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Shades Of Traits

This is a shamelessly vain and profane post. There! I’ve made the judgment that you might after reading this post fully. Why vain? Because this post is going to be about me or at least use my own self to project the point that I am trying to make. Why profane? Because many of you, especially the ones who follow…

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Oh My God

I am agnostic! It simply means that if there is God, let him or her be. If God does not exist, so be it. I am not bothered either ways and I’ll go about my day my own way without supernatural dependencies or influences. Now, take your two minutes to give me the perfect scorn that I’ve got used to…

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Sex and Sensuality

This post is one of my very dare attempts. An Attempt to challenge principles and practices that pose problems to today’s practicality. Culture is a cumulative collection of practices by people over a period of time. As time ticks, period progresses, and changes happen, good and bad, forming and deforming culture as it goes. Today’s working generation is exposed to…

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Aunty…aunty…aunty…remember the Godrej hair-dye adv.? A teenage dude addresses the husband as ‘Anna’ (Brother) and the wife as ‘Aunty’ followed by an echo whispering inside the lady’s head ‘Aunty…aunty…aunty’. All for what? A single streak of gray hair! The lady turns miserable and seeks the help of Godrej hair dye. Her head is now all black again, she gets the…

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