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Farewell India

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I am not a great traveler,
I haven’t seen the world.
India has been my home,
Through all the years I am old.

With books as my windows,
I’ve gathered the most I could.
The prints have painted pictures,
Revealing more than what it should.

I am so eager and excited,
A little scared and anxious too.
My life is about to restart,
Once again, all anew.

Vijay, my dear and dearest.
I am going to miss you like hell.
With whom will I share my days now?
All the stories to show and tell.

I know you are a great father,
But still I’ll worry, won’t I?
Please watch over our little ones,
Always keep an eye.

My darlings, Akhil and Himu!
Take care of daddy for me.
Kiss him and hug him tight,
Whenever he misses mummy.

You two are brave kids,
I am sure you’ll do fine.
I’ll talk with you every day,
And think of you all the time.

Days will go by quickly,
And soon you’ll all fly to me.
I’ll have the hearth ready,
As warm as it could be.

It is just a little while,
Before we return to our bliss.
It is all for a better future,
Trust me, I promise.

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