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Friend Indeed

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Who said English is a versatile language? It still lacks in vocabulary! What would you call someone whom you are acquainted with but hasn’t accepted yet? Friends! Then, what would you call someone who is a lost contact but a lasting memory? Friends! You’ve been seeing someone on and off co-incidentally and I ask you to introduce him/her, you say Friend! You are pursuing an unyielding love to knot off but until that happen or not happen, you call him/her Friend! FRIEND – A generic word that’s used and misused so often that the true meaning gets tarnished. Sad! Alright, what I was trying to arrive at by confusing u with the controversies of friendship is that I had a date with a friend last evening! Not the traditional date involving a man and woman, a date with a female friend of my college days.

Talking about her, I should say, we are a strange combo, basically very different in most aspects, from attire to attitude. Circumstances that find her discreet would find me outspoken and the ones that find me silent might get her talkative. If I am a sine, she is cosine. If she is acute, I am obtuse. Still, we wound up as friends and still happen to be, which is the only reason I believe that drove me to meet her at our decided venue – near a heavy traffic signal. I’ve always liked the name “Dolly” for it sounds happy and cute. Since this friend of mine would not like to be blogged upon with identity, I call her “Dolly” for the purpose of this post. Dolly has moved to Chennai to stay for a couple of days. Of all the things that you would expect to converse with a long-time-no-see buddy, what we did wouldn’t be one.

Dolly : Archu…you’ve changed!
Archu : Is it? Fatter? Leaner? Taller?
Dolly : Nah, you look just the same. It’s your clothes!
(Surely, that was an insult. I was straight from office and no office would admit anything profane.)
Archu : Would I make Mallika Sheravat jealous? 😉

Dolly : Idiot!! I meant you are in formals. I expected you in salwar.

Archu : Isn’t salwar formal?

Dolly : It is…err…I dunno, maybe because I am used to seeing you in salwar that I feel you have changed.

Archu : If change is about clothes, I change everyday. 🙂

Dolly : Oh oh…still arguing like before? I should take that back. You haven’t changed!

Archu : But you just said I HAVE changed…

Dolly : Cut it! we’ll discuss our changes elsewhere, definitely not here with the cars and two wheelers horning off.

With that, we moved off to pick a few purchases and landed at Besant Nagar beach to reminisce our past and relish cotton candies in parallel.
Archu : So Dolly, let’s get done with the formalities. How are you? How is life?

Dolly : Am fine…learnt quite some things technically and practically but otherwise, pretty much the same.

Archu : Won’t you ask me how is mine?

Dolly : WON’T! Because I know. I’ve been reading your blogs and madam, what the hell do you think blogging about your personal life?

Archu : I cannot blog on someone else’s (okie…she glares). My life and I blog, what’s wrong?

Dolly : That’s wrong! Your life, you live…that is fine but you are voluntarily ruining your reputation by being too frank on the blogspot.

Archu : Ruin? And I thought I was getting FAMOUS!!! Explain!!!!

Dolly : I am not talking about your movie reviews or publicity stunts. Fool around, no issues! There are a few sensitive posts from your side that holds my concern. You don’t have to blog everything you know even if it is only for vent. You don’t gain anything by being that honest.

Archu : Honest? Should talking in first person necessarily mean me? You don’t doubt that my blogs can come from figments of imagination as well?

Dolly : (Vaguely) Could. But there is no way proving it to people who “talk”. You might lose friends!

Archu : Friends!!!

(echos within my head cinematically…friends…friends…friends).

Archu : My friends question me on the face. Those who talk behind aren’t friends. And those who change impressions from blogs even after knowing me as me are definitely no friends whatsoever! Why should I bother? Have I lost you?

Dolly : No, you don’t get me. You could afford to live without complications. Why do you go out of the way to defame yourself?

Archu : Simple. I am complicated. I want to cut the frills.

Dolly : Meaning?

Archu : Be just myself rather than being what somebody else expects me to be. Be with people who’re friends with me for what I am and not for what they think I am.

Dolly : You are impossible!!! Choose to be what you are but I care for the society and its opinions.

Archu : Care or Fear?

(She raises her eyebrows questioningly)

Archu : Caring is doing to the society whats in your capacities. Fearing is limiting your capabilities to suit society’s definitions.

Dolly : Enough! I have not come to talk philosophies with you. I’ve come to meet a friend who has both changed and not changed over time.

Archu : And you have just met her…how about ‘hot hot Idlies’ from ‘Murugan Idli Kadai’…one of the famous restaurants around?

Dolly : Sure, I am starving!

……From there on our conversation covered diversified areas of each other’s lives and those of our common friends’ too. I know I would be scolded the moment Dolly sees this blog but if I pursue further with our other discussions, I would have to do it after digging my own cemetery and I have no intentions of dying today.

To my readers, I’ve aimed this post to quench a few unasked questions from hidden voices. There is no personal offense meant. Please pardon me.

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13 thoughts on “Friend Indeed

  1. Your posts are too boring for me…I know you write for yourself and blah blah blah…but write something on shares also…I will help you if you want to [;)]

  2. @shreenivas: of course, this isn’t ur kinda post. How abt ‘Income from IPOs’, ‘Direct from’ or…hmm…err…’Share your shares’ 😉 for my next title???

    @Sathish: you story would have made a good post in ur blogspot..y waste it on my comment? 🙂 And about HP, am waiting n waiting…i’ve placed orders online…would be shipped to my door anytime now.

  3. Friends… Well.this word has been used from the time immmemorial to call whomsoever you know 🙂

    Don’t complain about lack of vocabulary in English. From your blogs, everyone knows how much good vocabulary you have. 🙂

    I can myself write a few pages on this word too. But as true software engineer let me describe “Friend” in an Object Oriented way…OOPs…

    “Friend” is a generic class available in the language “English”. You can always derive from this class and create custom classes out of it extending its functionality, over-riding and over-loading its methods. Then you can always use these classes to describe objects (read “Friends”) of your choice. And once you think you have created a concrete class, you can compile it into an assembly, give it a strong name and install it in your “Global assembly cache”. Who is stopping you from doing that :). Perhaps you need to brush up your software skills Ma’m…

    [I know this holy crap I have written. God save me :)]

    In the end…nice post…keep writing and keep spamming the mailboxes with your blog updates…

  4. @mayank: Now I know why I shdn’t be friends with IIT turned out software engineers like u. Always techy uh? 😛

    OOPs? OOOPSS!!!! But that was a good analogy. Talking your language, I’ve been doing what u have just said but as it always happens in software, bugs are inevitable in friendship as well :))

    Thanks for compliments on my vocabulary…still there is more place for improvment…while i keep spamming, please do keep reading. Cheers :))

  5. Accidentally, i reached your blog, first i should say, good writing, second i agree/reflect your thoughts about friends, i question myself if i would call my friends as friends, then on what grounds?.
    Question is open ended and still searching for answers.
    Keep writing

  6. @techie, the tux warrior: thanks to accidents for getting me more readers esp those who agree on my views 😛

    Alrite, my PJs aside, not only love but friendship cannot be defined as well…until we define what kind of friend we r to others…btw, i took ur bloglink from the comment and ur blog was impressive too…Keep reading and keep writing 🙂

    @Meens: No comments there…hee hee

  7. Good Archana, you are back to square one ie. Narrating your own moments of life. This is your area of strength…rather than 24 hrs to Fame :)…One good thing I noticed in this blog, The way you handled the dialects. That is really good…Keep Bloging and Spaming….

  8. hi,
    thanks for your comments,
    yes you can add my link to your blog, to be honest i cant belive that other than me one more person is reading my blog (i dont answer when someone asks me “do you blog”), again i didn’t know how to reply to your question so following this path.
    thanks & regards

  9. @arun: thank u! O’ course, being the chatterbox that I am, I wouldnt be doing justice if I dont handle dialogues well…what say? 😉

    @techiw, the tux warrior: you are added…check my sidebar!!! 🙂

  10. I also want to say the same as dolly said”…still arguing like before”.You dont want to do something to please the society. Thats good. But dont tell me that you like being defamed. Probably that was what Dolly was trying to tell. Anyways now that everything is over and you have started blogging on Harry Potter 🙁 and stuff like that…keep going!!

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