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The Window Corner

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“Hey…Its my place, I came first.”
“NO…I came first, move out…Take your bag from here.”
“I WON’T, U MOVE!!!…”
“I WON’T EITHER, U GO!!”…….…….

Familiar, isn’t it? Yes, it is a very familiar exchange between two kids in a primary school fighting for the seat by the window corner in the school bus. I used to when I was a kid. For that matter, I love window corners even today. I happened to occupy one such window corner on a fairly long journey and willingly let my thoughts go astray…

I remember the days when I was an impatient kid making a 3 hr journey in a bus. Scenic though the route was, it wasn’t an age that admires nature when amusement park was the destination. I was by the window corner and kept pestering my dad every two minutes asking “How much longer will it take to reach the park?”… Before he could answer, I’d have my heads out of the window looking with awe at the trees by the roadside rushing past me. (Obviously, you can’t expect me to know Einstein’s theory of relativity then). I’d start counting the number of milestones that passes by. I’d start painting the blue sky in pale pink with my imagination and visualizing the clouds as cotton candies… “Yummy Yum…I’d never have to cry for a Candy… can just pluck it from above…” and then again “Daddy, How much longer will it take?” My dad did exactly what I would have done if I was in his place… “Stop meddling and lie down on my lap….when you wake up, you’ll be there”……Eyes closed, two gentle taps on my shoulders and I was asleep….That’s a child’s window corner!
I was in school, making a trip to and from school everyday by school bus and most often luckily by the window corner. How much fun it is to wave at your friends through the window when two school buses cross each other. How much fun it is to scream in groups “Driver Overtake! Driver Overtake!!!”… Window corners on exams days are saviors when you prefer not to discuss the paper while your friends do…you can always look out and appear preoccupied!

As I entered teenage or should I say college, window corners held more interest to me. A good girl by Indian tradition is supposed to be shy and coy but what about the good girls who happen to be a little mischievous too? A few such good girls (me inclusive) always rush for the window corners in the college bus every evening to have a look at that maroon shirt gentleman who pass by the same route at around the same time. How can our day be complete without that !!! Its puzzles me even today as how did we girls manage to ogle at the same gentleman without jealousy when no one were particularly charmed by him…maybe we were charmed by his maroon shirt :-)!!! If he by chance tilts his head towards one of us, our skies become pink again and clouds as hearts and cupids…but we quickly turn away, keep our faces straight and very importantly discuss our lessons between us. That’s a teenager’s window corner!!
Senior years in college were getting serious too…thanks to all those projects and assignments to bug us. Working for long hours through the night would have been really tiring had it not been for the window corner. A small nap beside the window corner with gentle breeze caressing your skin can be so much refreshing to take you through the day. When you are happy, window corners are a bliss…when you are gloomy, window corners are stress relievers.
Recently, on a small trip, I was rushing for the window corner in a local bus by habit and one of my fellow colleagues was amused “Hey, it’s so kiddish!” he called out. But it didn’t seem kiddish to me. Window corners are places from where you can stare endlessly into eternity and mull over all your thoughts which were pushed aside due to lack of time. Window corners are the perfect places to read novels or listen to gentle melodies on a walkman. Window corners are hideouts from where the world seems to stretch out.
I am not a granny yet and my dreams are fully alive…Apart from looking forward for a professional window corner with a laptop on my lap, I also look forward for a romantic window corner, resting my head on my hubby’s shoulder. I look forward for a maternal window corner with my child on my lap. I look forward for an old window corner telling stories to my grandchildren…or simply, window corners today remind me that there is something more to life than what I live. Probably, Bill Gates had known and enjoyed the pleasures of window corners as well. Why else should he rightfully name his product ‘Windows’ :-)? “Thank You Window Corner!!!”

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  1. “Window corners are hideouts from where the world seems to stretch out.”
    Beautiful post….enjoyed it,felt it. Love window corners as much as you do

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