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You cannot tell me I didn’t warn you, because I have. There, right down, in the last paragraph of my previous post ‘I am extending the boundaries of my blog!’ I have been putting sincere serious and systematic effort on this new venture for days together, burning midnight oil, crushing hundreds of writing papers and losing bunches of hair. And at last, I’ve emerged triumphantly with my contribution to The English literature – Three pieces…nah nah…three melodious masterpieces of poetry!

Believed? Hee hee… am sorry, you have wasted two minutes of your precious time. The true story is different and this is how it really was. Vijay is passionate about photography and I am passionate about Vijay. If A=B, B=C => A=C. So, I am passionate about photography! Vijay was participating in a photography contest in his office and trusting my blogging abilities, he asked me to help with the description. This happened last Friday. In all high spirits, I volunteered to write it out for him and then went away to the beach with my roommate, assuring myself that a weekend was more than sufficient for the task. Fifty words of description per snap, arre, so simple, I’ve written stories and stories…

Saturday came and so came my parents to my PG to pick me up for a family picnic to ‘Dakshina Chitra’- heritage home for the Dravidian culture. And Sunday, it was iMela, cultural meet for iNauticians and their families. In all the excitement, I not only failed to keep up my promise but forgot about it too. Yeah, I know…that was really bad!

I felt a strong sense of guilt when I heard Vijay’s voice on the phone on Monday afternoon, eagerly expecting me to give him the words for his clicks. I shouldn’t have promised what I couldn’t have. He had trusted me with his passion and I’ve let him down. There was just another hour and half before it was time for photo submission and there I was in my office at lunch break, with an application demo waiting to happen soon after that.
Was it love or was it determination, I do not know but I wanted to do it. I told Vijay, I’d mail him the words in a couple of minutes and dashed to my desk. Recollecting each of the snaps that he was enrolling for the contest, I scribbled all I felt about it, jumbled and scrambled the words and came up with this supposedly so called poetry. I mailed it to him and he was glad and impressed. That was all that mattered to me at that moment. Later on, when I re-read it to myself, I felt, “Not bad, Archu…sounds ok”. While I was encouraging Vijay’s passion, how could I possibly forget my own – blogging? So, here I present Vijay’s clicks and my picks posted together for Archu’s Archive. Kindly search not for similes or metaphors for this is a duet of picture and poetry!!!

I speed on an endless trail,
I call it life, I will never fail,
Breeze blows and becomes wind,
Yet I go, chase the end…
Those green meadows, I do not see,
Deep blue sky doesn’t distract me.
When the fuel drains, I turn around,
Journey covered without purpose found!

The orange sun wakes from nap,
And pours through the cloudy cap,
Shallow shores bathe its rays,
Glittering and glowing as it wades away.
And again it comes to hit the rocks,
Splashes to droplets and dashes to dock.
The ritual repeats every day,
As nature has its morning play.

Scattered along the rocky walls,
Starring away as blackly dolls,
Purpled by the twilight sky,
Profile vagued, silhouette high,
Here we are, ‘The Gypsy Four’,
Featuring Friendship, what more?

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8 thoughts on “Snaps and Songs

  1. Knowing you, I’m not at all surprised you forgot… 😉

    Firstly kudos to Vijay, the snaps are simply amazing. 🙂

    But the poems… too good. Considering that you wrote it in such a short time frame, even better. Wish I could spout such lines in an instant.. nice way to impress gals, you know 😉

  2. It’s amazing that you could write out these poems in such a short while!! The lines go with the picture, in fact, each of the poems start with the picture and every picture ends as a poem. Wonderful mix of talent. Keep it up!! Picture and poem compliment and enhance each other. And I remember the school days, when you used to write out poetry, all of a sudden once u get into the mood of it. Glad u’re still continuing it 🙂

  3. @ab van kenabe: meaningful lot? WOW sir! coming from u, thats the best compliment ever…thank u thank u 🙂

    @dev: thanks dev from both vv and me. and u know what, its difficult to sprout out lines to impress girls but once u r impressed by someone, lines will flow automatically…wanna try? 😉

    @meenakshi: ya meens, i remember those days…been a long time since i tried that…guess the photos just triggered something out from me…was suprised myself…and what abt u mam…the schoolday meens whom i remember was also good at poetry…when can i expect some on ur blogspot? waiting for urs 🙂

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