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Trust your gut feeling! That intuitive inner feeling near the sternum which pushes us to do something with no logical explanation, till it leads us to discover our desires. My gut feeling prompted me to revisit my archived blog posts today and the moment I did it, I realised the reason for it. My first blog post with blogger was dated 16th Nov, 2006, meaning, Archu’s Archive has completed three years with blogger today! Happy Birthday to Archu’s Archive! It’s interesting how I started blogging and surprising that I have been able to manage a blogspot for so long and lure a few readers. Here is my blogging journey…

I talk a lot or at least, I used to talk a lot. When I moved out of my hometown, Pondicherry, for the first time as a freshly passed college graduate to work as a Software Engineer at Infosys, Mangalore, I was scared! I was seriously scared at the prospect of meeting new people in a new environment all by myself. I had my own inhibitions on how much should I store for the generic word ‘friend’ and how much should I trust people with my blah-blah. While I was surrounded by newness everywhere, the little adventurer in me peeped out, wanting to explore it all and go gaga about it in a lively animated way, the way you can get only with the ones you trust. Those days, due to the lack of known folks, due to the lack of speaking out, I started speaking within. I grew more intimate with my personal diary than I had ever been. Fortunately or unfortunately one page per day wasn’t sufficient for my enthusiasm.

I started jolting down interesting events or lonely thoughts as a write-up and mailed it across to a few among my chosen few. One such write-up, ‘The Window Corner’ happened to fetch me compliments on my writing style and made me wonder if I did have a flair for writing after all. As if to confirm, I posted the same in my office bulletin-board and was flattered by the responses from fellow Infoscions. Had it not been for them, I’d have still been talking to my diary alone.

Getting a little more confident this way, I started an external blog with Someone suggested me to add pictures to the post to make it more appealing and I took it as a wise suggestion. Colours and pictures give more expression to the words than words by themselves. I added images, modified template and migrated my blogspot to Since then, I kept updating my posts at

I should admit that my journey wasn’t all that smooth. There was a period of time, when I was down and depressed and kept venting my negativity thru my posts. That was when I decided to bid adieu to my blogs with ‘Bye Bye Blogger’ for I figured I needed a break to bring myself back to being me. Never did I guess that the break would be so brief or that I would be transformed from a damsel in distress to a dandy daredevil in a matter of few months. To be honest, I should accept that it didn’t require so much effort on my part except to keep an open mind. Just when I readied myself to stand up again and welcome new changes, things changed most miraculously as witnessed by my blogspot.

My entire life has been running on a fast forward mode over the last three years that now, all of a sudden, you find Archu, married, lady-like and an expecting mother. Do not believe in deceptive appearences, particularly mine. This wicked witch is still alive, carefully concealed behind curtains of maturity. Having said that, rest assured Archu’s Archive would never cater to philosophical babblings or phony preachings that I do not believe in myself. It would always be an archive of Archu in her natural self, whatever natural is at that moment and of course, fictions and fabrications have their place.

I express my sincere thanks to all the readers responsible for bringing out the writing potential in me that I never knew existed and for all their valuable comments. Only during dark times, when the background glitters fade away, are the real caring folks brought to limelight. I would forever be grateful to those who helped me revive not only my writing abilities by myself even. My heartfelt thanks goes to them, much more than to the almighty above for all the experiences that I was made to live through and the blessings for making me blog thru without which Archu wouldn’t have an Archive today.

Three year old kids are put into school to learn things outside the confines of their home and family. On its third birthday, Archu’s Archive is shifting base from to its own custom domain If you are following my blog, kindly update the revised link.

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21 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Keep the posts rollin.. and im sure u will have a lots of stories to write once the new cynosure gets added to your dreams.. we zimbly read on and feel good as we always did.. Congrats 🙂

  2. We are expecting the blog journey to continue for more years…
    An inspiring blog which made more young and vibrant writers like me 🙂
    Happy B’day to Archuz archive :))

  3. Congrats Arch 🙂 Every time I read your blog, it feels like you are “talking” 🙂 I love reading your posts. Yeah I am learning too and hope to have an updated blog myself too…

  4. @thayumanavan: comparing me with sachin? thank u thank u ! (someone bring me down to earth please :))

    @Premanth: partya? ithana varusham blog panni makkala time-pass panna vachathuku, i shd infact get a party. enga? eppo? thanks btw 🙂

    @Subash: Looking forward to new cynosures to dream on and blog on. Thank u Subbu!

    @p@til: Thanks Arvind! Hoping to keep u interested in my future posts as well 🙂

    @Anonymous: Will defintely continue my journey till I am chucked out of domain space 🙂 I’m glad that my blog was an inspiration. (bowing my head in modestly) 🙂

    @Aekta: Thanks Aekta! O’course, you should feel me “talking” for that is what I’m doing, na? Just doing it thru words instead of speech. Waiting for a blog update from you soon.

  5. Your repertoire in writing is quite fascinating and I have been following all your recent blogs closely. It definitely gives a good feel when I read through a blog. Your style of putting across things in an interesting manner immaterial of the gravity of the thing itself is admirable. You are my blog guru to be simple.


  6. Congrats Archu!!! For me,your blogs are a welcome break @ office… I read it almost as soon as your archive gets updated…Keep up the good work!

  7. And that’s how a blog was born and nurtured and is now exploring newer prospects 🙂 It’s hard to imagine ‘Archu’ without her ‘archive’! Congrats!!! You’ve made a mark for yourself in the blogosphere and be sure to have eager audiences to witness your blogging journey…!

    And most certainly agree and identify with the gut feeling part, esp. wrt the blogosphere 😉

  8. @Anand: I really hope that my blogs live up the applause that your comment has bestowed. Thanks a lot! Don’t call me blog guru and all for that is beyond me. As far as blogs are concerned, everyone is their own guru 🙂 Keep reading and keep encouraging!

    @Toral: I started writing myself during the breaks between office work and it has now become a habit, office or not. I’ll try my best to keep my blogs welcomed. Thanks for following and do continue reading.

    @Meens: Three years is not a long journey but still to look back and see how it all began feels good. Without friends like you who has been following my blogs with encouraging comments from the very beginning, this journey would not have been possible, neither would I have been able to make any marks. Hundreds of thanks to you Meens! If my memory is right, you blog should be nearly the same age as mine. Looking forward to read your journey too.

  9. Well, thats really cool of you to go on for 3 years. And great work so far! Appreciation,enthusiasm, depression,negativity,a phase of no-blogging and a comeback is a part of every blogger’s life 🙂 . Keep up the good work.

  10. @Narasimhan: Had it not been for the reader’s encouragements, I would not have lasted for three years. Thank you for encouraging. Blogging journey goes incomplete without assorted flavors of experiences and I’m no exception. Continue reading!

    @vijay: Thanks vijay! Enjoyed and enjoying blogging for 3 years 🙂

  11. Hello Guru, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

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