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Fitness Frenzy

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Six hundred and forty! That is how many muscles I think I have in my body, assuming I haven’t lost some in the last one week. What is left over is all twisted and turned and they make sure I know it. Such tests for my first attempt at the gym and I haven’t yet started full-fledged. Cruel body! Ever since the birth of my little boy, my body has gained extra pounds that refuse to rip off. I’ve tried dieting and taking nutrition supplements but that doesn’t work. My taste buds are too trained to tame down. Amidst a tightly packed schedule of life and work, there is no time to squeeze in walks or work-outs that those extra little pounds slowly started multiplying themselves like pathogens.

All through my childhood and teenage years, I had prided myself to be an activity girl. It was either hopping and co-co, or dancing to my favourite playlist or playing badminton or trekking. I had my work-out in a way that I enjoyed most without hitting the gym. Every time my body sweat, I felt the stress of the day sweating away too keeping me live and active. After marriage and kid, my life started getting consumed with different kinds of activities, the ones that tires your mind more than your body and doesn’t cause you to sweat so much, Bangalore climate an added culprit. If we had been slim once and know the stamina that it gives, it becomes very difficult to accept getting rounder. I couldn’t accept that I was gasping after a short run. That was when I decided to make time somehow and try the traditional tested method of fitness, working out in a gym that is.

Experiment began last week when I enrolled myself in a gym. Vijay warned me that working out in a gym could get tiring and boring after a while and unless we are stubborn, we’d get all tempted to give up. “Don’t give up!”, that’s another phrase that I used to actually follow earlier. Lately, lazily, I have started giving up on “Don’t give up”. Now, gyming should help me restore not only my body but my perseverance too. I bought two sets of track pants, T-shirts and sneakers as an investment.

I walked into the gym and stared at all the equipment, not knowing what and how to begin with. A young girl introduced herself as the trainer and showed me how to ride the elliptical bike. While I was at it, she casually let it slip that she was a mother of a 7 year old and a 4 year old. Unbelievable!! My mouth was still aghast when another so-seemed slim college student rushed in excusing herself to the trainer for getting late. Her excuse was that she had to pick up her children from school before she came in. A forty plus lady, whose matured face was the only proof of age was effortlessly stretching and lifting weights. That was it. I could see or hear no more.

As I walk along the streets, I know that I had already crossed the “slim” line but still within the average weight range. Inside the gym though, among all the fit people, I felt like an obese fatty pot. Comparison with the ideal make relativity extreme. To my eyes, my body fat seemed highlighted in neon lamps that I was ashamed to look at myself. All the more motivation to work-out, all the more reason to persevere.

It wasn’t so difficult in the beginning when all I had to do was warm-up. Ten minutes of thread-mill, ten minutes of cycling and ten minutes of cross rower and the trainer let me off the hook. Real work-out started last Friday when I was asked to stretch, turn, lift and jump. Only then, I understood the seriousness of Vijay’s warning. I headed back home with a sense of relief unaware of what awaited me back there. Vijay was out on a dinner treat and Akhil was enthusiastic to give me my post-work-out warm-up. Why else will he get extra hyper, eat twice, poop twice and play ten times more than the usual? I was exercised till midnight and dropped to sleep like ‘Tom’ after chasing ‘Jerry’ round and round and round.

Little rest that night made my body complain more and I spent the weekend identifying the sore muscles in my body. So much for my determination in just a week’s time. You do gyming continuously for 21 days and it becomes a habit, Vijay assured me. I have 17 days more for the 21 day mark. As I sit here blogging on my plight, a separate thread runs within my head reminding me to resume work-outs again today. Battle between my mind and body. Got to wait and see how long the battle lasts and who triumphs! Wish me good luck!

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18 thoughts on “Fitness Frenzy

  1. Hehehe… atlast u accepted to wat i used to call you… Gundu puska… 😛 Good luck… And i would like to put an open challenge to you… can u beat me? 😛

  2. Ah .. looks like it’s time for me to hit the gym as well . Can you believe i am told to be overweight by one of the dieticians 😉 . I am going to take you as an inspiration to drop few pounds off.

  3. @Divya: ‘Body anbd Soul’, the one near my office.

    @Harsha: Thank u…thank u…thank u…I need it!

    @HBK: I’m not gundu puska…I’ve started gyming so that I dont become gundu puska. Why should I accept ur challenge anyway? You are so thin…like a “oppu chapaani” 😀

    @Gayathri: You too? I cannot imagine you overweight 🙂 Anyways, wait till I drop a few pounds before you take me as your inspiration 🙂

  4. Good luck Archu! Surprisingly, its just these days that I’m pretty serously contemplating that myself… courtesy the fitness freaks that the people here are! I’ve started something by myself.. push-ups at home and… 🙁 can’t do them! thought they were easy.. when all those heroes and villains in TV used to do them!

    Please stick on to the gym .. I need inspiration myself 🙂

  5. @Meens: Welcome to the club 🙂 At least you are surrounded by fitness freaks to keep you motivated. Here, I am all surrounded by temptation to ease out and laze around 🙁

    @Iswarya: I’m so happy that you like my blogs Ishwarya. Keep reading 🙂

  6. @Harsha: Me too. There is no time! If there is time, there is no energy and if there is energy, there is no will and if there is will, there is no creativity…Let all of those fall in line, you’ll see my next post then 🙂

  7. that was an awesome read Archana… After two babies u can imagine what would have happened with my body…. if u remember how i used to be in college, i m 15 kilos plus now.
    funny part is, my work place has a two floor gym with all advanced equipment, which i have not entered once….. I always give myself all kinds of reasons and escape from working out…. and everyday atleast once i get sad looking at those extra pounds on me… 😀 Hope this post of urs will get me started….

  8. @Madhavi: I totally understand. Everything is difficult only when you begin. Once you get used to it, you’ll love it. For the first one or two weeks, I had to force myself to the gym. Now, even if I happen to miss gym for a day or two, I miss it terribly…started loving the work-outs not only for the weight loss but also for the stamina that it gives. Come on, pull yourself and try it. 15 kilos will go off in no time 🙂

  9. Ah! That reminds me of how guilty I am and how long I have been giving excuses to myself…I keep wondering sometimes that I should start a separate blog to keep a track on myself every single day and I come back to reality as I know that I would only be depriving of an ardent blogger somewhere who desperately wanted the blog name who grins her teeth to see a blank page with a shiny title…:)

  10. @Swathika: Your comment made me want to go back and re-read my own post and I was so happy reading it! Reason? I’ve lost 10 kgs since the time I wrote this post! That calls for an YIPPEEEEE!!!! Thank you! 🙂

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