Archu From The Archive, Personal

For A Better Tomorrow

I am suffocating. Literally! I am suffocating from the countless thoughts branching inside my head. I am choking from the unspoken words stuck along the passage of my throat. My facial muscles are aching from trying to maintain a smile on my face. The layers of make-up from my recently learnt make-up skills hide all proofs of sleepless nights and…

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Archu From The Archive, General

Perspective on Feminism

Aren’t we hearing a lot of feminist voices recently, especially in light of the recent rapes? Last weekend alone, I happened to read a couple of Facebook statuses, blogs and watched a talk show on feminism when I browsed aimlessly or switched channels on my television. Some of the points discussed were absurd making feminism sound like a rude, revolutionary…

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Archu From The Archive, Fictional

Family Issues

Suffered and suffocated, she opened the doors to her balcony, longing for the gentle breeze to soothe her frayed nerves. But no sir, what waited on the other side was not open garden with view of the fading horizon or a playground with the tiny feet chasing rubber balls, trailed by their innocent voices. She knew that. Her balcony leads…

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