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New Arrival

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“I love you!” He whispered those magical words in her ears as they lay undressed in their bedroom, fully spent. The blush of the new bride was radiant in spite of the darkness and she kissed her reply with a seductive smile. Love was most potent at the moment and it lulled them to sleep in tight embraces.

Two months hence…

“I’ve been delayed by more than 40 days. I think I am pregnant!”

“Hey, you can’t be. We’re taking precautions, are we not?”

“You can’t be so sure. Nothing is fail-safe.”

“Still…uhmm, you want to go to a lady doc?”

“O’course! But hold on, you don’t seem to be as excited as I am. Are you not glad?”

“Oh yes, I am! I am! But…but…it’s a little too early.”

“You are doubting me?”

“Idiot! I meant, we’re married for only three months. You know, there is lot of time for kids, why hurry so soon? We need to get sometime for ourselves.”

“I don’t understand. We need time for what? I promised to make your mom a grandma within a year since our wedding. She’ll be so happy, everyone will! I had skipped the pills and have made you a dad. That calls for a celebration but here you are looking glum as if I have given you some bad news. I am disappointed!”

“Hey Darling! I know, I am happy…I am just not sure we know each other fully yet. Its so soon…err…I had lots of plans for the two of us, I mean, just the two of us, before extending our family.”

“Nah, you are lying. You don’t want the baby! You don’t want responsibilities! You don’t love me!” (She cries pathetically).

“Baby, now relax! I love you and you know that. Alright, I am ready! I am happy! You’ve made me a dad! Now, let’s go to the doc and if the test is positive, we have a number of calls to make and tell the world. Love you dear!” (He falsely hugs and pacifies her while his inner self wasn’t fully pleased with the happenings.)

While she was being examined at the gynecologist’s, he waited outside, feverently hoping that he’d be given sometime. It was only four months ago that his parents showed him her photograph. She was simple and sweet that he liked her instantly and gave a yes. He fantasized dating her and spending time in courtship, talking both their likes and dislikes, understanding, teasing and joking….but before his fantasies could complete in his mind, his wedding dates were finalized. He got engaged, married, mated, all in four months and now he is sitting outside the gynecologist, hoping for the time that he always hoped for.

She came out of the clinic with a beaming smile which clearly told him that his wish was not granted. “I am right! I am pregnant! I am going to be a mom!” One cannot blame her for not understanding her husband. She was brought up in a conservative traditional family where she was taught over and over again that a perfect wife would cook, clean and wait on her husband, would procreate and be a mom on time and raise her kids. She has just lived to her teachings and was so immensely proud of it.

Time rolled on faster than the last four months. With the arrival of the news, arrived a whole huge household. There were functions and ceremonies to rejoice. The house was filled with family and in-laws fussing over her, pampering her and her unborn child. There were uncles who discussed the best schools for the kid already. There were aunties who winked at him and said “Bravo naughty boy!” He pretended a smile for her sake and others while deep within, he pleaded for sometime alone with his wife, to love her and tell her that he cared. But hey no, pregnancy and childbirth were ‘ladies’ things’ that the grannies and aunties took full charge, leaving him a mute spectator to the happening circus.

She was taking a nap that afternoon when he managed to squeeze out from the crowd and whispered in her ear “I love you”. She didn’t blush this time. Instead she opened her eyes sleepily and smiled “Hey hey hey, it is moving, right here, feel it feel it.” She was talking about her baby in her womb.

“I just said I love you”

“Oh yes, I know darling. I was just wondering if it’s a boy or a girl. What will we call the baby? Rani aunty said we should name the baby after your great grand parents. What do you say? Hey look look, the baby is moving again….”

He understood that she was clearly lost with her own baby. He was no longer her priority. He even felt resentful and jealous towards his own kid and he hated himself for that. He left the room.

Time rolled doubly faster. She delivered a beautiful daughter and nursed her all the time. Farex and Huggies became a part of the shopping list and there was cradling and crying all around. He had much serious responsibilities now which took all his time. In what time that was left, he played with his daughter. He told stories to her and adapted to play a perfect dad. He adored his daughter of all the things in the world for the mother whom he adored even more, was still busy in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning, continuing to be the perfect wife that she was trained to be.

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13 thoughts on “New Arrival

  1. Jeez! That’s quite sad.(for the guy I mean :D)

    But the thing that gets me curious is the “conservative traditional family “ and the girl who ” lived to her teachings and was so immensely proud of it.

    Where are such female species? Are they still available on this planet?

    If they are, then I guess I need to make some quick reservations 😛 😛

  2. hey archu… my takehome from this… ? apart from a beautiful story 🙂 . . ur other blogs were on ur stories. . . 😉 Premish. .

  3. the prime for a ‘woman’ is to be a mother someday i think – thats what she wants and maybe that is why the central character here in the story was so happy about it.
    the guy didn’t understand it in the beginning but in the form of a daughter, he got it all perfectly right in the end

  4. @anonymous: Thanks yaar but not so soon. Like the hero of the story, I too would need sometime with my hubby before extending my family 🙂

    @ab van kenabi: If loving and caring male species are still non-extinct, so are such female species. Besides, u sure you wanna make reservations for one of them. I dont think they’d suit your style. Think again buddy! 🙂

    @premish: ur take home from this? nothin! u liked the story, thats about it. Not all my blogs were on my stories and yes, for this to become mine, you need to wait for a couple of years more. Even then, I cannot warrent you an exact version of this 🙂

    @prasoon: Not exactly like that prasoon. every women would rejoice being a mom but that isn’t her prime purpose in life. she is a being of her own, isn’t she? as for the story, i was critical of the woman who failed to emotionaly satisfy her husband before stretching out for the kid. Before being a good mom, she needs to be a good wife and that doesn’t mean looking after the household alone. Every couple need time for themselves for better and better bonding. What say?

  5. The result when ‘Smarter guy meets dumb girl’. Their thoughts seem so incompatible. And, of course, the girl was out to please her in-laws and the rest of her family, over her husband. That was the problem. Nice one Archana. It should be published somewhere else too to actually be an eye-opener, as you have pointed out.

  6. @meens: right meens, couples need to set their priorities in place. its the spouse first, kids next…that wud make a happy contented family for the husband, wife and children. what makes home different from a customary workplace is that little essance called ‘love’.

  7. Hi Archana..Youa are blogging really well..You can seriously think about writing a book..

  8. @meens: thanks meens. i like blue too but i liked the previous theme better. thats y had it for long…hmm…but then, its become too long…so new template now 🙂

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