1. Aah…let me be the first (read jobless) person to wish you Congratulations!!!!!! (Ofcourse on your blog you silly)

    On side note – (From last para) “In Parallel” — dude, dont bring IT “jargons” in your blog please 🙂

  2. Awesome! Awesome path your life has taken! 🙂 Could get the play of emotions in your life, as you described them. Congrats again! I have no doubt you and VV will be good friends to the little baby who’s now floating inside you 🙂

  3. Wow wow wow….
    Very happy for u both…congratulations neenga amma aagiteenga:))pappa varadhu therinja neram u got a offer from IBM also…happy happenings…but never expected that u will become aunt so soon;)..peyarellam choose panna arambichahca??;))Guess ur baby will also be a Taurean:)…have fun..Dont strain much…Tc…

  4. @Shreenivas: Thank u for the first congrats! I understand that fluctuating markets can be quite frustrating to Sharekhan that he is forced to read my blogs too…But see, I didn’t diappoint u 🙂 Arrey come on, “In Parallel” is a english phrase…or I would even quite accept it as mathematical but just because of its frequent usage in IT, IT cannot own it as an IT jargon 🙂

    @Premish: You always comment on my best moments’ posts…thanks 🙂

    @Subash: Hee hee! Everytime I say touch wood, I touch VV’s head…better than hugging forest na? 🙂 Thanks a lot Subbu….we know you guys would be happy for us and that makes us even happier 😀

    @Sakina Adeeb: Thanks Sakina! 🙂

    @Meens: Sure…and our kid will definitey need company from his/her parents’ friends’…make sure to be there to entertain our junior 🙂

    @Fahad: Thanks FD! The last time we met, u saw us as two….the next time u meet us, I hope to meet u as three 🙂

    @Hariharan: Thanks Hari! You too, always catch me at my suprise posts 🙂

    @Balachandran: Thanks a lot Bala! 🙂

    @Premnath: Aunty? Beware before u tease me, else, I wont give u my daughter’s hand (if the baby is a girl that is :P)

    @Toral: Thank u! Thank u! Thank u! Had a chat with Anand too…looks like u r helping us spread the good news….thanks for that too 🙂

    @Anonymous: Yeah….good things happen in bulk i guess…no wonder u didnt expect me to become mommy…i didnt expect it myself so soon….but like i said, speak of destiny :)) peyrellam peysitu irukoom….therez still a lot of time to decide on that….and no, he/she wont be a taurean….just miss….probly be an Aries 🙂

    Ooops! Similes behind every reply! Ha ha 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Congratulations to both of you again 🙂 Looks like you are expecting it to be a baby girl even though our chain test suggested otherwise 😉 Lets wait and see 🙂 really excited to see the first baby of goyallas 🙂 🙂

  6. Congratulations to both of you…Things have changed from recession to depression to growth…Let this stage continue forever and i will pray G to be in this stage forever…and happiness flow to both of you…

  7. @gy131, @Poornima. Thayumanavan, @ AN2D: Thank you for all the wishes! It feels really good so see so many wishes from friends.

    @Ganesh: Thanks Gaba! Baby girl or baby boy, both are fine for us. Our only expectation is a normal and a healthy baby 🙂 First baby of the goyallas is on the way!

  8. Hey Archu, Congrats once again for both the gr8 news. Best Wishes & Congrats to VJ as well…

    & I guess, the child will also be a Taurean. 🙂

  9. Hey Archana,

    Congrats for the good news… So it is been officially declared that u and Vijay are promoted to AUNTY-ship and UNCLE-ship 🙂

    Take good care of yourself 🙂


  10. Congrats Archana !!

    A BIG promotion followed by a great job offer…….calls for double celebration 🙂

    May you 3 be blessed by GOD 4eva

    -Hari Hara Prasad

  11. @patil: thanks dude. yeah, we were hoping for a taurean too, but looks like our junior might turn out to be an aries…just missed by a few days…lets see…we can never say for certain though 😉

    @HBK: thanks again! and hellooooo its not aunty-ship and uncle-ship…its motherhood and fatherhood…by becoming mom and dad, we have made u enter uncle-ship and u must be glad for it coz thats definitely better than the thatha-ship that you help previously 😛

    @Hari: thank u hari…double celebration o’course…thats y i always used to call life uncertain 🙂