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Those Simple Moments of Happiness

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Emoticon with big toothy smileAlcohol and Sex – Two things that give immediate high. But if we look closely, there are other things too that make us fly over the clouds, things that make our heart pump out a little extra blood to bring that beautiful blush on our cheeks. Simple things that makes us simply happy. I am not talking about the obvious ones such as falling in love or getting that dream job or buying our own house or having our first child, etc. Those are happy moments when we know that we are happy, when we go about screaming our happiness to the world, knowing very well that many congratulations are in order. I am talking about those few minutes that make us bask with joy within but still refrain from making a display of it in an attempt to display our modesty. Not got it yet? I am not surprised. Taking for granted is a human trait, the smaller the things, the easier they go unnoticed.

Thanks to my maid who brought me one such happy moment this morning by saying “Akka (meaning sister), a couple of ladies in the play area have noticed Akhil (my son) and Himadri (my daughter) and said that they are such shrewd and well-mannered children.” As a mother, that made me swell with pride and happiness. On that note, as a mother, my ultimate happiness would come when my daughter-in-law from the future, one whom my son falls in love with and marries, compliments me for raising my son right, raising him as a gentleman. Since that day isn’t due for quite a few years and motherhood is another role and not my identity, let me go on reflecting my little moments of happiness from my past and collecting more from the future. Happiness that comes from just being me. A few simple joyous minutes of my life could have been the joyous minutes of anyone else’s too. Duly sharing it to spread a few smiles.

  • Getting 10 upon 10 in a class test. When the teacher smiles and says ‘Very Good’ in front of the whole class. It could be a dictation test or a science “long answer”. Who cares? We got 10 upon 10 with a “V.Good” in the margin. That’s happiness.
  •  Unwrapping gifts. Doesn’t matter what is inside it. The anticipatory pleasure that comes from shaking the box to gauge the weight, feeling it around to guess the hardness or softness of the gift, hearing the crumbling sound of the glossy paper as our fingers strip them off is happiness.
  • As a teenager, when someone from the opposite sex says, “You are beautiful” or “You are handsome.” Whether or not we like that opposite sex person, we certainly like what is said. Beauty is just skin deep. External appearance means nothing. We all know all of that. But, who in the world doesn’t love being told that he or she is beautiful or handsome? If we like the other person, all the more the better.
  •  When we win a lucky draw. Be it at a carnival or the “Diwali Damaka Draw” in a home appliances showroom. To be that one person picked out from so many. What joy it is to punch our fist in the air and shout YES with an expression of a hundred exclamation marks. No denying that. Good luck and happiness go hand in hand.
  •  Seeing the first leaves of the sapling from the seeds that we sow. Those mangoes seeds that we licked off completely and then buried in our home garden, backyard or a pot in the balcony make us feel good, in a silly way, about doing our part for the environment. The first few leaves mean a new life. And new life is always happiness..
  •  Experimenting a new dish in the kitchen that turns out to be a huge success. Agreed, cooking is not a female thing alone. Neither is it an anti-feminist thing. Cooking is art. When the combination of pepper, saunf and cumin seeds splutter in the oil, spreading their aroma all over the house, holding promises of a delicious meal and assured compliments from the family, not only our hearts but our stomachs scream happiness too..
  •  When a masseuse with long fingers gives us the perfect head massage. As the fingers saunter between the strands of hair on our head, greasing them with lukewarm oil, plucking the strands ever so gently, pressing the temples of the forehead with a mild pressure that makes us close our eyes in submission and dwell into glorious pleasure. Hmmm….Wooooww!
  • Finally, a relevant happiness for today’s world. Facebook Likes. Silliest of statuses or the funniest of profile pictures doesn’t seem so silly or funny when the “Likes” come in. Come on, you got to agree with me on that one!.

Eight simple moments but nice, aren’t they? I could go on with an endless list but for the want of time and space, I will have to do that inside my head while you go on and find your little moments, those little moments that make life, inspite of all its complexity, livable and lovable. Good day, everyone. Have a good life!

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