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Baddy Bangalore

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Disclaimer: Written in spirit of well meaning good humour. No offence please.

Do you know a decent place in Bangalore to hangout during weekends? A place to find our own space, to spend time in leisure without spending our lifetime’s savings? Bangalore and peace, who am I kidding really? With all the malls, movies, pubs and restaurants, Bangalore might get offended for making this request. There is so much of buzz and glitter that my requirement even reads like a vacation request to a far far away land. How to make space for one self where there is no space on the streets for the traffic to clear? How to find time for leisure when commutation takes most of it? With sky-rocketing cost of living, I dare not speak about saving at all. But that was what Bangalore was once upon a time, wasn’t it? Garden city I mean.

It is not uncommon to hear native Bangaloreans blame IT for setting its hub house in here. I wouldn’t blame them for their blaming. My relative who had settled in Bangalore for a long long time recalls old Bangalore as a peaceful place with cool climate, fresh breeze, trees and gardens that I find hard to imagine today. The gardens that are still around have become substitute shelters for people who are unable to go elsewhere to procreate and help the cause of evolution. Definitely not a place to go with families anymore. Garden city has moved on to become a theme park or worse.

Every time Vijay and I want to go out, we spend more time deciding on where to go than the time spent outside. With limited choices, without much difference anywhere anyway, we end up narrowing down our hangouts on an ad-hoc basis. If only there was a beach in Bangalore! How I miss those endless stretches of shores and soothing waves that offer free massages to the body and mind! The same service at a parlour here costs a hell lot that you are stressed much more than being relieved from the stress for which you paid for.

Two member families own two four wheelers each. You want to make a decision on what automobile to buy and see its live performance, welcome to Bangalore. Once you learn to drive on these curvy landscapes, you can literally drive anywhere. You become one of those reckless, ruthless drivers flying and honking like they own the place. When was the last time I saw a bicycle on the streets? I’m not talking about those geared racing cycles that we ride with helmets, coolers, gloves and knee caps. I’m referring to bicycles that are just that. Hercules Caption, Hero Jet, BSA SLR and the likes of those. Now that I’ve mentioned SLR, folks here brag about SLRs all the time, SLR as in Single-Lens Reflex camera. What difference does it make to click pictures with a SLR or a point-and-shoot when the city doesn’t stand still for two seconds to pose for pictures anyway?

Staying in Bangalore is like staying in an air-conditioned bubble all the time. The climate here pampers and spoils us so much that once we cross the boundaries of Bangalore, we start complaining of heat and sweat as if we had just migrated from the temperate to the tropical regions of the world. I couldn’t help but notice the irony with climate and culture. Colder the place, shorter the skirts of the ladies. If Mumbai makes the fashion statement of India, Bangalore gives its counter. One can take a stroll along the Bangalore streets clad in a bikini and wouldn’t raise so much as an eye-brow. On that note, I should say, Bangalore is sometimes sexless.

Jokes apart. In spite of the numerous inconveniences, Bangalore is the most sought place to settle down. Rich or poor, dark or fair, they get equal share of it all. The diversity of people living here and the diversity of language they speak amazes me no end. Hard-working people, call them fast-runners if you want, spend no time on gossiping near the water pump or brawling over a beer. They’d rather laugh at their plight with peers than mop about it. Change is the only constant and Bangaloreans constantly embrace the happening changes and move towards progress. That is something to give them credit for, give them that big time!

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10 thoughts on “Baddy Bangalore

  1. Nice quick capture of current Bangalore.. But how did you miss about the most unstable (nowadays funny.. CM asking for GOD promises) state government?? 😉
    Beach??? if one was there, probably BDA will have to host hourly shows for the crowd to watch the beach 🙂 and again Bangalore must be an island for that to happen..

  2. Sadly True…

    Expect more with city growing so fast.

    Don’t know whom to blame… The crowd which is formed by people like us or the IT which has given us jobs.

  3. @Deva: I conveniently missed politics because I want to reach home same from office and do not want the french door of my living room broken by stone pellets 🙂 As for beaches…if there was one, there’d have been more sea-side malls and resorts occupying it…no big difference really, na?

    @Subbu: But u managed to spend a good 3-4 years in Bangalore…Thats what we all are doing…managing!

    @Harsha: Cannot blame anyone and why shd we? Along with all the negative impacts, we sure have made bangalore an IT icon to the world. Every good thing comes with a price. We are paying for it and will have to continue paying with more growth.

  4. So true… my dad studied in bangalore… used to say its a good place to live… but after the boom its like hell… ofcourse he is no more…

    and not to mention i agree with all diversity and stuffs but… the
    IT guys 60% are reckless and self centered never care for others…

    Few people r humble…. the good quality is in vain now …. Money is the only motive in blore….

  5. Good read, i think you have done lotta research on bicycles, listed quite of them, you didn’t miss anything did you 🙂 , i dont personally agree with the last part, especially making towards progress, we people confuse ourselves with what progress really means, i think its one of those inherent symptoms in humans, calling things by wrong names, oops, who the hell am i to say such things, it is the world the way it has been in the past and will be the same…

  6. @Sabaresh: You are true to an extent but then can’t agree fully. Change is happening fast and everywhere people are getting so self-centered. Because Banglaore is in the lime light, it is evident obviously. I feel the problem is not with Bangalore alone. Its the increasing lack of humanity.

    @J0ker: Right, maybe we are making progress, maybe we are not. But looking back from how things have been to how it is now…our significance on the world map as compared to what it used to be, I couldn’t come up with another suitable terminology. Anyways, so long as the going keeps going, lets go on 🙂

  7. don’t feel bad akka . .
    There are places in India (like mine )where u don’t have a clothes shop in the town and one has to travel 50 kms ( for 2 hrs ) to find one and just to find out that their size clothes are not available in the whole district . . .
    True story 🙁

  8. @Balaji: I know. Like I had said in my disclaimer, I wrote this post in well meaning good humour. Having settled in Bangalore, I have invariably becom fond of this place as much as anyone gets fond of their own. (Consider going to the tailors two blocks away than in search of the right size for 2 hrs :))

    @Swathika: True Bangalorean plight 🙂

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