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Controversial Conversation between me and myself

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“Good Morning Arjun, Good Morning Mayank(s)…Good Morning Vishwas.” My day started very normally as usual but unlike the other working days, there was a difference. Today was relatively calm and peaceful. Half the office on a holiday. I gave a longing sigh thinking of all my friends who had an off today…they’d still be in bed covered from head to foot with their sheets, sleeping lazily under the fan…Oh no, why is it a working day for me today??!!! I sat to scan the newspaper to distract myself from my thoughts and to bring it back to working form (that is, cajoling myself saying “Archu, be a good girl and start working” :)). But all those thoughts were pushed aside when my eye caught up with the headlines.

Dail Call Centre for rape and murder – Indian Express
Murder shocks BPO City – The Times of India
Pick-up driver rapes, kills HP engineer – Deccan Herald.
BPO employee raped, killed in Bangalore – The Hindu
What the hell?!!! Whats happening? My attention was getting focused on the article and I was engrossed in it for a few minutes. Then, I moved away to carry on with my routine but somehow my mind was not completely with me. So many rapes, murders and kidnaps are happening all around us but somehow this news stirred me up a little and I was going back to it again and again involuntarily.
Just think it over, A young lady, a call centre executive was raped and murdered. Decorative captions, cartoon illustrations….a nice piece for news making and the papers have seen to that they have given the best description possible. For a few days, everybody (atleast those who have heard of it) would speak about it, more because they are curious than concerned. And then …something more catchy would come up and this becomes stale (Kaliuga na?).
Just think it over, do you still remember that Sarika Shah who was killed because of eve-teasing? Do u still remember that Parvati Shah who was raped and killed by her own brother-in-law? Do u still remember that fire accident where so many children were burned alive? Do u still remember that college student Navarasu of Annamalai University who was murdered by his senior in the name of ragging? These were hot topics of discussion a few months or few years ago but now its forgotten. Forgotten without anything being done about it, for if there was something done, why should such things keep happening again and again?
Just think it over, When we all come across pieces like this, we only tend to say “Where is this world heading to?” We blame the government, we blame the society…we blame everybody without realizing that we are a part of it too…though not knowingly. How many of us would be able to keep our heads high in front of our own conscience? Make a self-introspection…I am sure most if not all would admit to themselves inspite of their egos that we are selfish, we are cunning, we are jealous…and for everything there is always the good old excuse, survival. Little deed, good or bad has its own consequence which in turn leads to another and it becomes an uncontrollable chain reaction and today’s news is an instance of its explosion.
When I read this article on Prathiba (the victim of today’s news), first I felt sympathetic and then I got inquisitive. What would have caused a young chap like , Shivakumar (the accused) to take the life of another fellow being who had nothing to do with him. Was it plain lust? I don’t think so…we all are lustful sometimes (come on guys and girls, be bold enough to admit it), we all are schizophrenic sometimes…then what? I believe that no criminal is born, they are made, made by society, us and then we stand aside and comment without realizing that tomorrow we may end up being the accused or the victim. We preach different, we act different.
Just think it over, one person cannot change the world, fine, agreed but one person can change himself and when everyone changes himself, the society itself changes. Instead of finding fault with others, for once, why don’t we find fault with ourselves and learn to correct them. Why don’t we try to differentiate between being immoral and being wicked? Why don’t we see the difference between being traditional and being overly conservative? Why don’t we see the difference between being modern and being extravagant? Or precisely, why don’t we simply try for a balance in life than extremes? Such questions are endless but the answers lie within our reach, within us. Once we get them right, once we change the follies within us, the world will become a better place.
I was in a trance with these ruminating thoughts that my issues this morning about working on a Saturday seem so silly to me now. As I was disturbed the whole day and as I am cunning too, I am passing this message to you all so that you’d be disturbed as well :-)…so people…just think it over!

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2 thoughts on “Controversial Conversation between me and myself

  1. “Just think it over, one person cannot change the world, fine, agreed but one person can change himself and when everyone changes himself, the society itself changes”

    Interesting and Inspirational anni..

  2. @sivaguru: Interesting and inspirational is fine but what I intended was to make it “Introspective”…you see, Prathiba is already forgotten…the recent cry is over mumbai bomb blasts…like i had said, these are never ending and people are become more and more adaptive to crimes…thats a sorry state.

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