1. Knowing you, I’m not at all surprised you forgot… 😉

    Firstly kudos to Vijay, the snaps are simply amazing. 🙂

    But the poems… too good. Considering that you wrote it in such a short time frame, even better. Wish I could spout such lines in an instant.. nice way to impress gals, you know 😉

  2. It’s amazing that you could write out these poems in such a short while!! The lines go with the picture, in fact, each of the poems start with the picture and every picture ends as a poem. Wonderful mix of talent. Keep it up!! Picture and poem compliment and enhance each other. And I remember the school days, when you used to write out poetry, all of a sudden once u get into the mood of it. Glad u’re still continuing it 🙂

  3. @ab van kenabe: meaningful lot? WOW sir! coming from u, thats the best compliment ever…thank u thank u 🙂

    @dev: thanks dev from both vv and me. and u know what, its difficult to sprout out lines to impress girls but once u r impressed by someone, lines will flow automatically…wanna try? 😉

    @meenakshi: ya meens, i remember those days…been a long time since i tried that…guess the photos just triggered something out from me…was suprised myself…and what abt u mam…the schoolday meens whom i remember was also good at poetry…when can i expect some on ur blogspot? waiting for urs 🙂