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Love or War?

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A surge of emotion swiped through Rakesh everytime he saw Suchita’s expired wedding invitation. He wasn’t exactly happy for her happiness, neither was he too upset about losing her. He had resigned himself to the fact that she no longer belonged to him, belonged the way she once did when he could manipulate her feelings to his advantage. She no longer brooded for him or begged him to be back. She was now married to someone who would love and care for her the way she would in return. She was cured of her sickness for him, was fully free and shining in spirits with all due help from her husband.

Suchita, as he knew her back then was a quick-witted clever female with the reputation of being the prim and prom ice princess. She was good-looking, smart and amiable which naturally made her enticing to the youthful lads of her college. Yet, there was that impenetrable stone wall she surrounded herself with and dared not allow anyone to penetrate. Whatever the reasons, it was safely concealed beneath her masking confident grace, enhancing her dignity.

Rakesh was too proud to be aware of her vulnerabilities when he first courted her. The very fact that the unattainable ice had melted to his charm had baked his ego to un-proportioned magnitude. Ego – well, that was his something! He always projected himself as a martyr, a big brother, a this, a that, that he finally ended up in having no identity of his own. He was always a gentleman and succeeded in creating first impressions. It was the maintaining of impressions that became a problem for it never was his in the first place. Weakness, doubts and double-facedness would give away one time or the other. However, Suchita’s smartness crumpled before her fluttering infatuated heart, that she made excuses to herself for Rakesh’s misgivings, yearning for a love that she seldom got from her family. Rakesh on the other hand wore her like a crown, used her head for ideas and his mouth to advocate advices to his mates that he was soon acknowledged better than he had expected. He became more conceited than he cared.

Conceit it was but that didn’t stop him from loving her; He loved her because she loved him. Precisely, he loved himself. He had drawn Suchita into an abyss through his pretences like Satan alluring Eve with the forbidden apple. Already troubled in other ways, Suchita didn’t pose much of a difficulty to his expertise. When he had finally triumphed as her emotional ring-master, he had started exploiting it gradually. She had to agree to what he said happily and if she didn’t, he accused her for not being understanding. He would make promises that he wouldn’t keep and still expect her to accept him as trustworthy. All said and done with an oh-so-goody-good accent. Her skills scaled her to heights better than Rakesh which skidded on his ego. What started as a swirl soon became a cyclone. By the time she saw him through and through, she had already lost her heart to him painfully.

After many hurtful arguments and neglected isolation in needy times, Suchita finally realized that she was pointlessly trying to resuscitate an empty one-sided relationship. Given sometime, she understood her follies and decided to go on with her life. When decisions were made, her determination took in charge and there was no going back. Fortunately, the stars favored her when her stamina was exhausted and bestowed her to her true beloved, who went on to become her husband. He helped her help herself and restored her to the princess that she was, the ice replaced with warmth.

This nagged Rakesh. He had got accustomed to Suchita’s pleadings that he couldn’t come to face the fact that she was fine without him. He now had no one to show himself off or to borrow her cool as his to administer. Besides, he had loved her himself and even though it was selfish, it still hurt. Rakesh knew that the moment he takes the so-sad approach, she would melt down again and become his puppy. He called her back to his life, not realizing the transformation that a spurned heart can go through. Pent up anger boiled though Suchita like a volcano when she heard him in the same sorry tone that he always used on her. She erupted out with fury, sending his egos to ashes. He can never pretend a martyr after crucifying her soul. She was someone else’s then and packed him off with his pretences.

Time as it always does moved on unhindered. If anything, Suchita‘s unfortunate experience with Rakesh only made her appreciate her beloved’s true love for her all the more. She was happy and peaceful, with life returned back to her manifolds, letting away all the grudge and even forgiving Rakesh. She knew that she was happy off without him and thanked heavens for her realizations before it was too late. After ages of no contacts and with no beguilement, she had sent out her wedding invitation to Rakesh, not really expecting him to turn up but glad enough if he did.

In the meantime, Rakesh had tailored a sacrificing story to win his friends’ sympathies, transcripts borrowed from the senti movies across all languages. It was when Rakesh received the invite that the surge of emotion swipped through him the first time. With many false smilies, he offered his wishes and congratulations, promising to be there on her wedding. How would he ever miss her wedding, his pretended personality beemed in his reply. She inwardly grinned at his wishes and pitied him for his disguises that had become his second self, too late now to let go. She let go of him with a smothering answer, knowing that he was suffering from a nagging ego that hadn’t altered a single bit. She was sure that there wouldn’t be another meeting. Rakesh never turned up at the wedding.

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14 thoughts on “Love or War?

  1. This piece of fiction sounds as good as it can possibly get to be. Truly a story about human emotions, fickle minds, realization of the truth, lucky stars, how one understanding soul can be a pillar of support when most needed and about building up one’s life from the mess it had collapsed into.

  2. Ahh come on…a compelling protagonist…some obstacle for her to overcome….a little narrative…some friends become enemies / some enemies become friends…in the end, the main character is richer for the experience…

    This is so banal…give us something else…


  3. @Meenakshi: Thanks…I just wanted to make an anti-romantic story where loves breaks away not for all the obvious causes that we’ve always seen but for subtle reasons which in the longer run would kill a relationship…

    @Vinoth: Ahhh…what a banal story! suck it for disappointing you! will try better next time…ahem ahem btw, if u just hadn’t noticed, my story had two protogonists…one, Suchita who agreed is the typical lead-player while Rakesh, though portrayed in an anti-role is yet another protogonist…anti-protogonist maybe 🙂

  4. Thi looks ike a fiction + real story !!!!:P:P

    It was deeply analysed and remember no men has time to think this deeply and he will never..if so he will be mad when he realises these things…

    I dont think any men would have written this kind of story..It’s a lady’s creativity at its best…

  5. It is really good that doubtful Suchita did not end up in Rakesh’s life…Because with the form of mindset you were explaining she would have spoiled Rakesh and her life…

    You should be an optimist to give a perfect ending to the story by separating them:)

  6. @Anonymous1: Fiction + real story? Arrey, all fictions are manipulated versions of real life and all of us sometimes lead a fictious life…it depends on our perception. “no men has time to think this deeply and he will never” – speak for yourself, do not generalize for evey man has a woman in him and every woman has a man in her! “Lady’s creativity at its best” – Thanks, I am taking that as a compliment 🙂

    @Anonymous2 (or maybe Anonymous 1 again): Really? That is a biased way to look a the story. You can neither blame Suchita or Rakesh individually. And I dunno why should I be an optimist to give a perfect ending by separating them? Therez no optimisim there, just plain sense. Having them separated is the practical ending that’d do good to both.

  7. Eeno enakkul indha ego ennavale nee irunda varayil…
    Illai indru enndiam en egovum ennavalum…
    Kadhalin vetti kavuravam
    Unai kalam muzhudum kanneer sindha vaikum…

    Vali ariyen andru en kadhalin vali ariyen.
    Vazhi ariyen indru en kadhaliyin vazhi ariyen.

    Your fiction speaks about many realtime lovers.


  8. @Anonymous3:

    இளமை காதலின் இனிமை – அழகும் திமிரும்
    முதிர்வற்ற காதலின் முழுமை – மதியும் மனமும்
    இளமை காதல் முதிவதற்குள்
    Ego-வின் இன்னல் இடையில்
    இதை எதிர்த்து செல்லும் காதலே
    சிறந்து வெல்லும் முடிவில்

    கவிதை படைக்கும் காதலரே
    கனிவையும் படைத்திருக்க வேண்டும்
    இனி கலைந்த காதலுக்கு கலங்காதீர்
    காலம் கடந்து போகும் !

    Love and Ego are mutually exclusive!

    @Anonymous4: So be it (to you)

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