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One step at a time towards my MBA

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TiredOne step at a time,
One step at a time.
Towards my arching goal,
To soothe my yearning soul,
I go one step at a time.
One step at a time.

I long for some sleep,
Some warm food to eat.
My work is a pile,
I cry and still I smile.
I want to spread my wings,
But there are mind cuffs that sting.
My nerves are so frayed,
With all the stress and the strain.
I used to be good fun,
Now I am all tired and done.
To dust off the grime,
I take one step at a time.

There is a lump in my throat,
I sink and I float.
I miss my dear ones,
My spouse, daughter and son.
As I stand there and wait,
There is no one to relate
In a group, I feel alone,
I am not at all my own.
I know why I am here,
The coast is yet to clear.
There is a long, long mile,
Unless I go one step at a time.

Some days are warm and sunny
And then the cold gets funny
I heave a heavy sigh,
My courage is a lie.
The terrain is so steep,
I stumble and I leap.
I push myself to go,
I have plenty of seeds to sow.
I won’t give in to fear,
Every day, I am getting near.
It’s all worth the dime.
If I take one step at a time.

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