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Chastity an armor? Oh please!

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Chastity“Chastity is not an outdated idea, use it like an armor. There is a difference between old things and tradition, you need to understand the difference. What is rebellion and what is blossoming, you need to act accordingly……..”

I read this status message somewhere in Facebook. Chastity? Armor? Really? Can someone please tell me how? How can chastity shield anyone against crime? With no offense to the person who posted it, I couldn’t help rolling my eyes. If only it were true, virgins should never get raped. But shocking statistics say that they do. Rape victims are often held guilty for wearing short skirts, drinking alcohol and what not while the rapists lurk free. One more accusation to the list – broken hymen. Excuse me!

Chastity is an individual preference. Not a yardstick to measure morality. Culture is the accumulation of a civilization’s behavior that changes with time. Not a rulebook that prescribes sexual starvation. Tradition is something that is passed on from generation to generation. If you really want to associate chastity with tradition, freeze your sperms and eggs in banks. Why let them fertilize? You know what, that would result in no generations. Without generations to follow, there is no tradition. Can’t you see? Chastity cannot become tradition. To use chastity, tradition and culture synonymously is nothing but lack of clarity over concepts, lack of analysis on the hardwiring and conditioning from the society and lack of reasoning from one’s own brain. The result of watching our commercial mass heroes speak punch dialogues in misogynistic movies. Chastity is not the problem here. Confusion is.

Remaining chaste or not is a thing of the body. Not of the mind and definitely not of a person’s values. Nothing could objectify a person more than using chastity as a code of conduct. Non-virgins are used goods, are they? Aren’t there enough honor killings in our society as it is? In a time and age where voices for gender equality is loud and clear, how much lower can we stoop with our misplaced notions? Sati and infanticide were our culture and tradition. Do we want to hold on to them dearly and throw our mothers and sisters into the pyre and poison our daughters? Class, caste and untouchability are sadly still practiced. Do we want to enforce them further?

Facts and details are not intelligence. Knowing how to put them together is. Nuts and bolts do not make a machine. Mind is the master. We need to learn to unlearn before we can learn new things. We need to clear the path before we aim for progress. Are we not tired of being a developing nation for more than three generations now? Oh! That has almost become tradition. Is that why we resist change and progress?

Our clerical education system has ruined us for good. Read, repeat, memorize and reproduce. We have become so accustomed to it that we have adopted it to our everyday life. They say, what our ancestors have said should just be accepted and obeyed. Not questioned. Remember, our ancestors were human beings too with all the merits and flaws as us and for heaven’s sake, they lived in a different time. And before that, they were monkeys. What made sense once, doesn’t make sense anymore. Children were married off so young. Children had sex. Children gave birth to children. There was no sexual deprivation anywhere. If anything, the concept of chastity helped control population explosion when the concept of birth control was unheard of. Does any of it make any sense today? I am not trying to condemn chastity here. Let’s just let it be a choice.

If you want tradition, embrace our art forms and preserve our heritage. If you want armor, go and learn Kung Fu or Karate. If you want chastity, control your hormones and go to sleep. Pointless preaching is not welcome anymore.

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