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This one is for you, Vijay

Strong is a man who achieves. Stronger is the one who celebrates his wife’s achievement. Strong, not because he had a big heart to “allow” or “let” his wife pursue her dreams but because he stood for what he believed in, stood by his wedding vows and stood as a solid pillar of support for the lady he loves, defying…

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Tamil Nadu Today

With her, she rose With her, she fell One went to heaven And the other goes through hell The Queen held power, The aid hoarded wealth A clash between the friends Led to death by stealth While people screamed for trial The suspect staged an ascent Hailed the case from the past To deliver justice in the present A verdict…

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Finally, Job Offer From Microsoft!

  Strong passion and perseverance Steady pursuit with focus Career that spells fulfillment Dreams beyond paychecks Many paths ahead of me, I dared to carve my own I wouldn’t say it was easy, For the most part, I was alone Making meaningful networks, Brought good friendships in turn Honest and transparent talks, Earned respect in return Interview invite is just…

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  பேனா பிடிக்கும் விரல்கள், கரண்டி பிடிக்கக் கூடாதா? சலங்கை அணிந்த கால்கள், ஹை ஹீல்ஸ் அணியக் கூடாதா? ஆங்கிலக் கதைகள் எழுதிடின், தமிழில் கவிகள் கூடாதா? இரு பிள்ளைகளுக்குத் தாயானால், மீண்டும் குழந்தையாகிவிடக் கூடாதா? பெண்ணின் பாவாடை நீளத்தில், அவள் பண்பை அளக்கிறது மனோபாவம். மனதின் வட்டத்திலிருந்து வெளியேறினால், உலகின் விசாலம் அறியலாம்!