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Daring The Don

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“Mirror, Mirror on the wall! Who is the monkeist of them all?” I stared at my reflection for two precious minutes. Hair loose, hands on my hip, eyebrows raised and grin on my lip. Pleased with the pose, I nodded my head in acknowledgement, thank you!. Alright! I have a long tail. But I take my time, smell the surroundings and gauge the people before deciding to throw it out or tuck it in. Right now, I am at that taking in every clue with an oh-so-good-girl look. Friends who know me a little more would dig a well and drown themselves before they admit that I am what I seem to be. Bear with me buddies, it’s just a matter of time. All the while, I am inwardly enjoying the innocent attempts by new people to gauge me in reciprocation. Interesting! Very interesting!

I am a weird combo of playfulness and sensibility for I don’t believe in publicizing maturity with a grim posture or straight-from-heaven attitude. Yet, yet, yet, how can I miss an opportunity to carry on that charade a little longer when there are people to believe that, even that! I’ve had my ups, I’ve had my downs, I’ve been sober, I’ve been a clown. Still, reverting back to normalcy is my childishness, my second nature. Having said as much, it becomes my duty to do the honors to the person who inspired me to write this blog. Let me not tell names. To some of you, it’s obvious, some others it’s oblivious and so it be. For the purpose of reference, I stick to pronouns instead.

‘He’ was the one who took my third round of interview at iNautix Technologies Pvt. India Ltd. Had he known at that time that I would blog on him someday, he might have as well rejected me. Now that he has committed his mistake of taking me into the company and even more by including me in his team, I have to help him pay his penance.

He is one of the senior members of the project team. As I have not commenced full-fledged work as yet, I couldn’t or wouldn’t comment on his leadership skills. Hear-says have given an A+ for his mentoring and mingling abilities which is very good for the team but a disadvantage for the purpose of my post. Hence, I skip those and narrow my focus to his knack of catching people off-guard and pulling their legs.

He sure has a smiling face. It’s neither a Colgate smile nor a one that breaks the hearts of teenage girls. It’s a subtle smile with innumerable inherent meanings left to decipher by his target and audience. Given a chance to corner him down, the team would jump at it most jealously but he is just too smart to give them a chance. He shoots a hundred teasing arrows all around but tactfully evades all the arrows directed towards him, much like our ‘Superstar’ and his stick fights. He has already christened many with nicknames carefully saving his own to an abbreviated version of his full name. If it is word games, he plays it well. If it is mind games, he is a diplomat.

To write more, I need to know more and to know more, I need to stay more. Three weeks at this new company isn’t a big time for that. But the following weeks would be fun time for I have already started unleashing my wickedness. I’ve dared this post hoping he wouldn’t be as naïve as to mind competition. Having belled the cat, I step aside to allow the team, well acquainted to his tactics and eager for revenge to take over. Come on folks, stage the show!

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8 thoughts on “Daring The Don

  1. There are two things I’d like to say to different audiences..

    To the ppl around you : Whenever u look at Archana, remember the proverb “Calm before Storm”…

    To you : Enjoy being mischievous. Ur sure to, because “Chance favours the prepared mind”

  2. Hey, seems to be a very interesting personality for sure … eager to know more about him .. ahem, I am from ur team in inautix.

  3. Now that you have started unleashing your wickedness, so Don ka bachana mushkil hi nahin, namumkin hai [Catch someone for english transation :-)]
    God (not the coffee team god), save the Don…

  4. Don: Archana.. I read your post. Never expected that you would blog about me in public!

    Wait till you hear more from me @ office!

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