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Mobile Mania

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98840—– (yet to be activated)

These are a list of mobile numbers that I’ve used so far. Far is not really that far, just a year and a half. Until then, I was one among the mass who believed that mobile was an unnecessary expence, an inconvenience to carry around and a means for adolocents to get spoiled easily. If you are wondering from where I got such crazy conservative ideas, I’ll tell you the truth. I was jealous of people speaking secretively over their handsets as opposed to my parents’ concept of ‘no-mobile-during-college-phase’. I pacified myself by assuming the role of a responsible girl and condemning other privileged folks, making them in my view seem guilty. Alright, I am a hypocrite but mind you, my jealousy was limited only upto the instrument and not on the intent. 🙂

However, me joining a job gave me a license to possess a mobile and the distance from my hometown gave me a reason. As my family was not familiar with e-technologies, mobile was my only means of correspondence with them. Convincing myself so, I happily accepted my first mobile, honourably gifted to me by my dad when he placed the world on my palm (you are right, it was a Reliance LG). I started communicating out of necessity which gradually became mandatory.

Now, after one year of use, staying away from my mobile for five minutes makes me as jittry and panicky as a drug addict who runs out of stock. Come on, mobile is a must in this trendy world and to the busy techno people. It saves a lot of time and effort and isn’t too expensive to afford, is it? (fine fine, my jealousy is no more and I’ve changed colors :)) Having been mobile-less all my life, changing four numbers in 1.5 years is slightly on the higher side. Knowing me, you will also know that I would start justifying my acts and that’s exactly what I am going to do. I’ve had different reasons behind different numbers each reminding me of specific incidents.

9342171333 was the first number and the longest to stay with me. It was my primary contact number both official and personal. While most of my friends were with GSM, there were only two reasons for me to stick to CDMA.

  1. Sentimental reason as it was presented to me by my dad.
  2. Practical reason as my parents had reliance-to-reliance unlimited talktime offer and I could communicate to them thru missed calls.

Inspite of its use, I needed to re-charge it pretty frequently to contact other friends in other networks raising cost overhead (ahem…can’t help showing off with jargons that I’ve learnt in soft industry). My just-in-time saviour was a close friend who bought me a second hand Nokia as a gift along with the promise that I would give up giving missed calls and start calling myself. Thus 9886584631 came into existance.

Maintaining two mobiles is more diffcult than maintaining two spouses. Both being gifts to remove my jealousy, became mutually jealous themselves. One would ring when I am on the other and the other would beep when I SMS on the former. At the end of the Carnatic war (both were of Karnataka network), my dad’s reliance, frustrated with me ditching it, decided to sacrifice itself. It was successfully washed away in ‘Dondoley Waterfalls’ when I went for a trek on a Saturday with my colleagues. This incident greatly upset my feelings that till date, I call my reliance number now and then to hear a switched-off message, hoping that it rests in peace under deep waters of the deserted waterfalls.

I punished its rivial by returning the Nokia to my friend and surrendering 9886584631 with the local dealer as I was re-locating to my hometown Pondicherry. (who would want to have a mobile on roaming all the time). I purchased a new Sony Ericsson for it features but had not got any connection. Back home, the side-effects of having enjoyed two mobiles started showing itself that I started responding to every music I hear, be it door bell or the tone when someone in the neighbourhood puts his car on the reverse gear. Any sudden beep caused me to jump and ravage thru my hand-bag, pick up my Sony Ericsson and place it on my ears without realising that it was handicapped, I mean, SIM-less. Viral diseases are immunised with a jet of cultured viruses. Likewise, I treated my mania with a new Tamil Nadu Hutch post paid connection, 9843020650.

This new number became my point of contact with friends based in Mangalore and others who lost me when I lost my previous numbers. It also crawled into my resume and established contacts to aid me in my career related communication. I was contented with it and would have continued with the same had it not restricted its out-going calls by itself (errr…I forgot to clear my bills). By then I had got my new job in Chennai and had moved in to a PG there. I checked out with the Hutch dealer to fix the issue and he seduced me with the idea of a less expensive corporate connection. After three numbers, changing mobile numbers had become like changing an over-coat that I ungratefully accepted the offer immediately. So, there I’ve marked the death date of 9843020650 and adopted a Chennai post paid number and that’s the one last on the list with 5 digits and five blank spaces.

Blank spaces because it is yet to be active and also because, its not a good idea to post current contact details on blogspace. Not that I have become all too conservative again, just that considering my mobile mania with Reliance, Nokia and Sony Ericsson, I want atleast this new number to last with me for quite sometime without another Motorola or Samsung. I hope it does. I hope my mobile mania ends here with this blog.

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3 thoughts on “Mobile Mania

  1. This post reminds me of the autobiography of a coin n all that stuff we used to write in school… 🙂 The post made a really interesting read… n could be called ‘biography of mobiiles owned by Archana’;)… If not for ur mania with changing SIMs, ur mania for the handsets itself wouldn’t end here, I believe.. 🙂
    time shall tell….

  2. Hee hee! This is too good 🙂

    Never have I seen so much emotion and drama about mobiles. It’s almost an Ekta Kapoor soap opera with your mobiles competing for your attention 😛

    Especially liked the parts where you call your old cell and the Pavlovian response to any sound at the SIMless cell time… 😀

    I’d happily live without a mobile… its never been a necessity for me, but then I havent been away from home much. All I need to do is call one special number 😉

  3. Too humorous and very well written.

    1.5 years; 4 numbers – 2 Karnataka numbers – 1 Hutch, 1 Reliance; 2 Tamil Nadu Numbers, both Hutch I guess; 3 handsets, LG, Nokia and Sony-Ericsson; 1 CDMA, 2 GSM – Oops, I need some excel to collate all the figures.

    One doubt, did you lost 9342171333 first and surrendered 9886584631 later or vice-versa?

    Needless to say that I still have all your numbers stored in my cell phone diary (out of which only one works now and remaining have been marked as Old1, Old2, and Old3) [;-)]

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