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Love Letter

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Dearest Vijay,

Happy Birthday to us! We complete 27 years on this earth today. I have no reservations about disclosing my age. When a woman doesn’t, a man shouldn’t. Unlike many couples who share their wedding anniversaries, we share our birthdays too and that is because we share our birth-date too. How many wives get the opportunity to wish their husband “Same to you” when he wishes “Happy Birthday”? How many couples get to play hide and seek with the gifts until the birthday and treasure hunt on the big day? We do. We do because we had already said “I do”. Though I remembered, time and rain made it impossible for me to get down to get your birthday gift this year. Instead, I am presenting you this post – my chest of memories, which I believe is cooler than the coolers that you had wanted 🙂

Has it really been 10 years already since I first met you in Vetri Coaching Centre, Pondicherry? Did we even have the slightest notion then that we would end up with each other as couples? Obviously, solving math problems and playing video games is definitely not one of the romantic ways to fall in love, more so when you made me lose those games by sucking my chances. Solving probability problems, we didn’t work out the probability of us together in future. Still, that was the very beginning of this long journey so far.

When caste system denied me the college that I aspired to get in, I was depressed and sunk into my shell for a long while. Your visit to my house every afternoon was the only limelight inside that shell that I looked forward to, not for the sympathy or pity that you never offered and that I never wanted anyway, but for the joy and cheer that you brought along and infected me with. At 17 years of age, when the world looked at me as a teenager, while my mind was still locked in my childhood, you were the only one who spotted that child and played as an equal. Is that when we moved on from “knowing each other” to becoming “friends”?

It was not until you were gone to Pilani for your college that I realised how much I missed you. I guess I had by then developed a fondness for you which was definitely more than friendship but not enough to call it love. Perhaps, a depressed child’s heart wasn’t ready then to feel love or lust. Thanks to regular e-mail exchanges and your semester holiday visits that our friendship survived time and distance. There is this problem with one-to-one e-mail correspondence. It makes us open our hearts more than what we do in person which was exactly why I was mailing you things that I told none but my diary. I mean, how many couples know and understand the crushes and ex-es of their spouses as much as we do?

Young people, particularly girls are self-conscious of their looks when they are around their male friends. With you, I was totally comfortable to walk out of the bed and greet you in a night gown with sleepy eyes and messed up hair. That was because I knew that you were friends with me for what I was within than on the outside. With each other, we were just each other in our true selves. What more can I love better?

When fate threw a tough bunch of cards at us, we shared our shoulders for support. Instead of crying it out like soap actor and actresses, we did it the F.R.I.E.N.D.S way. You helped me keep my perspective on life even when I was on the verge of giving up and were the silent smiling pillar of support. If you could do so much for a friend, why didn’t it occur to me then the things that you could do for your love?

I think the spark that happened between us happened after 6 years of our friendship for a reason. We needed time to grow and mature so that we didn’t mess up things when our friendship bloomed to love. Rightly so. Until August 19, 2007, I never had the slightest clue and then bang, we got Confirmed and Commited. From then on, my life has been one roller coaster ride with ups and downs. Just like a roller coaster ride, we’ve been screaming together with joy and sorrow along the ups and downs. My blog knows it and you do better than my blog.

When I grow old, sport wrinkles and grey hairs, I know you will still love me the same. When you grow old, I will love you so much too provided you lose those so called graceful dance movements with which you freak me out 🙂 Just Kidding! If I were to be granted a wish from a magical fairy, I’d wish to get hooked up with you as a friend, lover and wife in every re-birth that has been destined to me. Our friendship and relationship is just too good to exhaust in one lifetime. TOUCH-WOOD! TOUCH-WOOD! TOUCH-WOOD!

Your wife, Archu 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Love Letter

  1. Thanks for this lovely birthday gift 🙂 Our journey has just begun. We have a long way to go before thinking about another lifetime. But we are going to rock as always in all lifetimes to come 🙂

  2. girl… u rock! that’s the most honest love letter i’ve read… not that i like reading love letters… wish you and that stupid friend of mine (VV) 🙂 100 birthdays together… you are the sweetest couple i’ve known…


  3. @Meens: …NODS…SMILES…BOWS….

    @Thayu: Thank u 🙂

    @Vee-Vee: We have a long way to go? Then, I’ll drive on way and you drive the return (PJ! PJ!) Hee hee hee…Sure, v’ll do…Love you lots 🙂

    Divya: Thank u Divya. Love Letters on the blogspot are meant to be read and liked…I am glad you did 🙂

    @Nithya: You meant decent, right? Thanks 😉

    @Prem: Black and white padam nu solriyoo? 🙂 🙂 Thanks Prem!

  4. I chanced upon your blog .. simply put awesome … envy you both for love and affection .. god bless you both and hope you wish the same for ‘us’.

  5. @Bairavi, Murali, Harsha: Thank u guys! Wishing you all a happy life filled with love and affection!

    @Murali: I’ve wished 🙂

  6. Belated Birthday Wishes to Akka & Anna!!!

    Such a beautiful birthday wish, a wife can present to a husband!!! Very good Narration!

    Long live both of you with same Joy & Happiness!!!

    P.S: @Sivaguru, Thank you for posting on Buzz.

  7. awwww….teary eyed this side!!!! You guys share your birthdays???? What was God thinking? May you be his gift and may you be hers ???

  8. @Swathika: I don’t know what God was thinking, but that is what we always think…that we are each other’s gift to look after and cherish forever 🙂

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