1. hmmmm… i hv already heard a lot of crap n my ears hv gone sore hearing those stories of urs….. Also, I’m able to c the GRAND change in U – wat u r now as to wat u were a month or two before !!!!

    But truly, I’m very happy for both of u n hope that u both stay happy as u hv dreamed to be!!!

    My Best Wishes for both of u!!!


  2. So thats why u werent pinging me… u were in a totally different planet. Lucky u 🙂

    BTW i love the way u mixed n matched the words… Vision n Mission. Now havent i heard those before… i am getting some deja vu here!!!

    Have fun n Keep floating 🙂

  3. Its a pleasant way to express you joy,but hitting 12 sixes in a over and having 2 balls to spare is way beyond imagination because currently we are playing against the auusiee 🙂

  4. @patil: yeah thanks…but dont think u can escape easily with a simple comment…i’ll be buggin u with my enthu every time i see u till u beg me to leave u alone…hee hee

    @kimi: Hi FD! why welcome? i was never really gone :))

    @chathura: first in person, then in snap 🙂 may of our friends in mlore have met him already…mayb on my next trip to blore, will intro vijay to u

    @shahed: hey really, apart from the floating thingy, i was really tied up with some work re…or u think i’d have missed a chance to ping u n trouble ur ears with my tales :)))) vision-mission….hmmm..mayb i must have used the same combo in one of my prev post…will check myself neways…thanks for remembering

    @gridaran: u r right but with indian team, u will never know 🙂

  5. I was really happy to see an ultra high-spirited post from you..
    The best part of the post, apart from your vibrant mood and happiness, was that you had given signs of stepping into fiction. Wasn’t I extremely happy 😛 I’m glad already, as I’ve read your latest pieces of fiction and enjoyed the experience. Looking forward to more and more entertainment from your blog. I have for long wanted to write some posts and tag someone to write on it again. Now I know who to tag 😉

  6. @meenakshi: u wud have known of my enthu levels when we met last weekend, didnt u? and as for tagging, i shall oblige with pleasure 😉