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Tiny Tales

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Penny Dreams:

She dropped the fifty paisa coin into her dumb-box and shook it twice. Clank! Clank! The clinking of coins within brightened her black face. Soon, it was going to be full and she’d be rich, so rich that she can buy all that she desires without having her drunkard dad beating her to death. She wasn’t concerned about her torn clothes though. They were bound to tear anyways in spite of the innumerous mending, as she begs for alms with her baby brother in her arms, along the dirty narrow lanes that she calls ‘home’.

Exam Fever:

He was agitated with a full rush of adrenaline. He checked again to ensure that his fountain pen was filled with royal blue ink. Geometry box and rulers were intact. He had revised and prepared meticulously for this day and now his bicycle was punctured. Tiny sweaty droplets trickled down his forehead and his palms were getting greasy. He hurried to the bus stop, remembered his hall-ticket, ran back home to fetch it and hung on to the foot-board to reach his exam venue two minutes late. The invigilator spied him suspiciously, the clock struck loud and the question papers were distributed. Settling in his seat and gasping for breath, it took sometime for him to realize that he had wrongly prepared for Mathematics while the question paper read ‘Science’

Plastic Beauty:

She mirrored a fairy tale princess with perfect shape and tender features. Pale pink party wear that gowned her form sparkled under the yellow lights. The blue sash around her waist matched her twinkling glassy eyes while the sharply healed Cinderella shoes gave her legs a subtle elegance. Rich diamond broaches and costly glittering bracelets crowned her as the most exquisite beauty there was. None with taste would forget to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at her. Yet, there she remained, still and silent with a fixed gaze at the on lookers, searching for a fellow handsome companion. What else could a ‘mannequin’ do within the enclosed glass show-case?

Dreadful Duties:

There were lots of responsibilities for him to shoulder. He needs to arrange the floral decorations and receive the ‘guests’ who turn up at their doorstep. The local street orchestra demanded an unreasonable bargain and the priest had not arrived on time. Some were quiet and some were talkative, but all that could be heard was a mixed murmur. The whole place appeared messy and noisy as he ran around with four pairs of feet. Taking in every detail and doing all the needful, the poor family-head didn’t have the time to weep at his loving wife’s funeral.

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12 thoughts on “Tiny Tales

  1. I’m trying to interpret your mood or disposition while penning these tiny tales… or was it just your creativity let loose?

  2. Archu, too good! I enjoyed reading all of the tiny tales. The first one was the one I liked the most. I did not expect that the girl who was checking the dumb-box was poor and forced to beg. I thought of only my childhood moments with my dumb-box. The unexpected and the details in every line of each story were the highlights. There was no line without adding to the story. I somehow love deeply fiction that kindles my imagination 🙂 The matching pictures are also too good. If I remember right, I’ve seen the second pic somewhere 😉

  3. @sathish kumar: different people, different perceptions! i dont see these as anti climax…i wud rather call them sad inevitable realities.

    @anonymous: its the second one…so neednt worry abt my mood or disposition… 🙂

    @meenakshi: thanks again meens…one continuous reader with regular feedbacks would encourage the author to write more n more…as a blogger yourself, u’d be knowing that. that way, i owe u plenty n plenty of thanks 🙂 and as for this post, i was just attemptin something different. am glad u liked it.

    the pic – its exactly at the same place where u think u’ve seen it…hee hee check again to confirm 🙂

  4. hey the last piture looks more like a wedding ceremony than a funeral to me…the picture didn’t match the topic…try to change the picture if possibe…abt the rest…its as usual “GOOD”

  5. @anonymous: thats the idea..the description itself would sound like wedding arrangements until u encounter the last line…just to emphasis how a furneral (read it as farewell to the deceased) is celebrated in our custom where u dont have the time to truly mourn.

    @arun: thanks. sure..will keep writing and plz, keep reading :))

  6. @meens: now now, this will go on…lets continue our thanking over mails :))))

    @dev: thanks dev…u r already doin great bloggin, now if u tap into ur creativity as well, i wudnt have readers for my blog…plz spare me :))))

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