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Pics and Poems (again!!)

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When you are bitten by a bug, there is very little you could do from getting infected! As I am affected with pic-o-poem mania, I am unleasing it to the cyber world and cause an epidemic! Suffer people, suffer!! For more miseries, VV has opened an exclusive zone for our extended creativities. Check out for our collection!

Cease your system,
And seize the custom!
It’s festive season,
You’re licensed to treason!

Unglove your hands,
Unwind your mind.
Welcome your date,
Your work will wait!
Shake a champagne,
Share a beer.
Dusk is coming,
Dawn is near.
Be born again,
Get set, Begin!
Lets shout, Lets cheer,

Angelic waters, phosphorus bright!
Slivery glitters, lustrous sight!
Rushing and running thru boulders and stones,
Gushing and going, diamonds adorned!

Freely falls with valiant drop,
Freezing ways from rocks atop!
Pouring waters pools its toes,
Splatters around as haloing glows.

Sheath woven, so neat and fine,
Outline shines as lightning lines!
Dandy waters, flow with might.
Make this moment an angelic night.

Tanning together in broad daylight,
Why am I black, when you are so white?
We stretch, we turn, our path outright.
Yet a fence to block our sight!

Dont despair, my darling dear!
Come what may, do not fear!
Though apart, I am always near.
Ever your buddy, ever your peer!

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