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Cluny 2001 – Bangalore Reunion

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2014 it is.
2001 it was.
The 13 years in between,
Seems to have quickly passed.

Childhood memories are sweet,
Innocent and close to heart.
Combine it with Cluny schooldays,
That’s the fun part!

As young naïve teenagers,
We crossed Cluny gates.
To explore the world outside.
And drifted in separate ways.

Gayathri started the message thread,
For Cluny Bangalore batch-mates meet.
As ladies, wives and moms now,
We were already on our feet.

‘Little Italy’ restaurant,
Gave a private dining space,
For us to unwind and flashback
From life’s routine race.

Arranged by Gayathri and Romina,
Eight of us followed in spree,
That’s Shankari, Angelique, Kavitha,
Poornima, Meena and me.

Introductions are unneeded
When Facebook gives updates.
There was plenty more to talk about.
Definitely not subjects.

Weren’t you in A section?
You in B, C, D and E?
That’s how we hurdled back then,
We remembered it funnily.

I quote a few chit-chats,
Little loud laughs.
To draw the attention of Clunians,
Out there at large.

We reminisced our physics lab,
Where we were punished with scolding rants.
The whole class stood outside,
Except for one smarty pants.

Tuition and coaching classes,
Our sanctuaries to meet boys,
Inside jokes and teasing,
Lots of teen noise.

“I had a crush on her hubby,
Till he married her one day”
Admitted one with laughter,
Doesn’t matter now anyway.

We started off somewhere
And went on and on and on,
Appetite for Italian food,
Yummy though, long gone.

A few pictures to remember,
And few more to post.
That’s how we wound up,
Finding memories we lost.

Orthodox society then,
Called us a proud lot.
Those who knew us, knew well,
That Clunians are pretty smart.

Some of us as entrepreneurs,
Yoga teachers, photographers and all.
Breaking out of mundane jobs,
Each of us stand tall.

Cluny is the adhesive
That bonds us strong and thick.
Knitting across differences,
A friendship that makes us click.

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5 thoughts on “Cluny 2001 – Bangalore Reunion

  1. All smartphones on the table..meens is just the same…sankaris evergreen smile..tilags hair-do…poorima..gayathri..romina..happy to see u all 🙂
    kadaisi varaikum saapata kannula kamika maatinga pola…

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