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Reel or Real?

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Sometimes she never understood what she wanted to do with her life, what she wanted to be and what to become. Her life was a perfect piece of poetry with a decent career, loving partner and happy neighborhood. There isn’t anything more that she could probably ask for without having her coined greedy. Yet, there she was sitting poignantly, with an unsettled nagging feeling lurking inside her head making her hallucinate at odd times. Yet, there she was hitch-hiking her life aimlessly, hitting the stones on the way, and gaping at the heavens to guide her to her destination.

If you are able to align yourself with the “she” above, welcome to my league of confused professionals. Three years into IT has made me reach a summit of saturation with the monotonous routines and endless hours in front of a dumb machine. I just want to break away the imaginary shackles of the corporate world and breathe in fresh air. Hmmm…. fresh free air! Discovering my destiny has become my recent obsession and I have been doing nothing in the way of it than prodding on and muddling multiple ideas. I am not unhappy, no not at all; I am only interested in finding out the one thing that would make me happy – unraveling my life’s mission (or mystery, whatever!).

Now honestly, I do sound like a monk (with no Ferrari to sell) who is out on a walk to the Himalayas in pursuit of inner peace, don’t I? But that’s not my general idea. Mine is not an age to renounce the worldly pleasures, nor do I find Sannyasa alluring, considering that I am just engaged. In simple language, I am completely confused! And when my mind is in such an alcoholic state, what do I do? That’s Right! Allow my imaginations to take freewill……

I had never seen such pure blue before. Blue above, blue below, blue all around as I sat on the white cloudy patch. The altitude was definitely not beyond stratosphere for I was breathing freely without the help of an oxygen tank. But surely, I was floating in the upper layers of atmosphere at least. The cloud that carried me seemed to move on its own as if an invisible driver steered its way. I squatted on my knees and peeped below at the dotted landscape and felt a strange sense of power! I was up above the world so high! I felt like God!

There was a tiny twinkle ahead which gradually grew in size as my cloudy boat approached it. Thanks to my childhood bedtime stories, it didn’t take me long to make out that I was driven to the Cinderella castle, supposedly housed by a fairy Godmother. Wide-eyed and open-mouthed, I sailed between the huge pillared hallway, shivering slightly at the magnificence of it all.

“Do not fear my child! You are not brought here to be harmed.”, A soft voice spoke from behind me. “Rather, you are brought to be blessed!.

I turned around instantly and found myself facing not a fairy Godmother but a fairy Grandmother. With not a single strand of hair that hadn’t greyed from old age, not a single inch on the face that wasn’t wrinkled, I randomly judged her to be not less than a hundred years old.

“Err…you are Cinderella’s God Mother, aren’t you?” I hesitated.

“No dear, I am Snow White’s evil mother who gave her the poisoned apple…” She told this casually and still expected me not to fear. Absurd! “…but that was in my previous birth. Not only men, but we heavenly creatures are also given second chances. Now I’ve turned a new fairy!”

I looked at her, not understanding a word, still puzzled about the purpose of my visit. As if knowing my confusion, she continued, “You are brought here to be blessed with this magic lamp.” She stretched an Aladdin lamp from beneath her cloak and winked mischievously.”

“Aladdin lamp from Snow white’s mother in a Cinderella castle?” I wanted to ask. But all the same, I knew that any answer to my query would sound as insane as the previous exchanges. I remained silent.

“My child, you are fast! This is of course Aladdin’s lamp!” She read my mind once again before me and she calls me “fast”!!! “Whenever you are confused, whenever you are frustrated without answers, just rub the lamp. My genie would pop-out with all possible solutions and your needs would be addressed.”

Solutions? I have frequently heard this word before in a different world. Coming from a habitant of paradise, I was amused. “Thank You!” I thanked her for her kindness and reached out for the lamp. The minute my fingers touched the lamp, I was blacked out and brought back to reality, in front of my machine, far far away from the clouds and skies.

The code window that I was working on before my visit to the heavens was exactly the way I had left it and the debugger was still flashing an ‘exception’ in the code. There was no lamp in my hands and I felt disappointed. Oh, not just another dream! Yet, it all seemed so real. I grabbed a coffee, got to my seat to continue my work. By default, I opened Internet Explorer and typed in search of a solution to my exception. The Google window popped up with a genie logo on the letter ‘G’. I understood the rest.

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8 thoughts on “Reel or Real?

  1. *waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* why did you leave me and go?????? Next timet ake me too. I’d have loved to be there!

    That really was an honest request 🙂 I just wanted to be there and experience all that you had written. The very fact that I love fantasy and you write something like this and tempt me 😉 It’s going to take me sometime to stop putting up a puppy face and getting back to reality, probably tomorrow morning when I have to go to office 😉 Simply enjoyed reading it, esp.the fantasy part 🙂

    I could understand your confusion so well, something which we have discussed earlier too. Soon your Aladdin’s lamp will come your way and grant you your wish!

  2. But these Genies or Google wont be able to tell what you are searching for !! May be answer for the exceptions in the code can be answered but the answer you are searching should be able to answer by only yourself … BTW, i can confidently say thousands of folks share your emptiness, even they have everything ..

  3. @meens: am so sorry, it was such an unexpected journey that i didn’t stop to ask you to join. will remember your ‘honest request’ in my future visits. u r most welcome! 😉 as for the confusions, i guess it has to do more with the monotony of it all…once we re-define our lives the way we like it, we’d be happy even without Aladdin lamps 🙂

    @bala: you are right about the emptiness being shared by many coz i’ve had similar discussions with colleagues in office during tea time or when i meet long-time-no-see-buddies…everyone nods in agreement. Google is an Aladdin lamp not only for coding related issues but for generic searches in life too. we only need to know what we are looking for 🙂

  4. If you wait for the Aladdin in the evil reborn grandmother’s witch lamp in a blue blue blue world to say search in Google with the exception string is the next step, you are a bad programmer :D.

  5. @prasanna: Oops! Err…what i was trying to say is…umm..i mean..the whole point of the post…umm….u know, the Aladdin lamp…Google… Hey u!! Come on, u should not rationalize on fantasies!! For all we know, Larry Page or Sergey Brin might have got the Google inspiration from an Aladdin genie in an evil reborn grandmother’s witch lamp in a blue blue blue world 😉 (phew! phew! phew!) 😀

  6. Pagal kanava idhu.. 🙂 actually i guess its not only ‘she’-s who go through this soul searching thingy.. as a current reader of T.M.H.S.H.Ferrari i could relate a few things which i thought while reading the book… Guess what we all are in our own comfort zones with decent jobs n all.. even if you really do find what u are destined to do you cannot accept it because we are reluctant to come out of our comfort zones… This is one case and other thing is even while doing soul searching your thought process is so tightly linked to your current world (cindrella, genie, google to name a few..) so It’s virtually impossible for we ppl to know our “true” destiny… we all survive, but we don’t live.

  7. @subash: you are right…agreed! we are just surviving! the saddest part is we know we are not really comfortable in our comfort zones and yet dont dare to come out. When I read T.M.W.S.H Ferrari, it made me ponder for sometime, blog an “Identity Inquistion” and soon stumble back to my rountine again until I felt overwhelmed to voice out in this blog. Ultimately, we all have only been talking…when are we gonna live life in the real sense? something we need to think and sort within ourselves.

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