1. I’m trying to interpret your mood or disposition while penning these tiny tales… or was it just your creativity let loose?

  2. Archu, too good! I enjoyed reading all of the tiny tales. The first one was the one I liked the most. I did not expect that the girl who was checking the dumb-box was poor and forced to beg. I thought of only my childhood moments with my dumb-box. The unexpected and the details in every line of each story were the highlights. There was no line without adding to the story. I somehow love deeply fiction that kindles my imagination 🙂 The matching pictures are also too good. If I remember right, I’ve seen the second pic somewhere 😉

  3. @sathish kumar: different people, different perceptions! i dont see these as anti climax…i wud rather call them sad inevitable realities.

    @anonymous: its the second one…so neednt worry abt my mood or disposition… 🙂

    @meenakshi: thanks again meens…one continuous reader with regular feedbacks would encourage the author to write more n more…as a blogger yourself, u’d be knowing that. that way, i owe u plenty n plenty of thanks 🙂 and as for this post, i was just attemptin something different. am glad u liked it.

    the pic – its exactly at the same place where u think u’ve seen it…hee hee check again to confirm 🙂

  4. hey the last piture looks more like a wedding ceremony than a funeral to me…the picture didn’t match the topic…try to change the picture if possibe…abt the rest…its as usual “GOOD”

  5. @anonymous: thats the idea..the description itself would sound like wedding arrangements until u encounter the last line…just to emphasis how a furneral (read it as farewell to the deceased) is celebrated in our custom where u dont have the time to truly mourn.

    @arun: thanks. sure..will keep writing and plz, keep reading :))

  6. @meens: now now, this will go on…lets continue our thanking over mails :))))

    @dev: thanks dev…u r already doin great bloggin, now if u tap into ur creativity as well, i wudnt have readers for my blog…plz spare me :))))