1. Hi Archana,

    As usual you have played it well but this time a bit more careful.
    There are some facts that needs to be understood. She is not from a poor background nor uneducated person. If you want to check the facts she is already a rich person her mom is huge film distributor and film producer. The Hyderabad property were all bought during her acting period. The biggest mistake she ever did was wrong friends. She will be back, she should be back. After MGR its only J Jayalalitha. If you want to talk about this we can sit for hours and talk. There will be a person in your friend’s list who will applaud you a lot for this as he is a pro DMK, ask him about Karunanidhi’s proper history then talk.

  2. @sabaresh: I had never quoted anything about poverty or rags to riches story. I am not a supporter of any political party or leader. These are just my views as they go. I don’t see a need to get offended or why should a pro DMK applaud me for appraising Sri. Jayalalitha. I guess you have to read the post one more time.

  3. Archu…

    i read all your posts and you are too good girl! my wishes for your writing!
    I am not sure if i can put my thoughts in words, but this post is just mind reading. seriously everyone who have heard of the case and her style of her handling things, i am sure this is what is running in their minds.