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Down Go My Tresses…

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One lock, two locks, three and four.
Down go my tresses, onto the floor.
Chop! Chop! Chop! I’ve trimmed them short.
Not beauty but bold, that’s the look I want.

In the business world, strategies score.
But network matters so much more.
Blazers become things of reverence
Attitudes morph to borderline arrogance

High stung egotists are lurking around
Few narcissistic noises make a lot of sound
To steer clear of the zone and stand up tall,
I need that look that says it all.

Snappy judgements are the order of the day,
Quick impressions seem like the only way.
When surface speeches can steal the show,
I know my stuff, why should I let that go?

My family and motherhood makes me whole,
But stereotypes see that as a vulnerable role.
If I can wear multiple hats and get things done,
Keep prejudices aside, just shut up, son!

Some people know me for what I am,
Some others patronize and test my calm.
If hairdo can conquer the confidence they seek,
I can pull it off, all the classy and chic!

At the end of the day, I am still just me,
And that is how I will always be.
Whether I wear my hair long or wear it short,
Its what’s inside my head that’ll call the shots!

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