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To my juniors…

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Seriously! This is called an addiction! I have an urge to blog something, anything, even though there is nothing news enough to blog. Akhil keeps me busy and it would take some time for him to make stories for me to write on. Obviously, writing about baby-feeding and changing diapers is going to interest no one and I do not want to do it in my blogspot what I’m doing day and night these days. An unknown paranoia of becoming extinct at my blog spot just as I have become invisible to the outside world for the last two months makes me want to rant and ramble to give my attendance. At such a desperate (?) moment, I stumbled across a letter that I had written for my college magazine, addressed to my juniors as a final year student on the 11th January, 2005. Thanks to my diary archives for date accuracy. I should say that this was my first attempt at blogging without being aware that I was actually doing it. I’m now putting it up at my blogspot, not only for my juniors to reminisce but also for all the present day college kids, enjoying their carefree college lives and of course to say ‘I’m present’ to my blogspot 🙂

11 January, 2005

Dear Friends,

Precious little memories,
Are treasures without price.
And through the gateway of the heart,
They lead to paradise.

I’m sure any romantic soul that has a glimpse at this quotation would pause a moment, look back and heave a longing sigh. A sigh the surfaces past memories…a sigh that kindles sentiments…a sigh that makes you miss something (or someone). When I was young, I’ve heard people call college life as the most fun-filled part of one’s life where we learn not only lessons but life as well. I used to dismiss it as yet another philosophy but today I realize how true it is. As a final year student, on the edge of a transition from girlhood to ladyship, here I am turning around to look at the path that I had travelled for the past four years.

It was a September 10, 2001 when I stepped into this college as a timid teenager, half excited about the uncertain world ahead and half eager to explore it. I exchanged greetings with similar faces that beamed with smiles and hellos but anxious within (just like me). That was the beginning and before we realized, days rolled by, buds of friendship began to blossom and its sweet fragrance became contagious. There was laughter and play, teasing and tripping, comments and gossips.

I hope most of you, if not all, would agree if I say that we happened to meet our first crushes within our college premises. Our first love which may or may not be expressed, which may or may not be alive today but still the memories of the first secret fluttering of heart are those that we would always like to embrace forever and never forgo. That was our first step into definite adulthood.

There were days that we spent organizing events and participating, winning and losing, arguing and fighting, a bit of misunderstanding, a bit of jealousy, a bit of ego, drops of tears and unknown fears. All those incidents that appeared to be too big an issue and made us demand instant justification now make us feel humiliated and small. Where does all these realization spring from all of a sudden?

The answer is TIME. As I approach the end of my college life, I am overwhelmed with a strong urge to cling on to the glorious past, relive those wonderful memories, find repairs and remedies for thoughtless actions but is there time? The society outside is where I have to step into and where my destiny awaits but suddenly I find myself again a timid girl, half excited about the uncertain world ahead and half eager to explore it. There may be a number of friends of mine who share these feelings and whose minds play the same thoughts over and over again.

My dear juniors! Expect less from others and more from yourselves. That is the only way not only to success but to happiness at large. Make mistakes but never repeat them. Stumble and fumble but don’t give up. You can still undo and redo a lot of things. You can still make the most of your college life because you have something that we don’t have. You have TIME!

Your senior cum friend,

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10 thoughts on “To my juniors…

  1. Wow…awesome post:)
    Thanks to those wonderful archives!!
    And you are the one in the third row from top and third one from the right(white salwaar)… Hope I am correct!!OMG How thin you are!!!:D

  2. nice one, yet again Archu. & it must b feeling gr8 to read ur own posts. Alas, I’m not up with such a habit 😛

    & abt the pic – well, its been almost 10years since it was taken. U look ‘almost’ the same. A nice pic 2 treasure 4 life 😉

  3. archu oru attendence potathuku thanx…spend time with akhil….tak cre of him…enjoy ur motherhood and the chores u do for him…hehehehe..hope ur 24*7 an engaged mommy….

  4. @Anonymous: Thanks. You are right. I’m the thin girl in the second row, third from the right in white salwar. But why OMG (with exclamation)? I’ve o’course gained weight since then but not weight enough to fall under ‘fat’ category. If you come out of your anonymity and meet me, you’ll agree to it 🙂

    @patil: Has it been 10 years already? Now, I should say OMG! I’m so glad that our friendship has lasted these 10 years and I hope it would continue in the coming years as well. And do I look almost the same? Whoever has written the previous comment, are you reading this? 🙂

    @Dhanalakshmy: Definitely! Spending all my time with Akhil now. While it seemed tiresome in the first one month when he had adaptability issues, its very enjoyable now. I love hanging around and meddling with Akhil, just to see his naughty expressions and cute little smile 🙂

  5. @Archu: Many things to say here. First off all being that that was a good letter from you senior to your juniors. Wish I’d had a senior who’d told me such things too!

    Secondly, in the last few weeks, I’m having this craving to get back to write/blog full force and nope somehow I’m not coming down to it, inspite of numerous mental posts! So, perfectly understand your urge.

    And nope, I don’t feel like stepping into college happened close to ten years back! Ten years is a very long time and I wonder how so little has happened in that long a while! Sigh! And I don’t think I’ve grown up at all! I’ve stumbled, fumbled, fallen down, gotten up, brushed myself and got going, but grown up? No!!

  6. @Meens: Time is rolling at a dramatic speed that 10 years has gone by already. Have we grown up?

    “I’ve stumbled, fumbled, fallen down, gotten up, brushed myself and got going” – If you have gotten up, brushed youselves and got going without sulking in a corner, it shows that you have grown up pretty good 🙂 We all have in many little ways that we don’t realize entirely.

    @Mayank: Thanks Mayank. Happy to have been able to remind you of a few pleasant happenings of the past.

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