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Dramatic Delivery

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(Pregnant women, please avoid this post)

IT’S A BOY!!! I AM A MOM!!! YIPPEEE!!!That’s the headlines. Being more of a spontaneous blogger than a planned one, this is the longest post that has been planned and postponed and postponed again for the want of time. As the concerned person who had undergone this experience, I wasn’t so much inclined on even talking about it. But for the blogger in me, such dramatic experience was too much to resist, more so for its happy ending. The blogger won hands down. Perhaps, I should consider journalism as an alternate career. Before I could venture further into the cover story, I would like to assure that by being able to publish a post, I am doing hale and healthy. Also, if I accomplish to publish this post before a month from my delivery date which was March 30, 2010, I need a pat on my back along with compliments for being a voracious blogger.

It was 29 March 2010, 9:45 PM when I was admitted into Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, for my delivery. I didn’t get labor pains naturally till my due date. Prolonging gestation period might have adverse effect on the baby and so we had decided to go for induced labor. Until that evening, I was happily filling my tummy with somosas and gulab jamun with the excuse that I wouldn’t get to enjoy those in the hospital and back at home for a couple of days after delivery. It was only on my way to the hospital that I started getting slightly uncomfortable, uncomfortable to the extent of calling it fear though I did not want to admit it. I had no idea then that calling it fear would have been more than justified in a few hours.

I was given induction treatment at around 10:30 PM and I started getting my first contraction at 11:15PM. All through the night, the labor was progressing and the pain was becoming increasingly difficult to bear, let alone sleeping through it. By 3 AM next morning, I was repeatedly asking the nurses for an epidural but they had refused saying that I was only 1.5 cm dilated. Active labor happens only on 10 cm dilation when I would need epidural more than ever. I had always been of the kind who could manage emotional pain by taking head over heart but a big gofer with physical pain. I used to close my eyes and wriggle at the dentist’s when he brings just the torch light near my mouth. Even then, being unable to bear pain at just 1.5 cm dilation, I felt so ashamed of myself.

By 6 AM in the morning, I shunned aside all my sense of shame and pleaded for some kind of pain relief as I couldn’t take it at all. I was checked again and said that I was only 3 cm dilated but contradicting it, my contractions were severe at 1.5 minutes intervals and lasting 30 seconds. The confused nurses consulted the doctor and put me on sedation. The dosage was good enough that I slept tight. I was awoken now and then for progress checking and was assured that I was responding properly to the medication. Within a few hours, the labor should be over naturally.

It was 9 AM. Inspite of the sedation, I felt slight pain that kept me awake. My husband who was awake and beside me the whole night went down for 5 minutes to receive my parents and bring them to me. Call it fate, it so happened that at the very moment when he was absent, I started to feel a gush of liquid flow and thanks to my big belly I couldn’t see what it was. I just assumed that my water had broken and managed to wriggle on the bed to ring for the nurse. The nurse who hadn’t expected active labor for few more hours, registered panic on her face when she looked at me. She immediately rushed for help and more nurses crowded the room screaming ‘blood’, ‘placenta ruptured’, ‘active labor’…I could only catch syllables here and there.

That was how it started. In no time, I was put on an oxygen mask and was rapidly prepared for surgery. The doctor rushed to the room and said than an emergency C-section was adequate. She was more like giving me information than seeking my permission. My husband who came back had panicked but he did a tough job masking it and kept holding my hands and assuring me that everything was going to be fine. I was put on a stretcher and hurried to the operation theatre with ‘Emergency…emergency…movie aside move aside’ noises that I partly started doubting if I would see the same way back again. It was all so much like an Indian movie climax. There was a frenzy of activity in the theatre which I hardly know was what. The only thing I remembered was someone telling me “Don’t worry, we’ll put you to sleep” and then it was total black out.

Someone pushed something into my mouth. Someone told me it’s a baby boy. I kept fading in and fading out. When I had consciousness long enough to register the time on the clock it was 11:15 AM. I was still on oxygen mask and I started worrying if they were preparing me for a second surgery or something. Another worry of developing sudden fits clouded my mind. Not able to talk much, I let my eyes wander in all directions. Seeing that I was awake, one of the nurses, removed the mask, told me that the surgery went perfectly fine, I was doing good and baby was great. After two labors and one childbirth, I was slowly rolled back to the recovery room.

My husband came to me in the recovery room. He had gotten to see our lovely little boy, born on March 30, 2010, 9:33 AM with a perfect birth weight of 3.16 Kgs. The little fella was happily resting in the neonatal unit and joined us within 2 hours. Seeing his tiny body and knowing that it’s a part of us overwhelmed us so much that all the trauma seemed worth it. The doctor had told later than the reason for the emergency was that I was in active labor but was not getting sufficiently dilated for the baby to come out. So, the pressure was put on the placenta and got it separated which should ideally happen after baby birth. The baby was in distress and they had to take it out as early as possible. No wonder I was in lot of pain at small dilations. In a way, the doctor assured that it was all for good because the placenta was three layers around the baby’s neck and had the labor proceeded normally, it might have been very harmful to the baby and the mom. Once again, my little one has saved not only himself but me as well. Survivor fighter boy!!!Two days later, my husband, baby and I finally got some alone time in the hospital recovery room. We were silently holding hands and tears streamed down our faces. I don’t know if it was tears of anguish or tears of joy but it sure did lighten our hearts and then I could see my road to recovery much more clearer. If anything, this experience had bonded us more than ever. It’s queer that in needy times as now, both my parents and in-laws should be unavailable for help and support because of their sudden ailments or busy schedules. Well, if westerners can manage alone with their newborns, so can us. Besides, our neighbors had helped us so much all through my pregnancy and delivery, more like foster parents and I take this opportunity to express my deep felt gratitude to them.

Two and a half weeks now since the D-Day, both baby and I are doing wonderful. We have named our baby ‘Akhil’. Akhil is naughtier than we expected him to be but again being born to Vijay and me, we cannot expect anything less. Vijay and I had always given our big news out of the blue. Our little Akhil has lived up to our name by giving a surprising dramatic entry into this world. More stories on the little one in subsequent posts. He is calling out to me right now and failing to answer the call in minutes would trigger wild screams.

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33 thoughts on “Dramatic Delivery

  1. Splendid experience, well put down in words! Could feel the heat building up as the events to the climax unfolded 🙂 Congrats on Akhil, again! 🙂 Uff! Good you asked pregnant women not to read this post!

  2. Congrats Archu… I felt emotional while reading this post because i was induced as well, pitocin induction(the medicine they put in ur IV)…Pitocin hurts because it causes violent contractions unlike natural rhythmic ones (normal labor contractions are much less painful it seems). I understand the initial pain u mentioned.
    But I cannot imagine how a ruptured placenta would have hurt !!!
    And its a miracle isn’t it how the intelligence in your system saved the two of you…and your baby is definitely a trooper! You also need an applause for blogging about this overwhelming experience. I am sure for someone as positive as you are u will simply recover faster than anybody with a flu…God bless you and your family!

  3. @Meens: Yeah, splendid experience specially for making me get pain tolerant. I’m sure I wouldn’t be cribbing for a tetanus shot again. Well well…this isn’t the first time that my life has a movie-like happening, is it? 🙂

    @Sivasankari: Hey Siva, very nice to see you at my blogspot…been a long long long time na? I wanted to reply to your earlier comments too but in the current baby tending times, it totally slipped my mind. Thanks for the wishes Siva. I wasn’t given a pitocin induction. They induced me with a gel thru PV (yaaaks 🙁 ) But the effect was the same I guess. I don’t deserve being complimented on my positivity at that situation. Had I known this was to happen, I’d have freaked out. The surprise factor give time for nothing else and before I could fully comprehend the situation, it was all over. Happy that it all ended good. I’ll give ur kuddos to kutti Akhil 🙂

  4. Congrates Archu 🙂 Welcome to the world Akhil 🙂
    omg such a tough situation… How did you bear that pain?!!!! Happy to know that you are recovering faster..
    I could visualize a cinema with ur narration…
    awesome narration once again…

    God bless you and your family 🙂

  5. @Anonymous: Thank u…Thanks from Akhil too. Situation was tough but it was more panic than pain. Anyways, seeing the little one’s face everyday makes up for it a hundred times 🙂

  6. Wow! While I read this post I couldn’t turn my head when some of my colleagues called me to check something.

    As you said something like a scene in Indian movie 🙂

    Happy that you both are fine! Akhil looks like you. But Prem said he looks like VV.

    Waiting for the future adventures of the fighter boy 😉

  7. @tekybala: True true…like a movie climax 🙂 Some say that Akhil looks like VV, some say he is like me and some say that he looks like my mom hee hee 😛 We’ll have to wait for a couple of months till his features take proper shape and we guess better then 🙂

    @Prem: Looking back, the story looks scary. But anaiku iruntha tensionla onnumey theriyella. I’m happy though. Its because of that experience that I go material enough for a big blog 😉 VV uncle ippo full time daddy duty paarthutu irukaaru. Ask kutti Akhil to give him some free time. Btw, eppo veetuku vanthu kuttiku hello solla pora?

  8. wow….congrats archu..god bless u 3…hope akhil is ready even by birth to gather incidents fr his blog…hmmm…not gonna expect less frm him..enjoy..good hes a wonderful son..savng his mother and himself..great..tak cre…enjoy each and every moment with him..keep ur blogs updated…as he shows stage by stage growth…

  9. @Premnath: Etho…recover aagitey irukain!

    @Dhana: Thanks Dhana! Yes, this little one is a wonderful son but naughty nevertheless 🙂 Thats the way we wanted him to be when he was inside my tummy.

    @Merlyn: Not just the two of us but the three of us. VV, Akhil and me as a family 🙂

  10. I had tears in my eyes by the time i scrolled to the bootom of the page. God bless all 3 of you. Your pain you could write, feel it through. Wonder must have been tougher for Vijay! anyways, all’s well that Begins well! Aint it?

  11. Congratulations Archana.. I am not sure if you really know me.. 🙂 I am your Jr from RGCET from CSE dept. And.. I am Arathi( your cousins friend) I just happened to visit your profile in orkut and here i get to see ur blog..

    You really have a very good way of writing and narrating things.. I seriously felt as though I was in the hospital seeing it live..

    Hats off to Akhil…

    Recover soon.. And God bless three of you ….

  12. @Aekta: Yeah, even I used to wonder. Vijay must have felt lot worse than me having to see his loved ones go thru this. Going thru the pain is far better. Anyways, all thats over over. I have fully recovered, baby is doing good and all is well 🙂

    @nikhi: Thanks Nikhi. I think I know u. Nikhita right? Perhaps, if I see ur pic, I would be able to make sure I am identifying the right name with the right face. I’m glad you like my blog. Do keep reading for more Akhil updates 🙂

  13. Well. yeah.. I am nikhila.. Well are in facebook? I could add u and then you will get a clear pic of mine.. But I am sure U have guessed the right one.. 🙂

  14. Hi Archana, Congratulations. Just got to see your blog for the first time via your facebook.. it is a few minutes now and I’ve no words to exactly describe what i feel.. some close ones could be.. awesome, courageous, strong, honest, candid, cute, family and LOVE.
    Very happy for you and Vijay, I’m sure that we are yet to see more of your excellent writings from you, Akhil will make it happen and he’ll keep you happening. Beautiful writings!
    God Bless!

  15. @Nikhi: Checked your profile in Facebook. Yup! You are the same Nikhila that I guessed. Nice to meet you at my blogspot after a long time.

    @Legorie: So many adjectives? I am flattered! Thanks a lot. Do keep reading my blogs for more updates 🙂

  16. Hey Archana..
    Wonderful News.. Hearty congrats.. I felt so emotional on reading the post.
    Kisses to Akhil. 🙂

    Take care…

  17. Hi Archana, I came across your blog recently,planning to have my delivery at manipal. what is your opinion about the hospital? I have heard the labour charges depends on the room we select. If you dont mind, can u tell me which room you have selected and how much it costs you total? That will be very helpful for me… thanks in advance

  18. @Anitha: Thank u Anitha:)

    @Anonymous: First of all congratulations! Wishing u a smooth and safe delivery. About Manipal, it is really very good. Everything is really well organized that you or your husband need not worry about any detail except on the baby coming. The facilities are excellent that they can attend any emergency very well. The whole environment is clean and neat that you won’t have a hospital feeling at all. The only downside is cost. Manipal is very expensive. They initially take you to labour room and after birth to the recovery room. The charges are different for both. I had asked for a private room which had cost me rs 5000 (labour room) and rs. 6000 (recovery room) per day. I think there are rooms for more and less charges as well. You can visit the hospital and have a look at the rooms and facilities a few days before your delivery and make up your mind accordingly. The nursing in the recovery room I should say is really superb. You may not need so much tending to if its a normal delivery but in case of section, it would really be a boon. Personally, my experience with Manipal was very good except for the sky-high prices. Choice is yours. Wishing you a happy baby bearing experience once again.

  19. Hi Archana,
    Dis is Nithiya. Congrats!. Thanks for sharing about your labor. Me 2 cesarean 1ly. I didn’t get labor pain and i didn’t co-operate not even 1% coz of fear, Doctor said very very uncooperative and so they decided to do cesarean. After delivery all mom’s look so aged but u look so beautiful, glowing in happiness i think..Once again congrats..

  20. @Anonymous: Thanks Nithya. No one means to be non-cooperative during the labour. At that moment, our co-operation is not in our hands really. As long as the mom and baby are fine at the end of day, nothing else really matters. Glowing in happiness? Me? I guess the compliments should go to my little one who has brought the happy glow to my face 🙂

  21. True experience….
    But without the Help of God, hope nothing will be normal….
    So let me thank GOD first and for the experience you have shared here…
    As a father of 2 gals, I cud guess the real LIFE… Re-Birth…
    GOD bless u all always 🙂

  22. @Astrology: Thanks. If its God who has helped me, the same could have saved me from all the trauma. Let me remove GOD quotient here and thank life for what it has been 🙂

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