1. @HBK: Bloga padichu puriyalana, puriyalanu vitturanum. Ippdi thappu thappa purinjitu neeye mokka vanguriyehh….ayyoo paavam 🙂

    @padfOOt: “With roughly seven lines of an opening statement, it is quite natural to expect the unexpected. If so, get ready to embrace disappointment.”

    “Why profane? Because many of you, especially the ones who follow society’s codes of conduct ethically will not like it.”

    Ha! I’ve replied to your comment in my post itself 🙂 The post is already big enough. If I try to make too much of a point, the point will be lost. Somethings are better left to be deciphered by individual introspective process. Let’s say the ‘more’ part is left to that. 🙂