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Bye-Bye Blogger

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Long long ago, there lived a little girl in the kingdom of joy. She was petted by parents, pampered by public and grew up to a princess. Her prince charming flew to her in a chariot, swept her off her feet with love and they lived happily ever after. – That’s the shortest, sweetest, romantic fairy tale ever. I wish I could tell my tale that way…(deep sigh)…but no, we don’t live in fairy lands. Coming back to the ground state, let me try to duplicate mine with a fair amount of realism.

Not so long ago, there lived a little girl in the small French town of India. Following ecology’s ethics of survival, she evolved to a lady who cherished her childhood so much that she clang onto it longer than her playmates. That was until the beginning of her doomsday some seven years back. She lived through it…good girl! Yet, traces of her naughtiness were always obvious in her attitude which she recently decided to self mask as so to be a Roman while in Rome.

During happy moments, she found her expression in words and during tough times, she chose to pen down her feelings for the want of vent and thus stumbled upon the concept of blogging. Started this way, it soon became a habit for every memorable and unmemorable happenings of her life. She is none other than the author of this blogspot, me and I had played the role of the narrator all through my posts here. The rest of the characters had been revised and renamed with good intentions. Kindly excuse me for taking the liberality and slightly skewing it thus.

“All’s well that ends well”, said Shakespeare. “Sometimes not so well”, I argue. But ‘end’ is one thing that Shakespeare and myself are in agreement with. My blog ends here! An unending voyage in the deep blue sea, eternal glory for one time act and ever lasting passion for worldly things may all sound serendipitous but in reality would reach its saturation. I have visited my blogspot a number of times as an author, editing the contents and pictures, correcting grammatical and typographical errors and reading and replying to comments. Today, I happened to visit mine as a reader to pick up a few pebbles of memories. I was glad when I read the earlier posts, smiled at my similes, re-kindled and rejoiced interesting moments. However, as I carried on my read further, my face framed a frown, got cynic and I voiced out verbally ‘Eeeekkks!’

Yes, I am talking about a couple of my recent posts which stand out in sheer contrast to my earlier ones, masking the happiness out of my blog and whirling a gloomy coverall. Let my life resonate at various frequencies, that is for my diary to digest and assimilate. I had intended my blogspot to reflect a positive sine way if not a musical one but have unintentionally failed in my intentions myself. What started as a hobby soon became a habit and now an addiction. How else did a person like me who does not appreciate intrusion into her private affairs go about pouring her hearts out in a cyberspace? I need a check; I need a speed-breaker! It’s ok if we aren’t able to spread joy but we need to at least refrain from spreading negativity is my belief. So, until the day when I am cured and healed of the sickness of my mind, I shall firmly remain with my finger on my lips!

These are reasons one would say out boldly. As an aside, I honestly admit that I am running out of creative ideas to keep my blogs interesting. I am getting too lazy to put down my thoughts and fancies. I am getting paranoic about unknowingly exhibiting my personal diary. Last of all, my accessibility to the blogger is restricted while I prefer to post articles afresh. Delays in publishing somehow subsides the charm of blogging. All these suggest only one thing – it’s time to retire!

As a typical Taurean, The Bull, I’ve been digging my hooves beneath the sand and tolerating with my tusk. While I take a break from blogging, let me work myself to charge on a stampede. To all the readers following my blog, thanks for your interest. To all who left behind comments, thanks for your courage, I mean en-courage 😉 and to all my friends, thanks for being there. It has been a great journey blogging around, let me begin blogging within. Good-Bye Blogger!

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17 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Blogger

  1. Hey Archu….

    I hv always liked reading ur posts and I was just eager for ur new post. But, this has come a rude shock for me. Well, I ll suggest you only one thing – ‘Dont b gone 4 long’. I had wished to u would never ever stop posting.

    Sometimes, its good that u take a break. Also, I do very well understand wat u r thinking (being ur fellow Taurean 🙂 and also ur old freind). And abt the frenz being with u, b free & frank to disturb me whenever u need a friend.

    And I ll keep waiting for ur NEW post once u r back…. Hoping 2 c u back(on blogger), soon…. 🙂

  2. Hi Archana,

    Surprise, surprise….after seeing you spread this wonderfull blogging phenomenon, you are ending it. Hmmm…..I understand your concerns on privacy,etc but we cant always be blogging happy goody-goody moments. Sometimes it pays to crib 😉

    Anyway, heres hoping you bounce back !!!

    PS: like ur pseduo-timetravelling blogging style.

  3. Hey.. Archana why have u stopped? It was you who was an inspiration to me for writing memorable or unmemorable events. Now that I have started writing and you have stopped it.

    I still remember your words… “I guess you should have discovered the magic of blogging by now…feels good after you pour out ur day’s happeings in words na?..thats exactly the purpose n u’ve done a good detailed job…Keep writing!”

    Feeling very sad… And one thing is for sure.. u’ll be back soon

  4. That was a nice post… only the message was not welcome :-(( that ur taking a break… from blogging… 🙁 hope its the shortest possible break… n hope that once u get back from hibernation… u’ll charge with full force… n put up plenty of wonderful posts to make up for ur break….
    btw, I could also identify with “clinging onto childhood longer”… 🙂

  5. Hi:

    Another ‘long time lurker , first time commenter’..

    I was even thinking of translating one of your blogs!

    Be back soon..


  6. All that i wanted to tell you was the same “Dont blog on very personal topics”. I think this is a right decision. I know you enjoy writing but you should remember all who read the blog spot dont intend to en-courage you. For many it is some interesting matter to read.

  7. @everybody: i wud miss blgging as much as you wud reading. Still I wud remain a passive blogger, I mean I wud read posts from fellow bloggers…and I hope to get back soon. thanks people for en-couraging.

    anyonymous lurkers: i am glad that my last post made long time lurkers, first time commentors. give me ur word that u’ll keep looking, mayb that’ll motivate me to blog again sooner 🙂 (just kidding)

    @meens: we’ve exchanged lots of mails on this…so no comments for u 🙂

    @beans: that was a typical binnya-ish comment :)…thanks beans. i blog not for advice or encouragement…trying to humour myself by making it my life episodes an entertainment of a sort…i wudnt bother about getting people taking it as ‘interesting matter’…if its interesting, its a compliment to my writing 🙂 and look at that of all the people on earth, u n me r discussin abt interesting matters uh? Strange!!!!! :)))))

  8. Archana,

    Your concerns about your privacy are really nice. But, You can always blog in cypher…

    Why dont you try your own way out…

  9. @shreenivas: people change with time…i am no exception 🙂

    @shakthi: i’ve been always bloggin in cyber…using aliases and shadow masking are a few examples 🙂 not motivated enough to work out new techniques atleast for a while…

  10. hey archu…so sad that u decided to retire..i just stopped by here after so many months..jus to read ur posts..but disappointed see ur latest blog…hope to see another one when i return next time…c ya.

  11. This blog of urs caught me after the Shivaji review.I followed the way to this from IBN blog.Normally i don’t read blogs of this kind.But tempted with the anxiety of finding ur works landed up here.

    Good work.Strictly poetical.Laud you.

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