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Extremely Enthused

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Tell me that the world is going to end tomorrow and I shall believe. Tell me that Bill Gates would become the poorest man, I shall believe. Feed me with any junk and I shall certainly believe for I’ve witnessed and experienced the extremes of life’s uncertainty in less than two months. All credits to my girlhood friend who is now my boyfriend, a friend who has awakened the dormant adult in me. Isn’t that an irony? Not only Complan girls but plain coffee girls do grow up too, the way I’ve grown up over the past couple of days. Have no doubts, I am in a just-like-that gaga mood and so you know what to expect from the rest of this post. I’ve known Vijay, the hero of my last post and my special hero too, for eons, spoken stories in lengths and thought of him as my best buddy ever. But compared to how close I feel about him for the last few days, he must have been a total stranger then. Talk about relativity!

How much influence can one person have on another? Well…I need to ask this to the one who has turned my life upside down for the better in such a short span. My time is running rapidly with every second chasing its predecessor at an impossible speed. Events line up in queue and calendars are full. More hours in my day and less time to doze, still I wake up fresh and new looking forward to live another blooming day. Mood is vibrant and heart is light. I’ve found my soul mate to share my deepest feelings that my blog has been neglected for quite sometime. The missing piece of puzzle that I’ve been searching all around has been right beside me all the time, only I had been so long-sighted. With a new vision and new mission, my paranoia has gone for a hiding, promptly replaced by purposefulness. All this could mean just one thing, I am happy…I am really truly happy than what I’ve ever been and what I will ever be! (Touch-wood)

I’ve used my blog many a times as a vent for my troubled musings. Why not once as a vent for my happiness? Why not splash bright colors and happily mess up my blog to match my mood? That’s a rhetorical question…I guess I am already doing it! If I were Tenzing or Hilary, I’d have climbed the Everest again and blown my trumpet from the peak, loud and louder until my lungs got exhausted. If I were Dhoni, I’d have scored 12 sixes within an over with two balls to spare (ahem…don’t ask me how). If I were anybody but me, I’d have done anything but sitting here blogging my joy. But all I feel right now is the feeling of being myself, my long ago once-upon-a-time self. The bubbly-bubbly, happy-go-jolly part of me has been rescued at last!!!

Somebody had scribbled somewhere “It is all in the mind”. How true! How very true! If you are my friend, don’t wait, come again, and let’s rejoice. If you were my enemy by any chance, not a problem, let’s shake hands. No more animosity anywhere, even if there is, I am completely blind to everything but harmony, at least for the time being. It’s my time to celebrate!!!
With the present joyous spirit, Archu has made up her mind to revive her blogspot. She’d extend the boundaries of her blog; make it wider with her imaginations, fantasies and story telling included. What to believe and what not to is upto the reader’s sole discretion. Meaning, more crap to follow suit. For those readers who are tired of my monologues, stay assured to get relieved and get ready for more boring stuffs and the others, its time to decide about visiting this site again. Archu is in some form now, steady or sober not in the list. YIPPEEEEE!!!! I am soooo happy!!!!!!

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8 thoughts on “Extremely Enthused

  1. hmmmm… i hv already heard a lot of crap n my ears hv gone sore hearing those stories of urs….. Also, I’m able to c the GRAND change in U – wat u r now as to wat u were a month or two before !!!!

    But truly, I’m very happy for both of u n hope that u both stay happy as u hv dreamed to be!!!

    My Best Wishes for both of u!!!


  2. So thats why u werent pinging me… u were in a totally different planet. Lucky u 🙂

    BTW i love the way u mixed n matched the words… Vision n Mission. Now havent i heard those before… i am getting some deja vu here!!!

    Have fun n Keep floating 🙂

  3. Its a pleasant way to express you joy,but hitting 12 sixes in a over and having 2 balls to spare is way beyond imagination because currently we are playing against the auusiee 🙂

  4. @patil: yeah thanks…but dont think u can escape easily with a simple comment…i’ll be buggin u with my enthu every time i see u till u beg me to leave u alone…hee hee

    @kimi: Hi FD! why welcome? i was never really gone :))

    @chathura: first in person, then in snap 🙂 may of our friends in mlore have met him already…mayb on my next trip to blore, will intro vijay to u

    @shahed: hey really, apart from the floating thingy, i was really tied up with some work re…or u think i’d have missed a chance to ping u n trouble ur ears with my tales :)))) vision-mission….hmmm..mayb i must have used the same combo in one of my prev post…will check myself neways…thanks for remembering

    @gridaran: u r right but with indian team, u will never know 🙂

  5. I was really happy to see an ultra high-spirited post from you..
    The best part of the post, apart from your vibrant mood and happiness, was that you had given signs of stepping into fiction. Wasn’t I extremely happy 😛 I’m glad already, as I’ve read your latest pieces of fiction and enjoyed the experience. Looking forward to more and more entertainment from your blog. I have for long wanted to write some posts and tag someone to write on it again. Now I know who to tag 😉

  6. @meenakshi: u wud have known of my enthu levels when we met last weekend, didnt u? and as for tagging, i shall oblige with pleasure 😉

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