the moment when my hubby and I got so engrossed into the monitor. A blurry image beamed on the screen which got clearer with the doc’s explanation. A tiny little being almost the size of an orange was floating within a confined space, wriggling its very very tiny arms and feet. The doctor pointed out the miniscule heart and almost simultaneously our heart skipped a beat. To know that at the very moment, this little being was happening inside me was so exhilarating that I could feel goose pimples over my hands. Miracle! Surely, every little baby is a miracle!

My hubby and I talked about the baby all day and still didn’t feel enough. The one minute scan video was recorded and replayed in our minds over and over again that all we did all day was relish it and relish it again. That night, our junior started off at its usual time.

“Oh Mom! You don’t understand! It hurts!”

“My dear, I love you!”


“I said, I love you.”


“Just okie?”

“You see mom, you don’t want me to be the super-senti- serial types, do you? I wouldn’t be disturbing you every night and be craving for your attention if I didn’t love you. I love you too mom!”

FREEZE! The rest is silence. Anything said more would taint the charm. I am freezing this post here.

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36 thoughts on “Baby Babble

  1. This time I am way ahead your friends…. :)…ur ina confused state for entering into the next phase of life..Everything will be good and will be in my prayers…I have a wish after reading your sequels whicjh i will let u know when time comes…this too early to comment..Take care…Best wishes to all of u…

  2. @Premish: Thanks Premi! Its becoz of the sweet content I suppose 🙂

    @AN2D: You are way ahead my friends? I thought you were one of them 🙂 I’m not exactly confused, thrilled mayb…thrilled with the newness of the experience…blurt out your wish, letz see how far it can be made real!

    @Anonymous: Thanks anonymous…see, it doesn’t really feel good to call you anonymous when you have just given us your hearty wishes. Give us your name, we’ll be happy to know 🙂

  3. Awww! That was really sweet. Not sure how it feels exactly but must be really nice. Me getting thoughts too. 😉 Take care and get pampered. Luvu guys. (Includes the junior too) 🙂

  4. Congrats Archana…. undoubtedly the most different way to get the news… I’ve seen Queen of WORDS becoming Queen of a HOME… I hope u’ll become Queen of Moms as well……. god bless

  5. You have written it so well….wonderful write-up…conversation between the mom and the baby is 2 good 🙂
    Though m not married…I have already started dreaming about how the parenthood will be 😉
    Eagerly waiting for more posts from you about your baby 🙂

    Hearty wishes to 3 of you 🙂

  6. Hey Archu, beautiful post! As has already been pointed out here, mom-kiddo conversation just made this post lovely! All your feelings have been well-expressed in this post! Looking forward to the months to come and the changes they’d bring 😉

    Btw, I think this is the first time, we are both blogging on same day on similar topics, isn’t it?

    And hey! Awesome new template you’ve got here! Very catchy!

  7. @Anonymous1: Oh its you! Thanks dude..get married soon then. My best wishes 🙂 By the way, why ‘Anonymous’?

    @D.I.V.Y.A: Thank you! You just wait for your turn and then you’ll enjoy both the pestering and pampering 🙂

    @Ganesh: VV and I talk on behalf of the baby everyday. This post itself is a product of such talks. Our junior would need company when it comes out. Please help! 😉

    @Amit: Thanks Amit! Well..I have already given the news in my last post…mayb u didn’t check it then. And come on, don’t flatter me with queenly titles. I’m just me, enjoying being myself 🙂

    @Anonymous2: Thank again! Not married and started dreaming of parenthood? Either you begin dreaming of wedding before parenthood or move out of India…hee hee just kidding. Sure..will keep my blog posted with updates.

    @Meens: Thanks a lot dear! Yeah, I too noticed. Both of us have written posts on similar theme on the same day. Same pinch! 😉 Felt that the previous template wasn’t aligning with the current set of posts, so tried tweaking…infact more minor modifications pending. Try finding them everyday 😀

  8. @Anuradha: Ha ha ha…good joke! VV and me as well behaved children? No way! We’ll give him company and make one naughty family 🙂

  9. It would be fun when the baby can read and goes through this blog then.. If he is a kurumbukaara baby like VV.. he/she will probably say – “bayangaram” after reading 😀
    Its not only the mom who is expecting… there are so many other ppl who are actually expecting him/her.

  10. @Subash: I already have a “kurumbukaara” baby for a husband. One more now to team with him…if dad jumps 8 feet, will kiddo jump 16 feet? Oh Oh paavam me! 😀

  11. @Fahad: Thanks FD! 🙂

    @AN2D: Suspense is it? Sure, let me wait and see what is that all important thing that you have in mind! 😉

  12. Archana !!! May be you should start ‘twitter’ing and tweet all your followers about your mama-baby conversations on atleast hourly basis 🙂

    I bet you will become one of the most followed ones on twitter. 😉

    Something worth mentioning : I read blogs but exactly “follow” very few…your’s in one of them. You won’t believe I have recommended your blog to some of my friends as well 🙂

    Take good care of your health…

  13. @vijay: thnaks vijay…keep visiting.

    @Hari Hara Prasad K: Oh twitter! I am into twitter, atleast not yet. Your comment tempts me into joining now. And thanks for following and more thanks for forwarding. I’m glad you like it.

  14. @Narasimhan: Thank you 🙂

    @Anonymous: Thanks. Yeah, I wish how I was when I was in my mom’s womb but such a pity, none of us have any memories of our initial developing days. I’ll remember my kid’s movements now and tell him/her after he/she comes out 🙂

    And checked out that site. Teaching children already? Oh no! I want my kid to enjoy its first few days of blissfulness n innocence before we force them into the mad rat race called education these days 🙂

  15. hey congrats yar. move to ur next level of life from a woman to a mother. well the love a mother was flowing everywhere in this blog along with ur Kurumbu

    that was the best one that u have ever written may be u have reserved ur best for ur jr i hope.

    really saying i was really depressed today but ur blog has just refreshed me completely that to at 11.30 at night.

  16. @arun: is it really? thank u! thank u so much! maybe the motherly feeling is bringing out the best in me or maybe my junior has written this post thru me…the baby deserves the credit 🙂

    i’m so glad that my blog had refreshed you irrespective of the late hours. keep reading!

  17. hey archu….congrats dear….tak cre of ur health and kid…waitng to see him/her…anythng is okie..until its safe..have a nice time…
    ur an excellent writer..bettr cud hav slided around journalism na..anyways…tak cre..sweetie

  18. hi too expecting my baby.. ee post enakku koreyaa ishttamaayi.(im from kerala but i like tamil culture very much..)


  19. @shabnam: congratulations to u! if you are expecting baby after me, my blog will keep u interested with my baby updates that u can relate to. if u r expecting before me, well, u can look back and smile. wishing u a very happy pregnancy!! 🙂

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