1. “The reasons for lack of comments here is also covered in the post..” hehe.. nevertheless its a nice writeup.. a bold one i felt, best thing about it is, u are helping us understand them better.. 🙂

  2. @anonymous: hey mithu! nice to see u at my blogspot. thanks yaar!

    @subash: i know,i know. we all hypocrites one way or the other. am i helping u understand girls better? beware! my next post might help girls understand guys better 😉

  3. Hey Manja katu Mina…lack of opportunities, they remained so… I wont accept this..still few bachelors like me vigin after getting the chance of adventure..But till now I couldn’t find the reason why i missed that oppurtunity 🙂

  4. @anonymous: u regret missing an opportunity? cho chaad! was it because u felt morally obliged to remain a virgin or just because u were scared? hee hee hee! 😉

    @enigma: like i had told u, i had never got three A’s in any appraisal. thank u so much! 🙂

  5. Like Subbu has already said, bold story… brings out the other face of normal people, which we know is there, but is not explicitly shown. Reflects the mindset and thought process of a lot of young people. Good one!

  6. Am is sensing a Translation from J.K. Rowling to Sidney sheldon? Some one is trying to move from Kiddo fantasy to Adult fantasy .. [BTW, is there some one as role model as the character Ashok]

  7. @Meens: Thanks Meens. Just wanted to dare and bring out the other side of others. Ashok, Anita and Amit have helped me!

    @baba: …means i have been promoted! thats great! thanks a lot 🙂 u dont always have to have a real life model to blog on. this one just sprang from my imagination!

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