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Engaged and Entertained

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“This is definitely not me!” I sweared indignantly from behind the two inch make-up that messed up my face. Plated artificial hair and huge rolls of flowers sat heavily upon my head while six foot long silk saree and jewels restricted any possible natural movement. Why should the festivity of an engagement ceremony require me to have my face painted ghost-white? The beautician however was not satisfied with her handiwork that she threatened me with a dark shade of lipstick and that was the last straw. I phoned my dad to rescue me from the parlour and take me to the safety of the engagement hall at Hotel Ram International, Pondicherry, happening on July 4th, 2008.

It was my engagement day and I was getting engaged to the one I love. I relished this realization as I walked proudly into the hall, expecting to be marveled by all the guests. But alas! I was instead greeted by photographers, making me pose in all 360 degrees till I joined my cousins who turned their nose on my Dasavathaaram-Fletcher-like-face. I was eager to see my bridegroom, Vijay. If I disliked make-up, Vijay detested it. I wondered how he’d have taken it all until I saw him make his majestic entry thru the doorway – he hadn’t taken it at all!!!! Except for a clean shaved face and probably a little powder, there was no trace of face painting. Dressed in Sherwani suit as he was and surrounded by friends, for a moment I admired him like I had never admired in all the seven years that I knew him. He raised his brows at me, smiled a ‘hi’ and walked on to the front, leaving me to decipher whether the look was one of astonishment or admonition.

And thus the ceremony began. I was asked to change over to my engagement saree as a semblance of tradition. Once wrapped in a copper blue authentic silk, I felt a little more confident and let my inhibitions go. Vijay and I adorned garlands (which helped me maintain my equilibrium with the long hair-dress) and sought blessings from the elders. The aunties from everywhere queued up to garnish us with sandalwood powder and kumkum and I was thankful this time to see Vijay equally tarnished as well. By then I had stopped cribbing about the make-up for I was swept away by the festivity myself.

With the ‘Nalungu’ session done, it was time for more snaps. Our bunch of friends from Bangalore had come with bouquets to wish us. All of us knew that the real fun would begin only after the function for we had a Pondy outing planned on our agenda, starting that every evening. More friends from our school and college days made the event merrier and merrier. Vijay and I introduced each other’s relatives and pulled some of their legs innocently. The glittering lights and chattering voices lasted till noon and once our tummies were filled, we finally drifted off towards our houses.

A small afternoon nap restored my energy fuels and I woke up in time to attend Vijay’s phone call saying that our friends and himself were at the Pondy beach. I duly happily joined. We discussed the function and checked out the Digicams, talking and walking along the shore. We spent a few minutes at my place for a cool drink and dined at Rendezvous. Thanks to Mr.Subash Chandran for his generous treat for making it big yet again into another reputed software concern. People, you might like to get introduced to him 😉

The next day was even more entertaining and exhausting. Our group of fourteen visited Chunnambar beach resort and freaked out with Frisbees and volley ball until the sun hit us strong. The last time I came to this place was in my college final year with my class mates as a farewell hangout. Though not entirely nostalgic, it was a reminder of the velocity of time. Our next destination was the famous Auroville of Pondicherry. Silence was not the trait of our group but with our stamina drained; we were naturally silent and blended in with the ambience. And finally, it was shopping time. Movie DVDs for Rs. 30 is one of the reasons why I love Pondicherry. Vijay and I took our friends to a DVD paradise. They were enthralled at the collection and started grabbing as much as they can till the shop keeper fell short of teeth to express his happiness on the sales. A little more roaming and a little more shopping before we finally called it a day.

To me, it was one of the most memorable weekends that I ever had and I enjoyed every minute of it. I wouldn’t mind another five inches of make-up if I were to get engaged the same way to the same person every other day. Thanks to everyone who graced the occasion with their presence and wishes. Welcome back for my wedding as well!

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16 thoughts on “Engaged and Entertained

  1. god: I’ve given the link for more snaps within the post itself. Check out carefully! Have I gained weight? I wish I could say a big yes but the answer is a small yes. Most of the weight on the snap is because of the heavy saree and a huge hair bun 🙂

  2. hey archana….a nice blog that not only gave a good description of ur engagement thru words n pics, but it also made me feel sorry for not being a part of the function…congratulations to u n bhaiya…

  3. @girish: Thank you! VV just told me about you. If not for the engagement, try to make it to the wedding atleast. Its on Feb 1st, 2009 🙂

    @shreenivas, @aekta: Thanks buddies.

    @me: i was wondering who posted a comment as “me” in my blogspot 😉 thanks sowmya, both of the wishes and for feedback on “the new look”

  4. hey archana, the best part abt attending ur engagement was meetin up with ur parents after sooo long… was nice speaking to them… me too was quite surprised to see u in ur engagemnt attire.. then asked myself wot else I expected.. 🙂

    n btw, did u get to know wot VVs look meant? admonishment or astonishment?

    actually, me wrote u a loong comment… n been coming back for last two days to see ur reply to it… now only remembered that it din sth happened n the comment was not taken….

  5. @Meens: Oh yeah, it was nice seeing you there. I wish I cud have spent more time with you but i was a prisoner of photographers of that day 🙁

    have lots of snaps left meens, will show u when we meet up. and about VV’s look, he said that he got worried if they had changed the bride for i was hardly recognisable it seems 🙁

    hope my reply gets posted before u visit my site again 🙂

  6. Hey,
    Congrats madam !!! Read the blog and it is nice to know all the news .. Send me your mobile number to my gmail id .. Okay athu enna make-up ellam thaandi oru asadu vazhiyuthu …Oh ithu peru thaan kalyana kalayo 🙂 .. Convey my wishes to Vijay too .. God bless !!

  7. Oops I missed it all !!!…Congrats to you and Vijay…Nobody from Mangalore turned up is it…I couldnt see any familiar faces from Mangalore?…and sorry for the delayed comments…:)

  8. This is the first time I stepped into ur blog archive. It was simply amazing given the fact that u made it visualize everything in reality thru ur blog.


  9. @lakshmipathy: yeah…rescued but the damage was already done anyways 🙂

    @anand: thanks anand! if you really appreciate my blog, make sure u keep visiting often 🙂

    @vinoth: oh yeah, when i looked into the mirror on my engagement day, i saw an altogether different archana…dont worry, i’ll make sure i’d dont get screwed up so badly for the wedding 😀

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