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Smile Please Celebrity

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“Achhhhuuuuuuu” That was the hundredth time I was sneezing my pet name after a semi-sleepless night of continued sneezes. My bloated face, red nose and watery eyes proudly proclaimed the fact that I wasn’t keeping well. Common cold was not uncommon to me. I knew it was coming right from the moment I felt an itching in my inner throat which climbed up to my head, making it heavy and drowsy and escaping to the outside world thru my nasal cavity with another audacious “Achhhuuu”. I shouldn’t have had that softie twirl from KFC last Tuesday. Either the chill from the ice-cream or my lunch mates casting their eyes on me when I was gleefully devouring my softie was I believe the cause for my suffering (I very much doubt the latter). Whatever, my present facial profile has opened the possibility of me being assumed as a cry-baby by folks who hadn’t heard those sound effects. That’s bad…too bad! I literally had to hang around with my handkerchief to avoid misinterpretations.

I dragged myself to office that morning after sleepily dragging myself from the bed for solid one hour, snoozing the alarm twenty times. Anticipating a totally uninteresting day, I settled with my machine to complete the application which I had been again dragging for more than a week now. With some motivation, or irritation rather, I managed to wrap it up for good…phew! Within an hour or two since I commenced work, I saw my team-mates gathering around. Like a lightening bolt, I remembered our manager’s invitation for a lunch treat at Marriott, one good reason which normally gets me enthused. But on that day, I was crest-fallen. Having prided myself as a good gourmet, how could I possibly relish the flavors when my tongue refused to sense anything but a bland feel, thanks to that dreadful cold again. I was glad when my team’s good work and awards of recognition last quarter had aroused my manager’s generosity, but why should I be so unprivileged to miss out a treat at a five-star restaurant which usually is out of my budget. So again, I allowed myself to be dragged along with all others. What a dragging day!

Marriott, no doubt lived upto my expectations, a proper five star hotel as it should be. Yellow lights generally does the magic of creating a rich surrounding which tube light fails to do. The restaurant was glowing elegantly with yellow lights (though I don’t understand its purpose on a broad daylight). Air conditioned atmosphere instigated another “Achhuu” which I carefully suppressed to prevent the waiter taking me for a country girl. After taking so much pains, I vowed to curse the whole damn world if the food wasn’t promising. Somehow, Marriott chefs didn’t give me a chance to do that. After three helpings of everything displayed on the buffet, I was in a dilemma whether to hold on to my determination of no-ice-cream-today or to yield in to temptation. The ice cream counter was too much to resist any temptation. Inspite of my cold, which I comfortably forgot at the sight of food, I indulged myself in a full four course meal.

One of my colleagues nudged me asking if I had seen Yuvan Shankar Raja. He pointed towards another table at the other side and my gaze followed. Yes, there was Yuvan Shankar Raja, music director, son of a legend, Illayaraja, sitting among his friends and having his lunch much like a simple college student (Now don’t ask me which ‘simple’ college student eats at 5 star hotels. The previous line was just to emphasis that he was very much down to earth). A few of my team mates noticed too but nobody was reacting. Either they found it silly and childish to hype about a celebrity or they got used to seeing celebrities around in Chennai or they simply didn’t dare. Whatever, I couldn’t control bubbling from within. Not that I am a die-hard fan of Yuvan…just that he was a celebrity and that is more than sufficient reason to boast among my cousins and family when I go home this weekend.

I was frantically searching for a paper to get his autograph. Damn the star hotel which has no papers in need except for tissue papers… tissue papers are for different needs and I definitely didn’t want to humiliate Yuvan by stretching it to him to sign :-> I mustered all the charm that I could manage out of that cold-affected-pitable-face of mine and walked up to him to request him for a photograph. He complied so obediently that I was even tempted to try commanding him :-> He was very short in height, shorter than the shortest member of my team and I judged him to be a reserved person. I didn’t remember any of his latest work or could re-collect his earlier masterpieces at that moment to appreciate him. So, all I could do was tell him that we were from iNautix which he might have probably guessed from our ID tags still hanging around our necks.

He posed for us, a few of us took snaps with him and dismissed him after his use for us was done :-> I wonder what he must have commented on us when he returned back to his table to join his friends. Who cares! I definitely didn’t care…now I have proof and that’s enough. I was visualizing the oohs and aahs from my cousins when I show them the snap and was trying to make out a story to supplement it…something like Yuvan actually had lunch with us. Wow, I would be the centre of their attraction while they interview me all about it. I wished my cold was not evident on the snap. I wished I had worn a better salwar. I wished so many things but the wishes of the cam in my mobile was all so cruel.

The snap was taken indoors and my mobile didn’t support a flash…result is that blurred snap you see above. Still, for all my efforts, I want it to be well-paid. Hence, I boldly, loudly announce everyone out there “The snap above certainly has Yuvan in it (second from the left) and I am posing at the rightmost end”. Feeling a little better after the self-publicity, I go on to hunt for the next celebrity that I could get hold of and next time, I’d pull him/her outdoors before asking them to smile please.

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7 thoughts on “Smile Please Celebrity

  1. Tell me the truth, Is the photo really taken with yuvan or a photoshop presentaioon…
    Jokes Apart…once again a nice blog with a nice presentaion…

  2. Hey Archana, I too have photos taken with Sachin Tendulkar, Shah Rukh, Surya, Simran and Johnny Depp.. when I met them at surprise occasions… my photos too are kind of blurred and taken in dark rooms… still will send them to you so u can have a look at them… ;-)) will also circle the celebrities in case u can’t identify them.. 😉 (actually LOL..)

    btw, I got to remember how common cole was uncommon to u in school too… n I didn’t know u can go upto third helpings…

    Glad u didn’t mind being “childish” n all… then wot’s the fun in life yaar… interesting write-up capturing the pride n boasting that comes up with meeting celebrities…

  3. A common cold Archu? Huh? How is it that you have common colds? Usually, there’s nothing common about you 😉

    As for you being ‘childish’, a part of you’s always been, ever since I’ve known you. 😛

    And finally, why do you need to take pics with celebs? You are Gandhiji, a celebrity in your own right! I think I just saw a blog of Yuvan where he’s written about being excited about taking a pic with you! 😀

  4. Good one, once again……

    N stop blushing at the sight of Yuvan….. N I had seen u in the food court, the day u were licking ur ice-cream, also that was flowing on ur hand… 🙂

  5. @arun: Either believe that it is real or admit that you trust on my photoshop skills. Both are compliments to me…so thanks 🙂

    @meenakshi: u have good memory…we’ll take that offline :>

    @dev: thank u thank u devji…the last line of your comment has reserved u a treat from me 🙂 thank you!

    @patil: Blushing at Yuvan? I like him for his music, sure but didnt u notice that he is too short for me? besides, he is already committed to someone…I read somewhere…and abt the ice-cream flowing on my hand, arey u have good imagination…keep it up! 🙂

  6. Common-Cold, Ice-Cream and Parties…thats usual for Archu…

    But ‘one’ celebrity meeting ‘another’ at Marriotts…Oops…Clash of the Titans…That’s uncommon.

    Good that I know atleast one of them [No marks for guessing ‘who’]…

    As usual…A beautiful post and a literary treat for all your blog lovers… Keep writing….

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