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Jolly June

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Enough! I’ve done enough speaking in my book and for my book that I need a time-out. I know there is no real escape from keeping up with on-going promotions or marketing strategies but doing just that is like asking me to eat the same favourite dish every day until my taste buds go numb. I want to write something refreshing, rejuvenating, basically something that does not end up with my marketing plead note. So, back to my blog where I can just be the free me without playing the diplomat for sales sake.

I didn’t have to look out too far for reasons to write. Just had to look down my balcony. Oh yes, I live in an apartment like many people in metros do, sharing spaces with folks and living on top of each other’s heads. Now, please don’t probe for double meaning insights from the well-meaning description of my quarters. This post will put my intentions in place, those thankful intentions for giving me not just a reason to write but to enjoy doing it as I did during the live show.

Keerthi Riviera Annexe is the name of the apartment and as residents, we’ve nicknamed ourselves as ‘Kerians’. Not too big or pompous with luxurious amenities, not too small to do with just basic necessities, we are a community of middle class people who try to create reasons for togetherness, to greet each other and break the myth that condemns city people as ‘All too busy, business-like and within their walls robots’. Oh no, that is so not true. Forming named communities do not serve a purpose unless there is participation. We had more than enough participants, across ages to make fun days for ourselves, far away from the monotony of our routines. If you still believe in the myth, you should come by my place. In fact you should have stopped by sometime this month when activities were in full swing.

June, the fun month! That is what the posters on the walls of the elevator lobbies read. I recollected those activities that we folks had two years ago which for some reason has taken a long long interval. I must say I missed it. To see it back with josh brought a wide smile on my lips. Events were lined up for every weekend of June, starting with party hall inauguration to cricket, table tennis, badminton, throw-ball, volley ball, quiz, cultural program and what not for men, women and kids. I decided to work extra hours in the night for my book related activities to allow me the time during the evenings to participate. I cancelled all plans for June weekends. I just wanted to be there like a school kid who juggles her homework so that she could attend the fancy fete and carnival. And know what, it was so worth it, worth more than what I thought it did.

Hundred and Eight flats with roughly four people in each and at least one or two of them are kids! You do the math for the number of little ones we have in our premises. If you had watched director Manirathnam’s old movie ‘Anjali’, you’ll know what I am talking about. Live movie is happening within our compound with gibbering voices and naughty noises that make the adults feel so much younger than they are. During these events, especially when men were addressed as ‘Boys’ and ladies as ‘Girls’, each of us were transported to our youth and behaved like one, even younger actually.

I am not detailing on each event individually because if I begin, I am afraid I will never stop till I cover my blog’s homepage with a single post. But one-verse each can speak volumes to those who had been there and felt it.

Party Hall Inauguration – Wow! What a transformation! Proof of how paints and paintings can bring a dramatic difference to a building. Throw in a projector and an amplifier for fortnightly movie gatherings, you have it all. Perfect! I should pause and thank the association for giving me an opportunity to launch my book during the event. I doubt if a book store launch could have given the same satisfaction and warmth that I felt there.

Sports Events – They say, participation is more important than winning. Know what is more important? Cheering and screaming! With affections in the right places, we still yell for our team even if our husbands or wives or kids were in opposite teams. That is what I call sportsmanship and team spirit! As enthused as the adults were in regular sports, kids were no less serious about their running race, cycling or sack race. Soaked in sweat, talents shined, shined brightly with charming victorious smiles!

Cultural program – Seriously, OH MY GOODNESS! What participation, what performances! Ladies lined up for fashion show in colourful ethnic wears, winning titles at the end. We are so fair in our dealings! We invented titles just to make sure everyone gets one. Kids were no longer kids when they took control of the stage with their voices and feet. Simply rocking! I participated in a ladies fusion dance and I should say that after the marvellous performances by the kids, I was scared of making a fool of myself. As I readied myself for my dance, I was constantly looking back at my school days when we just needed an excuse to grab a tape-recorder and escape to the games room under the pretence of practise. Felt like that little girl again. Men and ‘Kolaveri’! Should I even try to explain that electrified performance! And DJ night was a WooooW! Men, women and kids of all ages threw their inhibitions in the air and rocked the floor equally. My two year old son still tries to sing some of the songs that he heard that evening and keeps repeating the same step all the time!

Huge congrats and compliments to all the folks who did a fantabulous job. I am sure it was unique and fun to different people in different way. For me, it was definitely one big stress buster that I was badly in need off. In fact, another reason to write this post is to dedicate it to you guys, even if it sounds like sweet-talking. Your efforts are highly commendable and I want to share it with my blog readers. My friends and other readers of my blog, please excuse me for lavishing praises about my neighbours in my blog. I mean, this is my blog, where else can I?

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