1. For someone just getting back in touch after a long while, that would seem like “Whoa!”. However, I too got updated on quite some parts of what was going on 🙂 But, Arch, don’t u think u should actually write on your Andaman trip? Dunno if people, including me, will be able to make it to Andaman in the near future.. and, of course, it’d make for a nice read too 😉

  2. @god: My pleasure 🙂

    @Meens: Yeah Meens, lot has happened and atleast I kept you posted 🙂 I wanted to make an exclusive post on Andaman but with things happening in full pace, I couldnt do it right now. So, this gist here. Sometime later on, I’ll make a Andaman exclusive surely :)))

    @Ramp: Hey Ramp! I was just talking about happy happenings around me. Had you been in Bangalore on May 4th, you would have got a place on this post…neways, y bother? your b’day was not just happy but a very happy happening, wasn’t it? 😉

  3. Beautiful!!

    I envy thee for having seen such a blue that is visible in the photographs. Am sure it’ll be one of the most memorable trips you’ve had. The Cellular jail also looked great 🙂


  4. @prasoon: Yeah, I was completely memorized by the blue. Not only that, there were some gentle to deep greens too that took me aback. Andaman is a wonderful tourist spot, particularly for nature lovers. Do visit sometime. And as for the jail, it was magnificient too but the happenings of the past within those walls were not so pleasant.

  5. hey archu…felt nice readin about Andamans..i’ve been to Andamans long back…thot Tsunami might have ruined the coral islands…but doesnt look like from your blog. kool yaa. Did you the light and sound show in the jail?

  6. @anonymous: Tsunami did ruin the island but thankfully not al of it. Andaman has recovered back in good pace and now its as beautiful as ever. Yeah…I watched the sound and light show. Its so terrible to learn that the so perfectly build cellular jail had housed in such atrocities against our freedom fighters.