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Honeymoon Hungama

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Right decisions never call for regrets. At any point of time when we look back at it and still feel the same way that we did when we first made up our minds, we know we had made the right decision. I had made my most important right decision on the 19th of August, 2007, I tell myself. That’s the day when I committed myself to marrying my husband who, today, at this morning hour as I wake up, lays wriggled under his blanket like a grown-up kid beside me. His face is calm and serene and to my sleepy eyes they seem almost innocent, signifying deep drowned slumber, much in contrast to the thousand monkey expressions that he makes at me during the day to see a smile stay put on my face. I smile at him now, even without his funny expressions. I had made a right decision! Touch wood!

The clock warns me to either be up and ready for the ITPL bus or bunk office at loss of pay. As much as I desired to yield in to the second option, I decided against it. Having just prided myself for my right decision, I wouldn’t want to make a wrong one on the spur of the moment. A quick bath under the shower, a quick sip of hot coffee and I was ready to be transported to the other corner of the city where my office and desk awaits me.
I follow a standard pattern during my morning bus ride to office. 1) Wait at the bus stop 2) Get into the bus 3) Sit 4) Sleep 5) Get down at office. Simple! Today, my pattern was disrupted at step 3. I saw a crowded bus with more than twenty people without a seat. That bus guaranteed a minimum of an hour and half of standing and there was no other ITPL bus on that route thereafter. For a split second, I was tempted to run back home and nestle myself cozily beside my sleeping hubby and join him in a dreamy duet. In what was left of the split second, I climbed into the bus and plugged my headphones inside my ears to make myself deaf to the rolling traffic. My favorite romantic melody collection from my playlist poured into my ears one by one and I was within the bus only physically. Just like the movies where our heroes and heroines play their romances under the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum, I remembered the romances of my honeymoon. Even for a dream sequence, our budget wouldn’t allow us to the Eiffel. So, I remembered my true trip to Kalimpong, Gangtok and Darjeeling.

Vijay and I had planned and booked our honeymoon package two months ahead of our wedding and with the conclusion of the wedding on the 2nd of Feb 2009, our anticipation started mounting. Anticipation not only for the obvious reasons of a honeymoon but also for the lovely sightseeing that the North-East India promised. The chilly weather, frosty air and snow clad peaks were romances by themselves. Off-season was winding up and season was slowly blooming. We were extremely lucky to enjoy the low tariffs of the off-season and the view of the amazing landscapes of the season, with ultimate privacy.

Our first halt at Kalimpong was the most silent and the scariest of all. I had never heard of Kalimpong as a place until I was there myself. The hotel where we stayed hosted just the two of us for the night. It was a grand antique place with deer skin decorations, wide moon-facing windows and full length mirrors that reminded us of all the horror movies that we had ever seen. Like the only lovers, amidst throngs of spirits, singing seducing symphonies!!! Kalimpong at day light was very scarcely populated which assured a pollution free scenery. There was that Tibetan touch everywhere we went, right from the Buddhist monasteries to the like-faced-people with slit eyes and flat noses. Adventure was inevitable when we adorned the life jackets for 11km river rafting. As we bumped up and down the melting waters of the glaciers with the misty mountains, carving along either sides, I couldn’t help getting glimpses of William Wordsworth’s ‘The Stolen Boat Ride’. Had it been nightfall, the ride would have exactly been as poetic as that. Loved it! Absolutely!

Our next destination was to the capital of Sikkim – Gangtok. Neither as calm as Kalimpong, nor too dazzling as Darjeeling, Gangtok was the place of our choice, a place of courteous people whose humility and hospitality made us almost feel indebted. More monasteries and museums! Carpet weaving and colorful handiworks! It’s difficult to believe that Gangtok is in a country that homes trendy and buzzing cities with overflowing population. People there have in plenty what we are deficient in – peace and harmony! While Gangtok made me heave a sigh, its super spot made me envious, the super spot called Tsomgo Lake. At an altitude of 13,500 feet above sea level, the hills were coated with ice flakes and the frozen ponds. Snow found its nest here and there over the rocks completing the picturesque. Vijay and I had fun; I mean real fun with the snows. Our shoes lost their grip on the ice floor and that was our natural ice skating there. No rest at all to the cameras which in addition to capturing the exquisite beauties, had to bear with the funky and romantic poses of tourists and honeymooners like us. Our taste buds miss those steaming hot Chowmein and spicy fried Mou-Mou (a delicacy there) eaten in a climate of -4 degree centigrade. If any place deserves a WOW, it was this.

The final part of our honeymoon was to the queen of hills – Darjeeling. Marvelous though it was, after Kalimpong and Gangtok, I should say that we were slightly disappointed. Being marked as a tourist location, it was properly commercialized and that somehow compromised its virgin beauty. Yet, with the zoos and gardens, it was awesome in its own way attracting the tourists with its foggy façade. The weather was at its extreme cold and with two layers of winter clothing, we still couldn’t feel warm. Day turned dark by 6 o’clock and an evening walk along the mall seemed like an after dinner stroll. Sweaters and shawls were for sale at simple prices and antique stalls were on every street. Asked for an adjective to describe this place, all I could say is ‘proud but a little haughty’ Darjeeling!

After one week of honeymoon that stretched across Kalimpong, Gangtok and Darjeeling, our last day back home happened to be on the Valentine’s Day. All those previous mornings, we were hurrying up for another day of site seeing that only on this last day as I woke up from my bed did I pause to notice my hubby in sound slumbers beside me, wriggled in rugs, just like the way he was this morning. One might be brainy or brawny, clever or cunning but when asleep, one is just his natural self. I guess that was when I started admiring my hubby’s sleeping self. He surprised me with a bouquet at breakfast and winked at me his naughty way. Was he the same little fella curled up in the bed that morning? I couldn’t believe! Nevertheless, I loved him, love him and will always do. The bus reached ITPL and I broke away from my trance. As I walked to my office, I still hadn’t washed off that smile, a satisfied smile. I had made a right decision! Touch wood!

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14 thoughts on “Honeymoon Hungama

  1. wow, wat an amazing blog. I was really dazzled with the careful use of words all through the blog which just made me visualize how exactly you wanted us to feel. Probably you are becoming too good a writer to beat. Keep up the good work.

  2. @Sathappan: Poramaiya? yeduku? Neegalum jollya oru ponna theydi pudichi, kalyanam panni, Kalimpong yenna, Manali varaikum honeymoon kootitu poi enjoy panna vendiyathu thaaney! 😀

    @Anand: Thanks a lot Anand! I am working on my words with every post to portray exactly what I see in my mind’s eye. And I am still not there yet!

  3. Tch, tch! What happens to innocent little girls once they get engaged/married? Where goes all the ‘dare to!’ and where from comes all the ‘girliness’? *shaking my head in hoplessness from not understanding* and why almost every other girl I see!

    jokes apart, looks like you did thoroughly enjoy yourself! Never before seen you getting so romantic 😉 And yes, you did make the right decision and glad you realise it fully well! touchwood again! 🙂

  4. @Vinoth: O’course, its Tibetian! But not ours. Two devils rented it out to us for Rs. 20, just to wear and pose for snaps 🙂

    @Meenakshi: Girlines? Me? You sure get deceived by a few lines a few pics. Trust me, I am still as daring as ever…marriage wouldn’t change by-birth qualities, would it? 😉 Yup! I enjoyed immensely and thats y this post has more snaps than any of my previous ones 😀

  5. Arun
    It was funny when u both were talking about ur honeymoon trip.. but when i read it from ur blog, i felt it romantic…

  6. @Annee
    and forgot to mention this… u ve mentioned that u have made a right decision…i am not sure of that, but surely i can say that vijay has taken the right decision…

  7. @Arun: Hey Arun! Nice to see you at my blogspot. It was a funny romantic honeymoon…if there was no romance, it wud not have been honeymoon, illaya? 😉

    Right decision yaaru eduthaadrathu mukiyam illai. Ippo life right trackla poguthadrathu thaan mukkiyam…hee hee how is it? 😀

  8. Good article..well written…cool pictures..good to see a young couple with lot of colors…I believe your blogs are too should try to reduce them short…you could see paul krugmen blogs in new york times for that..

    You seem to be thinking too much about your decision? I could find you saying again & again that the decision is right..decision is right…I have heard people saying that when you are really hungry you would never think of taste of the food…just like there is nothing right or wrong in love or war…

    ALl the best!!!

  9. @Anonymous: Thanks for your comments! I appreciate it. I just checked out Paul Krugmen’s blogs. He writes about social and eonomic issues while mine is mostly personal and fictious. So I guess he isn’t the write comparison. Well…anyway, I do agree that this post was a little lengthier than the rest. What to do! Honeymoon happens once and I wanted to cover as much about the places and experience as possible. Will try to keep it more crisp next time.

    Oh yeah, about the decision thing…come on, I was just emphasizing the fact again and again to bring in a melodramatic effect. If it was like the analogy that you had quoted, the blog post would not have been as big as it is, would it? 🙂

  10. hi, thanks for a well written summary of the trip. I was particularly interested in honeymoon tour itinerary and doubtful about kalimpong. But after reading the post kalimpong is in and darjeeling is out of my plans.

  11. “my bed did I pause to notice my hubby in sound slumbers beside me, wriggled in rugs, just like the way he was this morning. One might be brainy or brawny, clever or cunning but when asleep, one is just his natural self. I guess that was when I started admiring my hubby’s sleeping self.”

    this is one of the best lines I ever read ….u r an amazing writer….I was ur batch in cluny …Just today i read ur blog and I fell in love with ur blog….so true and greatly expressed …I am a mommy too ..really appreciate ur work …

  12. @Bharat: This is a very late reply to your comment 2 years ago. Ooops! I just missed to see. I hope by now, you’d have had a great honeymoon trip planned and enjoyed 🙂

    @Divya: Your comment made me want to read my old post again and brought back fresh happy memories. Thanks to you for that. I’m so glad u like my blog. Keep reading! By the way, I’m still trying to find u in my schoolhood memories. Help with class and section please 🙂

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