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Monsoonal Memories

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Thud…… thud…… It drizzled.
Thud… thud… thud… It poured.
I ran out to the balcony to remove the clothes that I had left to dry that morning. The tea pot was steaming and screaming on the stove seeking my attention. “Okay, okay, I am coming…” I turned off the gas and filled my tea cup. Plop! The power went out. “Oh no! What a day!” murmuring to myself, I lighted the candle and collapsed on my crouch. The flickering flame was dancing to the whooshing wind outside threatening to go off at any moment. Staring at it silently and sipping my tea, I took a deep breath. The scent of earth filled my nostrils…that smell…that chill…hmmm…its monsoon again! Covering myself in a cozy blanket, relishing the comfort and tranquility, I did what I usually do – dwell over fond memories. Outside, it was still raining…thud…thud…thud…thud…

Thud…thud…thud…thud…”Mummy! No School! No School!” The little girl in blue and white uniform, with the raincoat wrapping her and her schoolbag came rushing home happily. Declared holiday was fun but a surprise holiday made it extra special! Her mom sighed on seeing the flash news marqueed on every local television channel – “All schools remain closed today due to heavy showers”. Having a meddlesome naughty six year old daughter within four walls on a rainy day was an understandable plight of course. But least understood by the little girl who was already cooking up innovative mischiefs with her neighborhood pals. And the innovation was always the same… sneaking out of the house stealthily and getting drenched in the downpour, ‘Rain Rain go away’, a nursery rhyme that seemed so meaningless to her. Enjoying rain, falling sick with fever (either genuine or by pretence) and bunking school for a day or two was a three in one advantage. No one would deny care and attention to a sick child even though her motive was very cunning. Those carefree halcyon days are long over but memories almost never fade away.
Time changes people. Experience alters attitudes. Physically yes, mentally yes and psychologically very much. I long for the days when I used to run around in the rain, play and pull pranks and the reaction from the grown-ups was a sweet smile, “What an enthusiastic child she is!” I still love to do the same (though not as wild as then) but society’s outlook has changed. Either a stern, grim look warning me to “Behave like a lady!” or a mocking smile, “She has lost her mind”. Those moments I keep reminding myself that I am not a kid anymore with my inner voice counter-arguing “Whats the point of being grown up if you can’t cherish childishness sometimes?” True, I would feel, yet I learned to suppress those childish desires, walk out responsibly with an umbrella, denying myself the pleasures of getting drenched. Of course, bunking office isn’t as easy as bunking school, is it? 🙂
After shower moments are the best I should say. Every leaf, every flower and every twig kissed with tiny droplets, roads washed, buses and cars splashing stagnated waters symmetrically on either side, cloudy sky and twittering sparrows… wow…they spread a fresh feel in my spirits. A lonely stride along such a path in such a morning, shredding off all my thoughts and worries, all duties and responsibilities with my arms folded (more like hugging myself) half singing and half whistling (at no one in particular) remains to be one of my passions till date…a passion that doesn’t materialize very often, given the corporate world that we are living in. Yet, gazing at those beauties on the way to office and back is something within my reach and I grab it at every opportunity. Nature, no matter how old she gets, doesn’t lose her youth or charm!

I remember coming across this phrase in my prose text during school days. “An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered. An adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.” I pity those people who fail to see the adventure in mingling with the monsoon and complain instead. To me, cool weather means its time to set my imaginations aflame. I would tune my winamp to play gentle melodies, adjust the regulator to work the fan with mild creaking noise, wriggle myself into the tent of blanket and close my eyes visualizing my presence elsewhere, Alps or Amazon depending on my fancy at that moment. If you believe in heaven on earth, believe me when I say I was kind of experiencing it at those moments.

BAAANNNGGG!! The window pane gave me a start by banging itself to the still violent wind. Shaken off from my trance, I swiftly fastened it to the latch, punishing it for misusing the freedom to swing about. Before I could drift off to my dreamy state again, there was another BANG. This time, it was my roommate back from office ringing the bell to allow her in. With the silence broken and my mood mangled, I was up and about to carry on my routine. But nature, unbound by all human shackles and undisturbed by our whims and fancies continued singing merrily…thud…thud…thud…thud…it was still raining outside!

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