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Finally, Job Offer From Microsoft!

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Strong passion and perseverance
Steady pursuit with focus
Career that spells fulfillment
Dreams beyond paychecks

Many paths ahead of me,
I dared to carve my own
I wouldn’t say it was easy,
For the most part, I was alone

Making meaningful networks,
Brought good friendships in turn
Honest and transparent talks,
Earned respect in return

Interview invite is just that,
A step towards the door
Its hours of research and preparation,
That helped me hit the floor

Doubts and risks aplenty
The process is a rocky ascend
Consistent striving with resilience,
Makes it worth it in the end

Forget your job search textbooks,
They are old and obsolete
With myriad skills and interests
Each person and search is unique

Finally, an offer from MICROSOFT,
I feel relief before content
Happiness seeps in slowly
Truly, that “Howard Roark” moment

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