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Tangled Affections

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“Warrey Wah! Look, look, over here!!! What a face, what a figure! She is a killer!” Ashok felt handicapped. He needed more than one pair of eyes (so wide open that they would pop out of their sockets anytime) to admire the skimpily clad sexy chick on the front page of a leading fashion magazine.

“OOOOOOOO WOW she is simply gorgeous! Is she really a lady or a wax doll? My my my!!!” Amit extended the services of his eyes to where Ashok was pointing to.

These two bachelor friends in their twenties were bachelors in the real sense. In spite of having watched a number of adults-only movies or having browsed thru numerous pornography magazines, they were still virgins. Confused between the Indian tradition and culture, their own physical calls and lack of opportunities, they remained so. Imagination, expectation and anticipation coupled together proved to be more vicious than any Viagra of any kind. They always got excited at the slightest smell of female for it was something that they had never smelt in reality.

“Not again! Please, not again! Stop gaping at it…err…her, you shameless dumbos! She is nothing but a silicon beauty! Anita was getting cross as she always does when her buddies got into such boys-only talk. Though she tried to sound like a ‘goooood girl’, age was not the only thing that she shared with these guys. She fancied such lustful ideas herself but within her head only, afraid of having her so called dignified outward impression and name spoilt.

“You are a hypocrite! I have seen you passing stealth glances at this magazine. Come on, why do you pretend? Why don’t you just be?” Amit sprang to his defense-by-blame mode immediately.

“Don’t bother Amit! They all pretend! Girls, I mean. They preach something and act different. Living together with two bachelor guys in an apartment in America does not change them. Good old Anita!”

“That’s enough! I live with you guys because you are the only folks I know in this new country. And mind you, just because I share the rent, it does not mean I share everything! I trust you people whereas you mock at me! Beasts!” Anita had the knack of working her tear glands at beck and call. Her eyes had moistened already.

“Hold it Anita! Now, don’t pull another drama. We are tired of it…”

“…and hungry too. Whose turn is it at the kitchen today?”

Anita threw a dirty look at the two of them and walked into the kitchen. Her hand was luxuriously spreading the jam on the toast while her mind was thinking of Ashok. How dare he takes sides with the senseless Amit and not her? How dare he ogles at a semi naked shameless slut when she was in the vicinity? Had she not worn the peach colored T-Shirt and black jean because he had once complimented her look on it? How dare he fails to notice her this time? Does he not share the same secret feelings that she has for him? When would he realize! Oh! When would he realize!”

While Anita was cooking crooked thoughts at the kitchen, Ashok and Amit had their own small talk.

“Sucks man! Why does Anita always behave like this? She has just spoilt the gleeful evening here with her oh-so-goody-good-acting. Didn’t I not tell you that girls are good only to look at? The closer you get to them, the madder they make you.” Ashok was clearly irritated. He never liked the idea of letting Anita join their apartment in the first place. Had it not been for Anita’s sister’s request he would have flatly refused. Wasn’t it not enough that he wrongly mistook Anita for her sis once and complimented her attire? Wasn’t it not enough that she blushed like a pinky and bragged about it to her sis on the phone who in turn refused to reply to Ashok’s mails for the next two days? What the heck? Why all the trouble?

“Cool it buddy! Cool it! She isn’t so bad. You know, it isn’t so easy for a girl to put up with two guys like us and lie to her parents about it. She is just so scared but too proud to admit it. Give her a break!” Amit tried to see things from Anita’s point of you. He always did. He convinced Anita to move in with them when she announced her on-site travel for he was worried about leaving her by herself in a new country. He loved to tease her and pull her legs. He loved to make her angry and irritate her. He loved to be around her and protect her. He loved her.

“Whatever…I don’t care a damn!” This was Ashok aloud.

“I hope he does care someday” Anita murmurs alone.

“I care the world for you darling!” Amit smiles to himself.

And so they live…

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12 thoughts on “Tangled Affections

  1. “The reasons for lack of comments here is also covered in the post..” hehe.. nevertheless its a nice writeup.. a bold one i felt, best thing about it is, u are helping us understand them better.. 🙂

  2. @anonymous: hey mithu! nice to see u at my blogspot. thanks yaar!

    @subash: i know,i know. we all hypocrites one way or the other. am i helping u understand girls better? beware! my next post might help girls understand guys better 😉

  3. Hey Manja katu Mina…lack of opportunities, they remained so… I wont accept this..still few bachelors like me vigin after getting the chance of adventure..But till now I couldn’t find the reason why i missed that oppurtunity 🙂

  4. @anonymous: u regret missing an opportunity? cho chaad! was it because u felt morally obliged to remain a virgin or just because u were scared? hee hee hee! 😉

    @enigma: like i had told u, i had never got three A’s in any appraisal. thank u so much! 🙂

  5. Like Subbu has already said, bold story… brings out the other face of normal people, which we know is there, but is not explicitly shown. Reflects the mindset and thought process of a lot of young people. Good one!

  6. Am is sensing a Translation from J.K. Rowling to Sidney sheldon? Some one is trying to move from Kiddo fantasy to Adult fantasy .. [BTW, is there some one as role model as the character Ashok]

  7. @Meens: Thanks Meens. Just wanted to dare and bring out the other side of others. Ashok, Anita and Amit have helped me!

    @baba: …means i have been promoted! thats great! thanks a lot 🙂 u dont always have to have a real life model to blog on. this one just sprang from my imagination!

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