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Confirmed and Committed

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I was starring at my monitor earnestly, debugging my java-script code. My determined mind had decided to work myself tirelessly so that I don’t stumble back into the trench from which I had just creeped out with a year’s emotional effort. No more tears, no more fears, I told myself. I am going to be happy! As I continued pressing F10, the mail popup distracted my concentration.I hastily opened my inbox and smiled at the two line mail from my ‘best’est buddy of six and a half years, now working in Bangalore. “Hey loosu, am coming to Pondicherry this weekend…meet u in your house”. Vijay Venkatesh for records, Vijay for relatives, VV for friends and Dunsten to me, shares more than one thing in common. To begin with, both were born on May 4th, 1984 with him being my senior by 6 hrs and 18 min. Both have faced similar happenings in life, have sought each other for solitude and solace in more than one occasion and stood together in good and bad times alike. We had taken our friendship so much for granted that there was no place for secondary thoughts whatsoever. A friendship that survived!

Thanks to our schedule, it was a little more than a month since he last phoned me or I last spoke to him that I responded to his mail with “So you are alive afterall!!!” And then realizing that we were in our respective offices, we agreed to take our talking over the phone that evening, where pulling each other’s legs was little more convenient than in office setup. True to our word, we spoke, starting off with Harry Potter, latest movie releases, teasing, jokes, and pranks blah blah blah. Our friendship doesn’t stop with us, it had extended to each other’s family too for years together that enquiring on our families was the next on list of our conversation.
Time ticked off clockwise as we were rewinding our lives anti-clockwise. Remembering high school days when we were silly and naive got us sufficiently amused that he even admitted that he had a crush on me once upon a time. I laughed it over and we talked ahead about other common friends and their current life, who is with whom and doing what, unaware that the clock was already showing 4 a.m. Strangely neither of us were sleepy that night but our mobiles were tired of charge and dozed off forcing us to doze off too.
I was thankful for the weekend the next day as I was on the ECR bus to my hometown. Lucky to have my favorite window corner to myself, I was re-running the conversation that I had with VV the previous day, something that I had never done before as far as he was concerned. I dismissed it when I reached home and carried on with my day but this last conversation seemed to run in my mind as a background thread, puzzling me myself. Since marriage alliance search was dangling over my head, I started wondering if our f’ship would sustain through it. Would our respective partners be able to understand our f’ship or even understand us the way we understand each other? Will our f’ship get diluted away with different priorities and different constraints? One question raised another and the final question shocked me, “Why not get married to Vijay himself?”
I was surprised at my thoughts and was feeling so guilty for even momentarily trying to ruin our friendship within my head. I scolded myself strongly and dismissed it but again the background process proved impossible to kill. It branched out to include doubts like ‘Does Vijay still have the crush on me that he did way back? Is he keeping quiet, afraid of messing up friendship? Is he feeling the same way I do now?’ While things stood so, Vijay joyfully knocked my door the next morning and chatted off as children, they way we always knew each other along with my parents. And then he left, leaving me feel more guilty. In circumstances like this where I was hazy, I used to talk to him for comfort but since this was involving him, I was lost without aid.
Finally I made up my mind. Good or bad, I’d confess my thoughts to him and come out of it clean. Its better to get things out and sort them one way or the other than muddling inside the brain as if we didn’t have enough things to bother about. I took a deep breath, collected my thoughts, composed a confused mail and sent it to him expecting him to reply with “Its-okie yaar, it-happens, we’ll-be-good-friends-always” kind of mail but the response that I actually got from him within half an hour surprised me by large.
It was simple and short and I remember it by-heart…“Hey loosu, You have said all I wished to say…, we’ve been reading the same book, me in chapter 6 and you in chapter 4. Why not me wait and we both read the rest of the book together?”
Crisp but the meaning caught, we decided to talk about it the next day in GTalk. Needless to say, when both of us already knew each other so well, understanding was achieved without explicit explanations. I went on being a chatterbox with him trying to rush him with all of my past in case he missed out on any and when I finally stopped with a sigh, he again surprised me with his sudden poised proposal, “There is only one thing I need to ask you. Are you ready to marry me?” I liked his courage and confidence. I liked his positivity and more than anything I’ve always liked Dunsten the way he was that it didn’t take more than 2 min for me to respond with “Yes Vijay, I will marry you”.
And after that things started speeding at 100 kmph. He informed his friends and colleagues while I told my brother. Yes from there! He told his parents and another yes from there! It was all so serendipitous that I had hoped for more and told my parents right away. They had known Vijay for long, more like a son that this news shocked them a little initially. Though decided so quickly, I’ve never felt more confident of my decision. Something deep within kept telling me that I had taken the right move and gave me the courage to face my parents this weekend with this issue and after all the talking, they’ve got convinced as well. Vijay had already been more like a family, now he can actually be family.
You’d be shocked and surprised to know that all these had happened in a week’s time because we are shocked as much too, happily shocked though 🙂 I was waiting to blog on this and announce my happiness to the world until I got the okie from my parents. Now that’s done, I shout on top of my voice to every soul out there “Vijay and myself do not know when and where we are to get married, that’s for our elders to take care, but we do know whom we are going to marry. We’ll marry each other!!!!”
Having been very good friends for long and having decided to become couples in future…it is just now that we are trying to start falling in love. Wish us good luck!!!

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64 thoughts on “Confirmed and Committed

  1. a day to check your blogspot for the first time…Many Congratulations and I wish you and Vijay all the very best and a Happy Married life!!

    btw..if you are Archana amargandhi, I am Magesh, your brother Rajesh’s college friend Gopal’s younger brother :-p

  2. Congratulations and All the best for your future life… Well, I have been reading your blog for quite some time now. Never did I comment. but today cant hold myself on hearing such a good thing happening in your life…. Keep writing and Enjoy.


  3. Well, well, well… At last !!! 🙂

    A VERY VERY VERY HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to u, Archu and of course – also to Vijay/VV…

    My BEST WISHES are always there with you… I just can’t say or put in words how happy i’m for both of u…



  4. Dear Archana,

    Have known your dunsten and our VV for a long time now….All i will say for now ,is that he is one person who will make your life so enjoyable that you will not realize it passing by you till u r 80 🙂 And looking back at it will entertain you till you are 100 😀 My only wish is that you would take my hand in friendship and enrich my life as he has done in the past 5 years. All the best for your future. Both of you will always find a well-wisher in me throughout your life together.


  5. Having known VV since 1991 i bet this is the best thing that happened to him. I have never seen him in cloud#9.. even when he stood first in state (he was happy but noway near to this level).That tells how much this means to him.

    I wish you both all happiness in life and pray this understanding and the basic friendship between you both continue forever.

  6. well as usual !!
    ALL THE VERY BEST To both of you !!
    For now please accept this comment alone, there would be a longer version that would follow suit for my best buddies !!
    Alas this one time i am crunching on my own time 🙂 very unlikely of me i know but still i shall revert back with more wishes to my pals of 6.5 years !! 🙂

  7. @To all our friends and well-wishes: seriously…Cant thank you enough…!!! dunsten and me jumping about this is no wonder…it happens with every pair and we being extra crazy always, its quite obvious!! But having so many pals wishing us from heart and feeling happy for us…seriously, can’t thank you enough… :))))

    we’ve been friends for years and have friends on both sides…hopin that our union makes our f’ship network bigger for everyone :)))

  8. Hey Archana!! What a great news yaar!!! Hearty Congratulations!!! I wish both of you all the best and a very happy married life!!!

  9. Hey Archana.. !!

    Big round of applause to you.. I’m very very happy for you.. That’s like a wonderful happy-ending fairy tale romance.. !! You both seem to share such awesome relationship.. I don’t know VV.. Have heard about him from my(and his)friend Sups.. Believe he would be great for you.. for your independent, child-like and adventurous spirit.. Best wishes to you for a great life ahead.. :-))

  10. Hi archu….

    Just shocked and surprised…
    Really felt happy………
    All the very best for u r future.. and of course for u r Dunsten… :-)))

  11. Hi Archana,
    Iam Vijay’s collegue at EMC. It was a real thrill reading your blog. I wish you and Vijay a lifetime of togetherness and a world of happiness.


  12. Hi Archana,

    Thats a “WOW” blog. One of the best I ever read. You both got the BEST you could ever hope for. All the best for a wonderful future ahead!!


  13. hey archana,

    have been follwin ur blogs for quite a while, n know wat, after ssome really concerning blogs, this one comes as a very refreshin relief.
    am very very happy for u..
    tats a really wonderful ending to have
    wish u all the very best


  14. Hi Archana,

    Wish u a very happy married life!!!!! (I was next to ur cubicle in L2N, used to read ur postings in BB. And aftr u left infy, used to read ur blogs. Keep up the gud work….)

  15. That’s a awsome pieceof work i’ve ever read… I wish all the best for the years to come for you both… I don know ur VV, however I know u, so once agin my logic proved ” God gals get good guyz”….

    Hey! Arch!!! I’m really happy you found your better half.

  16. Am delighted to read this..
    All the best – rather these are hearty wishes. Am sure you both will stand the test of time and come out together 🙂

    Amen !

  17. Congrats Archana..and all the very best for the delightful future you’re to have with VV.

    A little too late..but nonetheless decided to leave a footprint here.

  18. been reading your blog for sometime now,and found it kinda spooky to watch your template and pic change. 😀

    Btw you ve got some really nice posts in here.

  19. Hey Archana,
    Just came across ur wedding invitation from my best buddy.
    I’ve read ur blog just now and it’s amazing to read which gave me much excitement and thrill…
    Hearty Congrats and God bless u and VV..


  20. @Lakshmipathy: thanks laksmipathy…u said it…latea vanthalum ur wishes came latest 🙂

    @anitha: thanks anitha…VV told me. looking forward to meeting u at our wedding 🙂

  21. Hi,Akka & Anna!!!
    My Hearty Wishes for ur marriage. I m Rajmohan, Arun’s College mate.
    The Way u presented things happened between both of u is really lovely..,
    My Best Wishes once again..!!!

  22. Hi Archu,

    Congratulations and wish you a happy married life…VV was my school mate and im happy he shared this wonderful happening in his life…Happy new year and have a great year ahead….


  23. Hey gal.. 🙂
    Happy New Year..
    I guess u got confused with someother who named as mine..
    I’m ahsiea (<-)frnd from PEC.
    I dont think that neither u nor VV know me…
    Keep Posting…
    Have a pleasant year ahead…

  24. @Rajmohan: Thanks a lot Rajmohan thambi 🙂 Please do attend our wedding. I guess you’ll be getting the invitation from Arun. By the way, “Akka & Anna”? No confusions in the relationship please…it should either be “Anni & Anna” or “Akka and Mama”. Enna correct thaaney 🙂

    @vlmpk: Thanks Pavan!

    @Brianna: Thanks Shailaja. Wish you a very happy new year too 🙂

    @Anitha: Oh is it? Oops. Sorry I must have confused u with another Anitha. If you are Aeisha’s friend, then I must be knowing you. We;ve had so many chats, wonder how she’d missed mentioning you to me 🙂 Anyways nice meeting you here on my blogspot. Wish you a very happy new year 🙂

    (I guess I’ve started using smilies instead of full-stops…see :))

  25. Hi anni .. This is Arun’s Friend Sivaguru..
    its like watching a film reading ur blogspot.. felt Happy:) .. Arun used to talk about anna and u whenever we meet each other.. a lot more actually..
    my hearty wishes to u and anna..

  26. @Sivaguru: Thanks for the wishes. Arun used to tell that he has told about us to his friends. Yenga story tamil cinema maathiri iruntha paravailla, mega seriala illama pona aduvey podum 🙂 Its been more than a year since I wrote this post and with all your comments, it is coming live again. Reading it now, I feel the same way I did when I first wrote it. Thanks again.

    @Rajmohan: Kandipa! Will meet u on my wedding day 🙂

  27. Sure Anni.. aana “Why not me wait and we both read the rest of the book together?” intha alavuku vv uvamai ya pesi nanga parthathu illa :)???

  28. “….we’ve been reading the same book, me in chapter 6 and you in chapter 4. Why not me wait and we both read the rest of the book together?”

    Wat a dialogue…i dint kno vv was an expert in non tech fields as well…i wil sell this piece of vv’s intellectual property to a Hollywood writer n earn big bucks…this blog truly blew me off…cant imagine its vv’s story…hav been sitting next to him for a long time now at workplace n havent seen this avataar of vv…reading this has left me wanting more of his “PUNCH LINES”…do post more such stuff as your story continues…

  29. As tamil audience even v expected some turns & twist in d story like premnath:))but I really liked d way vv proposed u…simple, but 2 goodddddddddd…
    Kudos 2 u both from Chennai team (vv’s colleagues).

  30. @Premnath, Mihir: both of you are suprised at the chapter statement? you can now imagine how suprised (stunned would be a better word) when i saw it from him after knowing him for nearly 6.5 years then….will surely blog about more suprises like this. And Mihir, you cannot sell VV intellectual property to Hollywood writers, the copyright is mine 🙂

    @surekhh: if we give all the twists and turns in the very beginning, you would stop expecting for more. am sure our lives are gonna be filled with more interesting twists and turns and would surely blog on those that can be made public 🙂 thanks for the wishes surekhh!

  31. Very Good.
    I have no words to tell about your love and life.


    Thanks & Regards
    Shanmugamani V (BALLY TECHNOLOGIES)

  32. I was so surprised(of course stunned is a better word) on reading this that i forgot to wish u…i humbly offer u a few lines in this regard…

    Few other Fellas can write better Verses…
    To make thou say Aye forgetting the Blushes !!!

    Dreamt have you often that a Prince from above…
    Will cover you with flowers to make worthy his love !!!

    This Little Guy came not with Flowers many…
    But blew your Feet off with a punchline like RAJINI !!!

    Wish u 2 get involved in more such stunning yet happy moments…

  33. @Shanmugamani: Thanks a lot shanmugamani. Kandipa kalyanathuku varanum 🙂

    @Mihir: Hey Mihir, those were WOW wishes. BEAUTIFUL!!

    Few other fellas gave me their wishes,
    But none did come up with such pretty verses.

    I have not known you except thru my prince
    Still, I’ve been flattered with joy ever since.

    Words of thanks would seem so light,
    Make it to our wedding and share our delight!!!

  34. Hey Archana!!!
    Great newz this is hah!!
    My best wishes to both of you!!
    You guyz must be made for each other isn’t it? So much that even God made u on teh same day!!! Cheers!!!!!

  35. Wow! I must say.. Oh I’m VV’z Very old classmate, not sure if he remembers me, but got an update thru the class yahoo group from VV.. will definitely make it for da reception along wit the old buddies..

    It is a very few who happens to find their best friend as their life partner, and you guys are indeed very special.. Best Wishes!

  36. Hi Dunsten & Loosu,

    I got ur blog link today from Sri as she forwarded me ur marriage invitation mail.

    I can say this is one of the most wonderful stories I ever heard.

    Wish you both all the very best for the second phase of ur life.

    Ravi & Sri

  37. @Ashish: Hey Ashish….long long time no see and I see ur wishes now…really feels so good….thanks a lot! 🙂

    @Stingz: I do not know you yet but guess we’ll meet at5 my reception….thanks for the wishes…both from VV and me 🙂

    @Ashish, Stringz: Sorry for the late reply. I had meant to reply to your comments earlier itself but somehow in it slipped my mind.

    @Ravi: Thanks Ravi. When we were at your place, we were mostly discussing house and how-wud-it-be-after-marriage talks that our love story missed the details. Now, you know the exact version of our love story 🙂 We’ll come back to you and Sri for post-marriage tips later on 🙂

  38. Hey archu 🙂 awesome story line up………


  39. It’s really nice to read a true love story like this have a happy ending rather than a miserable like mine.

    BTW the girl I loved her name is also archana. Due to some family problem our love not ended in marriage.

    Anyway I wish you both a happy and a prosperous life and let your love grow more as days move on…..

  40. @Naveen: Thanks a lot Naveen! Thanks to the skies above for such wonderful experience to write on.

    @Guest: Thanks! I’m sorry to hear about our heart-break. Life is always uncertain. So, Stay hopeful!

  41. Stumbled onto this post. Nice,sweet and well written. Was reading this in my office, when a bunch of colleagues started peeping at my desktop. When I finished they were all engrossed reading this along with me. Again, nicely articulated.


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